19 Aug 14, 11:30 PM
Silverstar: Don't worry yourself too much. I have a great idea for a logo that I can make tomorrow after school. you want to rp on Scorpionstar comes to Thunderclan? I missed you. ^^
15 Jun 13, 12:00 AM
Ocy: Awww! I screwed up the Logo! it says Warrior! Not Warriors!
14 Jun 13, 10:59 PM
Ocy: Hey, Heart! Like the Logo I made?
14 Jun 13, 07:28 PM
Silverstar: Hey, Ocy!
1 Jun 13, 08:20 AM
Ocy: Chat, box!
1 Jun 13, 08:20 AM
Ocy: Woah
2 Mar 13, 11:38 AM
Silverstar: Check out our new chat box! I was surfing the web the other day and found this widget. Hope you like it!