12/05/19 03:56 PM
Daxton: oops caps was on
12/05/19 03:56 PM
Daxton: OWO
12/05/19 03:08 PM
Bee: hi there!
12/05/19 02:21 PM
Pika: Hullo.
12/03/19 01:49 AM
Daxton: uwu
12/01/19 05:26 AM
Daxton: Script blocker i love u but why
11/22/19 05:55 AM
Lord jello: DONE!
11/22/19 05:51 AM
Lord jello: I’m on it!!
11/21/19 08:32 PM
Sicarius: I'm interested in making a character, probably tomorrow; if my OOC account could get a link to the discord so I can get more involved, that'd be lovely. Whenever you guys are available.
11/21/19 07:54 PM
Sicarius: Hello hello
11/18/19 07:02 PM
jello: it was the most reliable DC that i could ever find (at the time) and it saved teams
11/18/19 07:01 PM
jello: i just wish sweepercalc would update
11/04/19 02:26 AM
Daxton: i'm just waiting for options to save teams into the damage calculator
11/04/19 02:26 AM
Daxton: I just gotta kick my own ass into gear
11/04/19 02:25 AM
Daxton: Posting is nice
10/30/19 09:22 PM
jello: it feels good to be posting again B)
10/23/19 05:58 AM
Lord jello: Good morning ^^
10/22/19 07:01 AM
Ferris: Hi Que!!
10/21/19 06:52 PM
Que: hello beloveds <3
10/17/19 06:12 AM
Lord jello: In September I responded to the thread saying you may take our button down in the meantime. Please feel free to do so.
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