25 Sep 17, 09:30 PM
Alaina: I could never make anything as cute as yours but I'm already obsessing haha. Iframes are so much easier
25 Sep 17, 04:11 PM
Caz: Aww thanks so much Joanna, I'm really glad you like them! :D <333
25 Sep 17, 01:16 PM
Joanna: THE TREE STUMP! It has 2 lil bouncy mushrooms!! I'd missed that the first time round. :D
25 Sep 17, 01:07 PM
Joanna: Simply *scrumptious*!!! :O Where do I even start? To see you pixelling again has made the world just that bit more brighter for everyone. THANK YOU
24 Sep 17, 11:06 PM
Alaina: ahh the furniture with faces areas cute ^~^& thank you, my knee is feeling better now :p
19 Sep 17, 07:07 PM
Alaina: *~* Caz I'm so excited that I got a tag from you! I've always loved your site <3 Love your new layout
9 Sep 17, 11:50 PM
Carissa: Just saying hi ;)
8 Sep 17, 12:57 AM
Sammy: Caz!! Omg <3 Your new little pixels are adorable!! :3 I hope you are doing well!
3 Aug 17, 07:50 PM
Caz: Testing if this still works <3
4 Dec 16, 08:10 PM
bear: hello! your site is soooooo cute !!! would u like to be affies?
30 Aug 16, 10:34 PM
Angelica: Hi honey bunny :) I changed my link and I've got you back in my loved section!!! :* :* Stay cute!!
12 Jan 16, 11:25 PM
amm: alguien tiene algun diseƱo de buscador :( necesito uno
11 Jan 16, 08:51 AM
:SEyez: What a cute website! Love your pixels ^_^
15 Sep 15, 12:43 AM
Alaina: *eeeeee* your work is ADORABLE! <3
18 Aug 15, 10:27 PM
Eve: Caz!! I was googling on Sugar Melody BBS and came along your site.. how you've been??
26 Jul 15, 06:55 PM
tay: Your site is adorable! I took some buttons. Thank you so much. Would you like to be affies?
25 Jun 15, 06:34 AM
taryn: just stopping by, i used to love visiting all these pixel sites, so cute!
18 May 15, 06:16 AM
Ava: It was a pleasure to look through your website again and remember all the reasons why I loved the pixel art community. I'd love to chat with you again and catch up!
18 May 15, 06:00 AM
Ava: reminisced about how much fun it was to be a part of it. Hope you're doing well!
18 May 15, 06:00 AM
Ava: Hi Caz - it really has been a while, old friend :) probably around 9-10 at least! I still see my gifts from way back when on your site, haha. Just happened to stumble across the pixel community and
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