01/24/20 03:56 PM
Daxton: I forgot to re-allow C-box through my script blocker F
01/24/20 06:04 AM
Lord jello: I’m a lil late but I’m here Lol just sent you a discord link, Kriss!
01/24/20 06:03 AM
Lord jello: Salut!!!!
01/23/20 11:56 PM
kriss: salut! anybody hangin around?
01/17/20 09:07 PM
Daxton: mario
01/17/20 07:01 PM
Que: It is meeeeeee
01/17/20 04:46 PM
Daxton: Oh my phone has fang's old icon
01/17/20 04:46 PM
Daxton: I just realized when i redid Zeus's app, i didnt redo the personality
01/17/20 05:39 AM
Daxton: and i'm hella late
01/17/20 05:39 AM
Daxton: oh shit it's Que
01/17/20 01:21 AM
Que: *swings in at the 11th hour as per usual*
12/28/19 01:32 PM
Lord jello: Aaaaaaand sent! Sorry for the wait, I was chilling with some alligators
12/28/19 01:30 PM
Lord jello: Coming right up!
12/28/19 01:29 PM
Pac: okeydokes. I made an account, and am waiting for a PM ^_^
12/28/19 01:24 PM
Pac: and oh.... maybe you should delete the skype group then, haha
12/28/19 01:24 PM
Pac: I don't have an account on site, yet, but I can give my Discord if it's safe to?
12/28/19 01:24 PM
Pac: Okay
12/28/19 01:05 PM
Ferris: **Pac OOF sorry, I only have one contact lens in right now so the tiny Cbox text made me misread your name
12/28/19 01:04 PM
Ferris: Let me contact our admin to send you a link!
12/28/19 01:04 PM
Ferris: Hi Fac! I don't think any of us currently use Skype. We are very active on Discord though!
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