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1 Jan 14, 02:45 AM
Remy: Happy & Healthy New Year
6 Jan 14, 06:29 PM
Carol: The link is working now Remy
15 Feb 14, 10:39 PM
Joyce: Carol In your tut Mr. Bluejay you say it's a Zalta tube but it is a Alex Prihodka tube thanks
15 Feb 14, 10:50 PM
Carol: thanks joyce will correct it now x
28 Feb 14, 12:12 PM
Barbie: Carol I love all your tuts and have been trying them all thanks so much! Fantastic!
28 Feb 14, 12:13 PM
Barbie: this last one especially my Dad's death aniversary is coming up March 6 so that is just so fitting
3 Mar 14, 06:12 PM
Savage: LOL! Forgot I made that blinkie for you. LOL! Following you on Network now. Thank you! ♥
29 May 14, 02:59 PM
Ginny: Is there any way that when you say in your tuts, mask of choice, font of choice, you can say which
29 May 14, 02:59 PM
Ginny: one you used because a lot of times, that is what sells me on a tut, when I see those 2 things, thx
29 May 14, 07:46 PM
Carol: ok Ginny, I will try and remember to add
12 Jun 14, 04:30 PM
Joyce: Can you tell me who is KRD mask 22 and where it can be found thanks
12 Jun 14, 10:30 PM
Joyce: mask is in Jungle Fever
16 Jun 14, 09:18 PM
Carol: I 've had that one for ages, will try and find out for you
17 Jun 14, 04:16 PM
Joyce: I would appreciate that thanks!
20 Jul 14, 11:41 AM
Carol: Hi Nora on your ftu tuts
20 Jul 14, 11:46 AM
Carol: Hi Nora sorry to bother you! On you FTU tuts Sweet Innocence The kit Froggies doesn’t seem to have
20 Jul 14, 11:47 AM
Carol: A download link
22 Jul 14, 09:02 AM
Carol: Join her Facebook page and ask her for the link -https://www.facebook.com/groups/BLTDeZignZFanClub/
8 Oct 14, 01:00 PM
Coffee: Ty so much for the awesome tut Autumn Time. I found you on FTU Tuts on fb group Hugs Coffee
5 Mar 15, 09:06 PM
Gail M: Enjoyed your Feeling Lucky tutorial. Tyvm. :)