03/30/20 10:33 PM
Daxton: gotta keep stuff squeaky clean
03/30/20 10:33 PM
Daxton: happens to the best of us
03/30/20 10:50 AM
Lord jello: Yup! Everything but the PC gets deleted. Welcome back Jay!
03/30/20 04:15 AM
Jay: Oh! Found it! It was Esther Heart lol. Can't seem to find my character app tho, guess it was deleted-deleted. bigsad
03/30/20 03:39 AM
Jay: smh. bigrip lol
03/30/20 03:39 AM
Jay: and forget your character's name and also your login?
03/30/20 03:39 AM
Jay: Leave for like 2-3 years
03/30/20 03:39 AM
Jay: Join a site
03/30/20 03:39 AM
Jay: you ever just
03/15/20 01:26 PM
Lord jello: Hi bunny! Welcome^^
03/15/20 01:16 PM
Bunny: Nope! Bunny just always makes faces!~ ^^
03/15/20 01:15 PM
Kingdra: Is something wrong?
03/15/20 11:21 AM
Bunny: 0_0
03/11/20 07:40 PM
Ytter: Welcome to the forums, Kingdra! Glad to have you aboard!
03/11/20 06:37 PM
jello: for sure. very chilly, makes for a chilly personality
03/11/20 06:36 PM
Kingdra: Thanks! I thought it would be an interesting setting
03/11/20 06:35 PM
jello: i also have a character from north of snowpoint -eyes emoji-
03/11/20 06:35 PM
jello: !!! congrats on the acceptance!!
03/11/20 06:13 PM
Kingdra: This is where the fun begins
03/11/20 04:53 AM
Lord jello: Nice. Once it’s done just pop a link to it in our moddables here: [link]
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