08/16/19 07:05 PM
Daxton: -24 HOURS LATER- story of my life
08/16/19 07:04 PM
Daxton: Reeee never when i'm online
08/15/19 10:50 AM
jello: i have to go get ready for our rehearsal, but if you have any questions, feel free to message me or pop it in here, and we will answer as soon as we can!
08/15/19 10:36 AM
jello: we have a range of activity levels - a few members who can post every day, a few who post every couple of days, and then some who post once eery week or so, etc
08/15/19 10:35 AM
jello: yea, i know it can be hard to tell sometimes~
08/15/19 10:35 AM
MWD: okay just wanted to make sure
08/15/19 10:34 AM
jello: we are on th eslower side, but we are consistent =u=
08/15/19 10:34 AM
jello: it is!
08/15/19 10:34 AM
MWD: Is this site still relatively active?
08/15/19 10:34 AM
MWD: Oh I see
08/15/19 10:33 AM
jello: they are certainly a dying breed unfortunately
08/15/19 10:32 AM
MWD: Im doing good, trying to find an active rp forum
08/15/19 10:30 AM
jello: how are you?
08/15/19 10:30 AM
jello: i'm doing well, thanks!
08/15/19 10:30 AM
MWD: How are you
08/15/19 10:29 AM
jello: hi!
08/15/19 10:29 AM
MWD: Hello
08/11/19 05:53 PM
Que: valid
08/11/19 05:17 PM
Daxton: i just pretend it was someone else
08/11/19 05:16 PM
Daxton: I try to ignore any cringy past posts
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