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19 Oct 18, 10:46 AM
Cyberbubba: i think the corruption began with organized religion with an agenda...huge difference between religion and spirituality...how we live and behave is more important than how often we attend church...man has corrupted God's word...
19 Oct 18, 10:48 AM
Cyberbubba: our deeds overcast our words...
19 Oct 18, 12:30 PM
DT: Right on CB! Appears this goes waaaaayyyy back before the discovery of the America. Perhaps it is the case that we’ve had other “non-puppet controlled” presidents. I just don’t know who they would’ve been. Lincoln? Suffice to say TRUMP is the first in a long time, if not the first ever.
19 Oct 18, 12:35 PM
Cyberbubba: ike recognized it even addressed it in his farewell address...dt...certainly trump is addressing the scourage of evil on a global level...beginning here
19 Oct 18, 12:37 PM
Cyberbubba: poor ole sasquatch...imagine what bullshit they have endured...if they are a pre-adamite survivor...
19 Oct 18, 01:40 PM
Cyberbubba: treasury sec. mnuchin...just created opportunity zone tax cuts...very innovative way to address urban decay and blight...using the private sector rather than the gubmint...
19 Oct 18, 03:10 PM
Cyberbubba: in 1967 i arrived at castle air force base in the san joaquin valley of california...the valley was a lush green thriving agricultural area...the most productive farmland in america...jobs were plentiful...today it is a vast wasteland, void of agriculture and opportunity...literally dying of thirst...continued...
19 Oct 18, 03:19 PM
Cyberbubba: the desertification and destruction of the bread basket of america was the result of political interference in water management and distribution from sacramento...abundant water for essential irrigation was re-routed to the pacific...ostensibly to protect the delta smelt a threatened bait fish for the pacific salmon...by moonbeam, pelosi, frankenstein et al...
19 Oct 18, 03:33 PM
Cyberbubba: president trump just issued a memorandum...streamlining the restoration of irrigation to the san joaquin valley, and similar areas in oregon and washington...god bless our president...
19 Oct 18, 04:06 PM
Bluesky7: For a bit more perspective on who Kashoggi is I have an article from a couple years ago. Everyone should be paying attention here. The ENTIRE Trump economic pivot is based on controlling oil prices and volume coming out of Saudi Arabia as well as the obey then coming back into the US economy in arms purchases. It may sound harsh but it is the bases for the US economic model from the era of Kissinger/Nixon. We left the gold/silver standard and now have an oil backed dollar. While President Trump is weaning us off that relationship it is still how we are programmed for the moment. Here is an article as a primer. [link]
19 Oct 18, 04:08 PM
Cyberbubba: these people... [link]
19 Oct 18, 04:24 PM
Cyberbubba: since i have several dawgs in the oil price boogeyman hunt...i shall recuse myself...a couple of comments...we don't have accurate historical reserve depletion data for unconventional/horizontal completions...and...vertical stripper wells are uneconomic at these price levels, given the burdensome regulations still in force from the obumma war on domestic energy...those wells are the backbone of the domestic energy industry...the domestic energy sector is the most heavily taxed whipping boy of the domestic economy...enuff said
19 Oct 18, 04:29 PM
Cyberbubba: a link to ponder... [link]
19 Oct 18, 04:37 PM
Cyberbubba: another link... [link]
19 Oct 18, 04:40 PM
Cyberbubba: our grandchildren will freeze in the dark if we don't use fossil fuels wsely...just sayin...
19 Oct 18, 04:50 PM
Bluesky7: Couple thoughts CB...we could leave oil very quickly if wanted. I could rail for hours on this from multiple perspectives starting with Tesla...the controllers have no interest in seeing that happen because energy makes the world go round and they want to control and meter that chockpoint..that’s how they control EVERYTHING. If you don’t think so, I would direct you to the most recent work by Daniel List in seeking official approval to open Nixon’s time capsul hidden in the WhiteHouse which has the technical formulae for accessing free energy. It’s the X File time capsule. Very real and official. Nobody gets to freeze in a free world. In Tesla’s work, all we do is add a pulse to the charge flowing across the surface of the earth and we can have all the energy we need (a million million times what we currently get from all oil consumed on the plant on. Daily basis.
19 Oct 18, 04:53 PM
Bluesky7: Here is how the idiot democrats intend to use the Kashoggi matter to attack president Trump. I told you this was serious, and this MORON sits on the House Intelligence committee. [link]
19 Oct 18, 04:53 PM
Bluesky7: [link]
19 Oct 18, 05:28 PM
Cyberbubba: oil is too valuable to be used as a transportation fuel...i agree with your assessment...i have no quarrel with free energy...for illumination, space heating, transportation...etc...fossil fuels are too precious to squander...linda and dustin part three is up...btw
19 Oct 18, 05:37 PM
Cyberbubba: hydrocarbons are a bridge to the future...like all bridges they have a load limit...