1 Sep 16, 08:14 PM
King Tyrannus: :biggrin:
9 Aug 16, 02:31 AM
King Tyrannus: I'll definitely come back!
29 May 16, 04:07 AM
Kirakou: Been awhile since I've logged on. If anyone sees this, I'm gonna try to be on if anyone else wants to log on or new people want to join.
29 Feb 16, 06:43 AM
Guest: Hello?
23 Jan 16, 09:20 AM
Calypso: Tyrannus I know you probably won't see this, but I miss writing with youuuu :'(
21 Nov 15, 05:29 AM
King Tyrannus: **bows head in shame**
21 Nov 15, 04:52 AM
King Tyrannus: forgot**
21 Nov 15, 04:52 AM
King Tyrannus: I appoloize for not being able to respond sooner...... I changed my e-mail and forot... :'(
21 Nov 15, 04:41 AM
King Tyrannus: Long time no see?
21 Nov 15, 04:41 AM
King Tyrannus: Wow! Hey!
18 Apr 15, 08:44 AM
glimmer: done some rping and stuff :) *cheer*
1 Mar 15, 11:24 PM
Kaitos: I try to be on as much as I can. Hoping more will be online soon.
1 Mar 15, 07:05 PM
glimmer: anyone on??? *looks around corners*
31 Jan 15, 11:58 PM
EV: *leans on Alastoria*
31 Jan 15, 11:58 PM
EV: OMG a unicorn!!! *squee*
26 Jan 15, 11:16 PM
OldShatterandsGirl: okay. I'll work on that then. Though on my computer it looks okay. Anyway, it's not the only adjustment needed ;)
26 Jan 15, 10:25 PM
Kaitos: Only adjustment that I can see right now is the color of the Sirens group. Blends into the background.
26 Jan 15, 09:12 PM
OldShatterandsGirl: and please... do let me know if you think anything needs to be adjusted. Like colours of usernames or links or anything. I'm open to suggestions to make this place even better :)
26 Jan 15, 09:10 PM
OldShatterandsGirl: thank you :) new button designs will be added sometime this week, when I found something that looks nice on here :) Glad you like the looks :)
26 Jan 15, 09:02 PM
Kaitos: It looks so awesome. Totally caught me off guard, but in a good way. Great work.
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