⛆ keep fallin on my head
24 Apr 18, 07:44 PM
hydra: i really dig the fallout-esque humor this site has omg
24 Apr 18, 05:37 PM
LO-FI: I like how the subtitle sounds like TEDISON wrote it.
24 Apr 18, 05:36 PM
LO-FI: HERE! Some top-notch science news that absolutely makes me giggle like a 12 year old! [link]
24 Apr 18, 05:33 PM
LO-FI: You go out and claim the sleep you know is rightfully yours, OWL!
24 Apr 18, 01:45 PM
OWL: you ever feel like time disappears, but you didn't actually sleep?
22 Apr 18, 03:11 PM
OWL: #aesthetics
22 Apr 18, 12:55 PM
LO-FI: Don't ask me why she's singing to a cathode ray tubed television and not a computer. I will never be able to answer that question.
22 Apr 18, 12:53 PM
LO-FI: HELLO, SUNDAY! Here's a selection from our android playlist!
21 Apr 18, 08:12 PM
cobalt: Posted.
21 Apr 18, 07:46 PM
cobalt: Oh, shit, drea! I just saw that you'd posted WEEKS ago to our thread! I didn't see an email notification like I normally get. Frick, I'm sorry.
21 Apr 18, 02:53 PM
20 Apr 18, 10:17 PM
LO-FI: It was EXCELLENT. Goodnight! [fade]
20 Apr 18, 08:08 PM
OWL: we're gonna be watching bill and ted's for a scifri 4/20 in about 15 minutes if anyone is willing and able [link]
20 Apr 18, 04:44 AM
18 Apr 18, 03:47 PM
ro: all hail queen @LO-FI
18 Apr 18, 03:02 PM
18 Apr 18, 11:03 AM
LO-FI: Two posts! Then coffee! Then more posts! [mug]
17 Apr 18, 06:04 PM
LO-FI: Happy Birthday nessie and Happy Birthday nessie's Fella!
17 Apr 18, 05:34 PM
OWL: happy birthday yall!
17 Apr 18, 03:46 PM
nessie: birthday and my boyfriends this past week
17 Apr 18, 03:46 PM
nessie: hey ill be back this weekend! it was both my birthd
17 Apr 18, 03:51 AM
LO-FI: [link] <-- plastic eating enzyme article, mmmm, plastic :)
16 Apr 18, 02:24 PM
16 Apr 18, 01:54 PM
OWL: this is prefect (it's been rainy for us too)
16 Apr 18, 09:05 AM
LO-FI: Mmmm. And on rainy, Monday afternoons I like to put on The Chills. :)
15 Apr 18, 07:19 PM
LO-FI: Goodnight, Outer Space!
15 Apr 18, 07:41 AM
LO-FI (📱): Need to wake up, need to wake up, up~ [mug]
14 Apr 18, 08:54 AM
LO-FI: Good morning! Happy Saturday!
14 Apr 18, 12:03 AM
LO-FI: Thanks for watching!
13 Apr 18, 09:06 PM
LO-FI: Join us for apollo 13! Happy SciFriday the 13th! [link]
13 Apr 18, 04:57 PM
LO-FI: It's not scifi but it's space so it counts? It counts.
13 Apr 18, 04:53 PM
LO-FI: It's gonna be a Happy SciFriday the 13th [link]
13 Apr 18, 11:33 AM
LO-FI: Oh! Yesterday was the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight! Let's pretend I knew that and didn't miss it by a day. :)
12 Apr 18, 10:39 PM
LO-FI: SciFriday already??? Thank SCIENCE! too!
12 Apr 18, 04:28 AM
LO-FI: Good morning, Space! This is the hardest day of the week for me but it's going down! See ya!
11 Apr 18, 07:37 PM
LO-FI: Whoa. I don't know if I posted that wrong earlier or if my comp is just screwing up. Can anyone else see that video? It's supposed to be Hey Sandy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11 Apr 18, 11:08 AM
LO-FI (📱):
7 Apr 18, 09:44 PM
LO-FI: @savvy Raban is, of course, a dear. <3
7 Apr 18, 08:44 AM
LO-FI: It's a great day to write posts and update plotters and scheme. >:)
7 Apr 18, 07:36 AM
drea: Oooh, interesting! Good morning, happy Saturday!
