19 Nov 16, 09:26 PM
Clare Barclay: Good thing you could glide a Halifax. Dad said they would have been dead in a Lancaster.
19 Nov 16, 09:19 PM
Clare Barclay: Bomber Harris had no Ultra clearance. He would have been following orders.
19 Nov 16, 09:17 PM
Clare Barclay: crews as a sacrifice. He & his crew crash landed in England after severe wing damage and the loss of 3 engines. They felt set up.
19 Nov 16, 09:15 PM
Clare Barclay: or knew from Ultra that the Germans knew, he was never sure. No one is. But bright moon, no clouds, long straight flight pattern (abnormal) - when the mission wasn't scrubbed he felt they were sending
19 Nov 16, 09:14 PM
Clare Barclay: My father was the navigator of a Halifax bomber sent on the Nuremburg run. He was convinced that the Germans knew about the raid and that the British knew they knew. Whether the British had leaked it
7 Aug 16, 07:37 PM
Kem Marshall: Hi Mark, your statement on your "The story so far" page struck many a chord with me, although I'm a wee bit older than you. You're doing a great job mate and please feel free to contact me.
8 Jan 16, 08:20 AM
Gazel: i was a friend of French Groupes Lourds squadrons
22 Aug 15, 11:01 AM
Jackie: Hello. I am the daughter of Air Gunner Frank Harvey of 576 Squadron who flew out of RAF Elsham Wolds and Fiskerton during 1944 and 1945. He flew 44 missions......a miracle.
12 Feb 15, 10:09 PM
steve bond: thanks mark for your help with my RCAF No. 4 Wireless School project. Your site is a Godsend! :)
4 Feb 15, 02:24 AM
mr palmer: Michael.k.Palmer@outlook.com
4 Feb 15, 02:20 AM
mr palmer: stg alf hover die with all his crew 30/31 jan 43,trying to find photo of the crew at waddington takenin front of their lancaster ED477 WS/O GOD BLESS THEM ALL great site thankyou
30 Nov 14, 09:42 PM
Smith: Nicholas Baker died on march 30/31 as a bomber over german , I think he may of been part of this. I have a large box of his memorabilia.
28 Oct 14, 12:02 AM
Dave Young: Great collection and site Mark ...well done to you ..
27 Oct 14, 09:23 PM
Lorraine Brown: Great siteMark and just like to say a massive thankyou :heart:
8 Oct 14, 07:03 PM
paul: Hi Mark
8 Oct 14, 07:02 PM
paul: Hi Mark,
7 Mar 14, 08:26 PM
Carolyn Alden: Wel done Mark on producing this memorabilia nice to see my Dad there . Keep it going
12 Feb 14, 09:40 AM
Antonio Aragon├ęs: I have never had the opportunity to be called, so I can only stand in awe and gratitude for those giants who went before to give all their lives for all of ours
27 Dec 13, 05:31 PM
Nick Tselentis: Great site, keep up the good work. The efforts & sacrifices of Bomber Command should never be forgotten, it's sites like this that keep them alive. Well done once again.
22 Jun 13, 12:59 AM
carol callanan: Thankyou for keeping this memorial. My dad was an Australian F/O assigned to 15th squadron Mildenhall.
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