2014-10-19 01:08 PM
Namo Sciverit: hi
2014-10-16 06:07 PM
job: Why would I want to donate, what palnet are you on!
2014-10-15 04:01 PM
doge: guau
2014-10-14 02:50 AM
becca: >)
2014-10-12 11:57 AM
rainey: hello i am here
2014-02-15 09:56 AM
hopper: temporarily bringing this back...
2013-03-26 12:27 PM
nijibug: today is a poopy kind of day u_u
2013-03-22 01:44 PM
moose: thinking about ginger chicken soup right now.
2013-03-19 08:53 PM
Jbnarnet: psych i lied it's actually hot
2013-03-19 08:53 PM
Jbnarnet: it's actually iced coffee though
2013-03-19 08:53 PM
Jbnarnet: here i brought you some hot coffee
2013-03-18 08:30 PM
becca: I'm getting some pork buns tomorrow uwu
2013-03-18 04:27 PM
nijibug: @MOOSE weeps I wish I could go there rn
2013-03-18 04:25 PM
MOOSE trololo: i'm hungry are you hungry
2013-03-18 04:25 PM
MOOSE trololo: for $3.50! it is the best
2013-03-18 04:24 PM
MOOSE trololo: seriously legit prawn balls and a lot of fish slices and three strips of abalone!!!!!
2013-03-18 04:24 PM
MOOSE trololo: there's one stall i liked to visit that sells like a bowl of thick and dense congee with
2013-03-18 04:21 PM
nijibug: @MOOSE haven't had seafood congee in foreeeever
2013-03-18 04:21 PM
nijibug: @grue yeah I do need more fiber ;;
2013-03-18 04:20 PM
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