25 Mar 17, 02:29 AM
Emily: Hello, may I know still got medal for majesty ride2016 cause my son medal lost already pls!
3 Aug 16, 04:03 AM
ADMIN: Dear Jia Jin, just sent you an email
3 Aug 16, 12:13 AM
Jia Jin: When we can get our shirt?
27 Jul 16, 02:40 AM
ADMIN: Dear Raja Abdullah, thank you
26 Jul 16, 05:47 PM
Raja Abdullah: I got my T-Shirt in the office.Thankls
26 Jul 16, 11:54 AM
ADMIN: Photos are up : http://tinyurl.com/kmr2016pics
26 Jul 16, 12:49 AM
ADMIN: Dear Shariff, kindly give us your Participant Number, we will contact you
26 Jul 16, 12:40 AM
ADMIN: Dear Wong, I am not sure if you have already emailed us but with your Participant Number we will contact you. Thank you for your feedback
26 Jul 16, 12:39 AM
ADMIN: Dear TbOh, thank you for your feedback
26 Jul 16, 12:37 AM
ADMIN: Dear eugenelimcb and Raja Abdullah, thank you for your patience
26 Jul 16, 12:37 AM
ADMIN: Dear Tan, ok we will contact you
26 Jul 16, 12:36 AM
ADMIN: Dear Alvin, please give us your Participant Number, we will contact you
26 Jul 16, 12:35 AM
ADMIN: Dear Edward, the photos should be up soon, you can check it at the KCC FB Page https://www.facebook.com/KamparCyclingCommunityKCC/?fref=nf
25 Jul 16, 04:54 PM
Wong: Feedback. Good route, especially the long climb. Food ok. Road marshalls on until after the 2nd water station, where no mashalls to be seen. T-shirt size is LARGER than last year!!!
25 Jul 16, 04:50 PM
Wong: Please advise if you can post the t-shirt of one of our students who took part but had to leave before your t-shirts arrived.
25 Jul 16, 04:21 PM
TbOh: A event well organised, like the new cycling route for this year. The only setback is the teeshirt that came late at close to 2pm only ready for collection.
25 Jul 16, 01:28 PM
Raja Abdullah: Todsy- July 25 ,2016 be coming to collect my T Shirt at Grand Kampar. afte 2pm. HP: 0111573289.Thanks
25 Jul 16, 12:59 PM
Tan: Hi admin, please post the t shirt to me, no 141 thanks
25 Jul 16, 11:38 AM
Edward: May i know where can we get the pictures?
24 Jul 16, 11:57 PM
eugenelimcb: to those who have been asking for t-shirts, u guys actually can claim it on that day. Just need to wait for the organizers to re-arrange those according to sizes. I have taken mine on that day itself.
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