10/22/20 09:00 PM
jello: gdi I always miss hata D; hatabby come back to me
10/19/20 02:49 AM
10/19/20 02:11 AM
hata: o/ glad yall are doing well
10/18/20 06:08 PM
Doomy: Thankies
10/18/20 06:05 PM
jello: Sent!!
10/18/20 06:04 PM
jello: Aw outcast :’) yes I will message you the link on your poppy account!! Welcome!!
10/18/20 06:02 PM
Doomy: Thank you!
10/18/20 05:55 PM
dreamy: @outcast, you sound familiar, but also hello!!!
10/18/20 05:54 PM
dreamy: hello doomy! <3 i can message jello now and grab it for you! :) i'm not sure how to do the rest. xDD also welcome!
10/18/20 05:53 PM
Doomy: Hi Outcast! :D
10/18/20 04:59 PM
outcast: hello jello! long time no see. dont know if you remember me but just wanted to stop by and say hi! see ya later~
10/18/20 04:39 PM
Doomy: to meet you all :)
10/18/20 04:39 PM
Doomy: would like to know if I could get the link to the discord!
10/18/20 04:39 PM
Doomy: I joined under the name Poppy
10/18/20 04:39 PM
Doomy: Hello!
10/11/20 01:36 AM
dreamy: hello all, been a minute since i've been on
10/11/20 01:36 AM
dreamy: -peeks in-
09/22/20 04:40 AM
Lord jello: Welcome back lanner! We are a slow moving bunch but we are most definitely still here!
09/22/20 04:39 AM
Lord jello: ON IT
09/22/20 03:04 AM
Lanner: not sure who's active these days but if any staff are around and could pm me the discord, I would greatly appreciate it ♡
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