17 Jul 18, 04:39 PM
Salya: Since your not guest friendly, would you like to affie with me?
19 Feb 18, 10:20 AM
Calypso: We're still getting bits and bobs finished, but it's mostly up and ready to rp :)
19 Feb 18, 10:19 AM
Calypso: So it was super bad timing because I ended up having to go away for a few weeks, but the new site is here: http://leavesoflorien.jcink.net
3 Feb 18, 04:10 PM
KIrakou: I can't use Discord, so I'll just patiently wait to see what happens going forward
28 Jan 18, 11:29 AM
Calypso: Currently while we're getting set up, I made a Discord for the place. Anyone interested is welcome to jump in: https://discord.gg/sMJhnZH
28 Jan 18, 04:47 AM
Calypso: YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! You have no idea how excited I am about this! <3
27 Jan 18, 03:23 PM
Kirakou: That would be awesome, I have had a real urge to rp last month or 2. Plus I never got to meet mosr people here
25 Jan 18, 04:05 AM
Calypso: super miss you all <3
25 Jan 18, 04:05 AM
Calypso: So I don't think that anyone still lurks around here but....I've been really wanting to redo this place because I really miss it? So if I do get a new version going again, I'll email y'all. Because I
30 Nov 17, 09:12 PM
Kirakou: Hey
30 Nov 17, 05:50 PM
Stardust: 'ello?
25 May 17, 12:51 AM
Kirakou: *cough*
23 Apr 17, 06:06 PM
Stardust: *lurks*
1 Sep 16, 07:14 PM
King Tyrannus: :biggrin:
9 Aug 16, 01:31 AM
King Tyrannus: I'll definitely come back!
29 May 16, 03:07 AM
Kirakou: Been awhile since I've logged on. If anyone sees this, I'm gonna try to be on if anyone else wants to log on or new people want to join.
29 Feb 16, 05:43 AM
Guest: Hello?
23 Jan 16, 08:20 AM
Calypso: Tyrannus I know you probably won't see this, but I miss writing with youuuu :'(
21 Nov 15, 04:29 AM
King Tyrannus: **bows head in shame**
21 Nov 15, 03:52 AM
King Tyrannus: forgot**
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