7 Apr 18, 07:35 AM
LO-FI (📱): Good morning and happy Saturday btw. 👋
7 Apr 18, 07:34 AM
LO-FI (📱): [link] Hear that? A whoooole swarm of them. :)
6 Apr 18, 07:17 PM
OWL: we're starting Pandorum if anyone is interested and able to watch [link]
6 Apr 18, 06:42 PM
nessie: hahahahahaha. i think it will really help me with my prose.
6 Apr 18, 06:41 PM
LO-FI: Ooooh. Look on the bright side! That sounds like a stellar way to create experimental poetry. Cutting edge!
6 Apr 18, 06:40 PM
LO-FI: This is Kroger homebase. I am being assimilated. ;);)
6 Apr 18, 06:31 PM
nessie: i am hating my macs new update : ( it has like super advanced auto correct but i suck at typing. so now it's replacing things that don't make sense.
6 Apr 18, 06:30 PM
nessie: *such
6 Apr 18, 06:30 PM
nessie: awe, i love that you said at THE kroger, she an ohioan thing to say xD
6 Apr 18, 06:29 PM
nessie: awwweee that's so annoying. people would do that to me at chipotle. "hi how are you?" "BURRITO"
6 Apr 18, 06:28 PM
LO-FI: I bought cookies at the Kroger and nothing is gonna beat that today. [nom]
6 Apr 18, 06:26 PM
LO-FI: Hahahaha. Customers are the worst at customer service. Andy remembers the early days when he was still in food service, people addressing him as "POUND OF HAM :|" No hello. No expression. Nothin'.
6 Apr 18, 06:17 PM
nessie: these people flabbergast me
6 Apr 18, 06:17 PM
nessie: and she THREW her deposit ticket at me and it almost fell off the counter and said straight faced, "I'm depositing"
6 Apr 18, 06:16 PM
nessie: i had a drive thru today so i had the little tube in my window so people could see i was busy. I'm finishing it up and some lady comes up to my window, so i keep my composure and go " someone will be with you in a minute, i am finishing another customers transaction"
6 Apr 18, 06:15 PM
nessie: RIGHT? they don't need to know that joe scheme just brought in over 2K and I'm still clearing it from my window.
6 Apr 18, 06:13 PM
LO-FI: This is a bank right? They're supposed to STAND BACK UNTIL CALLED.
6 Apr 18, 06:12 PM
nessie: yes, no more farmer, much more dog pets
6 Apr 18, 06:11 PM
nessie: *everytime
6 Apr 18, 06:11 PM
nessie: i should. x D it's also a busy branch that is understaffed. but if i had a nickel for overtime i told someone "somebody will be with you in a minute" and they bombarded my window while i was working on someone else stuff id be rich by now
6 Apr 18, 06:11 PM
OWL: yea!
6 Apr 18, 06:10 PM
LO-FI: Tell those farmers to go milk a cow!
6 Apr 18, 06:08 PM
OWL: thank goodness you're free of cranky farmers for a few hours at least
6 Apr 18, 06:08 PM
nessie: yeah, haha, I'm home with my pup. :]
6 Apr 18, 06:08 PM
OWL: heya :3
6 Apr 18, 06:08 PM
nessie: heya OWL!
6 Apr 18, 06:08 PM
OWL: i would be too if my dad had been that wild. you're off now, though, right?
6 Apr 18, 06:07 PM
nessie: that got a little passionate there, my apologies
6 Apr 18, 06:07 PM
OWL: lmfao
6 Apr 18, 06:07 PM
nessie: like, no dip, I'm a floating teller, have you see me in your 20 years ya living dinosaur?
6 Apr 18, 06:06 PM
nessie: people are so entitled and rude because they have been spoiled by the tellers there. majority of the time i ask for ID i get some old farmer complaining cause they've been banking here for 20 years and everyone knows them, and oh yeah, the old "you must be new"
6 Apr 18, 06:05 PM
nessie: and today was insane as well. i didn't get to pee all day. so many people bringing and taking money, and the demographic of the town i am in RN is terrible
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