6 Oct 17, 10:37 AM
James C: What is the killing of a sacred deer about? :cool:
16 Sep 17, 03:37 AM
Jeremy Allen: I like the music in your movies
16 Sep 17, 02:51 AM
Jeremy Allen: I play the drums and I hope you do more movies
12 Sep 17, 10:10 AM
James C: Same here, Amir! :cool:
5 Sep 17, 08:56 AM
Amir: Raffey is my live
3 Sep 17, 05:12 PM
Sarah: I can't wait to see the film either! I just discovered Raffey, what a talented young lady!
31 Aug 17, 10:33 AM
Kim: i love how raffeys character is named kim lol thats my name.. cant wait to see the film :)
29 Aug 17, 07:24 PM
Jamie (Staff): Information on such websites can be false. Wikipedia, for example, can be edited by anyone.
29 Aug 17, 03:54 AM
Napoleon: I'm sorry I pasted wrong .
29 Aug 17, 03:48 AM
Napoleon: Please check this https://wapbaike.baidu.com/i
29 Aug 17, 03:45 AM
Napoleon: But sir on our Chinese website it says she was born in August 30th.That's a Official web Encyclopedi :aghast:
27 Aug 17, 09:00 PM
Jamie (Staff): Raffey's birthday hasn't been confirmed, so we are not sure if it's her real birthdate or not.
22 Aug 17, 10:56 AM
Napoleon: August 30th is Cassidy's 15th birthday,right?
13 Aug 17, 09:24 AM
James C: Love your acting, Raffey! :cool:
7 Aug 17, 01:50 AM
Jeremy Allen: I like your acting you're movies
6 Aug 17, 10:12 AM
James C: I think there was only a trailer. I haven't seen the film anywhere. :cry:
30 Jul 17, 06:42 PM
ben: none of us know, Firuli. not even James
28 Jul 17, 11:42 PM
Firuli: Where i can find the movie The heist before xmars?
15 Jul 17, 01:37 PM
James C: Oh wow, thanks Jinjin! I'll hopefully do some new updates on the site! :cool:
8 Jul 17, 06:23 AM
jinjin Shen: Hello James ,I like you website ,the only one website about Raffey we could find in china is yours
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