10/17/19 05:12 AM
Lord jello: In September I responded to the thread saying you may take our button down in the meantime. Please feel free to do so.
10/17/19 05:10 AM
Lord jello: (Obviously not something I can do from my phone bc problards admin area is wack)
10/17/19 05:10 AM
Lord jello: Yes, the reason is that I’m working a full time and part time job as well as being a part time student, so I’m rarely actually on my laptop to update it
10/16/19 04:39 AM
Shula: Still note updated that button i see, is there a reason?
10/05/19 02:39 PM
Lord jello: Tiny pic wrecked us all plenty
10/04/19 10:34 PM
fro: tinypic destoyed my formatting im livid
09/26/19 04:39 AM
Lord jello: Oh hey, thank you for checking in! I’ll go post in that thread right now
09/25/19 05:11 AM
Shula: Just wondered if you wanted to/were planning to soon or if its worth us taking down your button until you have the time :) Let us know if and when you can :)
09/25/19 05:10 AM
Shula: Hi! We posted on your site a while ago to warn you our button for Aff's had been broken and checked in and just seen you havent yet got to it
09/18/19 10:05 PM
Que: weee hello hi
09/17/19 04:54 AM
Lord jello: I have survived instrument info & rental night =.=
09/01/19 10:12 AM
Lord jello: Hello everyone I am alive, do not worry. Will try to get the sept promo up either today or tomorrow!
08/28/19 08:51 PM
jello: post for you, jake!
08/28/19 08:35 PM
Jake: YEAH it’ll be good (bad)! I’m excited!
08/28/19 08:34 PM
jello: *niiiiiiiice*
08/28/19 08:34 PM
jello: LMAO
08/28/19 08:34 PM
Jake: Yeah! We’re gonna do a before he becomes a grunt thread where he breaks some shit with his gadgets and ropes Julian and King into helping him cover his tracks.
08/28/19 08:33 PM
jello: that's exciting that you've been plotting :D
08/28/19 08:32 PM
jello: aw don't be nervous, you're gonna be great! ^^
08/28/19 08:29 PM
Jake: I’m sure I’ll warm up. I have a thread planned with Bee and Ferris!
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