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25 Mar 13, 01:04 AM
Todd L. Garner: @ Pratik - Thank you! You can have one too just let me know and I will get you the information.
1 May 13, 11:14 AM
Duchess: Hi Todd, How to build like this? :)
1 May 13, 03:57 PM
Todd L. Garner: Hi Duchess, go to the bottom of the page and click on the link it will open an email to the builder.
5 May 13, 03:00 PM
Duchess: Ok Todd, Thanks!
5 May 13, 04:16 PM
Todd L. Garner: You are most welcome.
19 May 13, 09:03 PM
Help: Congratulations Todd, it's very nice
20 May 13, 06:22 AM
Todd L. Garner: Thank you for the kind words.
20 May 13, 08:11 AM
anna: can i help me how does it work?
20 May 13, 08:11 AM
anna: can u help me
20 May 13, 05:47 PM
Todd L. Garner: Hi Anna, Yes I will help you, watch the videos then you will have the basics to get you started...
4 Jun 13, 09:38 PM
Sajjad Shah: Hi
4 Jun 13, 11:17 PM
Todd L. Garner: Hi Sajjad Shah!
20 Jun 13, 02:19 AM
Annett Rittel: Hi Todd thanks for your assistance and your good informal SFI-training page.
20 Jun 13, 02:19 AM
Annett Rittel: My stepfather operates as an SFI-training site http://sfi.trainer.blogspot.com
20 Jun 13, 02:20 AM
Annett Rittel: we very pleased if you could also leave a few words with us. with Jesus blessing
20 Jun 13, 03:37 AM
Todd L. Garner: Hi a
20 Jun 13, 03:38 AM
Todd L. Garner: Hi Annett, I am so glad to see you on the blog. Great to hear about your stepfather and SFI.
20 Jun 13, 03:39 AM
Todd L. Garner: Annett, I will pray for you and your stepfather and your SFI businesses. In Christ's name.
28 Sep 13, 01:12 PM
samaahath: hi how does this work? can anyone help me
1 Oct 13, 04:18 PM
Todd L. Garner: Hi samaahath, I would love to help you. Please let me know what you need in the way of help. :biggrin: