15 Nov 17, 08:41 PM
Caz: Aww thanks so much Jo!! Your latest layout is amazing, I keep going back to stare at it some more lol ^-^ So glad you're still pixeling! <3
15 Nov 17, 05:01 AM
Jo@Whimsical!: UWAAAAA! Caz, you're back!! I'm so glad to see you've returned and your layout is super cute! I love the townsy feel. <3 GOOD WORK!! I can't wait to see more from you!
8 Nov 17, 11:59 PM
Angelica: Cazzzzzzz! I love your new look! I'm glad to see you back <3
13 Oct 17, 06:34 PM
Alaina: Hope you're doing well, too! <3
13 Oct 17, 06:34 PM
Alaina: ^~^ I'm well, we're in the middle of moving and I am working on a new layout/cleaning up my site. Was going to ask you if you wanted to be affiliates once I have a space for cute buttons like yours :p
11 Oct 17, 03:32 PM
Alaina: Your emoticons are so perfect and tiny!! Wish I could do that :p love all your new stuff <3 the houses look great as pastels, too
9 Oct 17, 05:10 PM
Cris: Hello Caz, thank you for leaving me such sweet a message :) Your website is very very cute and I too love tiny siggies and kawaii
8 Oct 17, 11:33 PM
Caz: Aww thank you for the sweet tag, Coral! I'm really glad that you liked the button, that one was really fun to make ^-^ Hope you're doing well! <3
8 Oct 17, 10:08 PM
Coral: Hello! I just wanted to drop by and say I'm so happy to still see your site around! I was the one where you made the Sweet Treat button ages ago haha >u< I still cherish it very much and love your art
8 Oct 17, 09:40 PM
Claressa: No problem, you to!
8 Oct 17, 09:30 PM
Claressa: Sure! I will go ahead and add you while I'm on.
6 Oct 17, 12:38 AM
Claressa: Thank you! Your site is super cute and I'm so in love with your adorable pixels.
28 Sep 17, 03:58 PM
Alaina: The lip balms do look good, I want to try to make some glass related pixels too. I love how you make them so realistic but so tiny and *cute* <3
28 Sep 17, 03:57 PM
Alaina: Ermagaaaddddd the twisty lipsticks *~* such a good idea and so cute
28 Sep 17, 07:25 AM
Salya: I show that. XD I added you as well. I hope the same to you. Also really cute site.
28 Sep 17, 01:33 AM
Salya: Link exchange is fine. ^_^ and I'm sorry, I didn't know.
27 Sep 17, 03:52 AM
Salya: Affie?
25 Sep 17, 10:30 PM
Alaina: I could never make anything as cute as yours but I'm already obsessing haha. Iframes are so much easier
25 Sep 17, 05:11 PM
Caz: Aww thanks so much Joanna, I'm really glad you like them! :D <333
25 Sep 17, 02:16 PM
Joanna: THE TREE STUMP! It has 2 lil bouncy mushrooms!! I'd missed that the first time round. :D
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