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23 Apr 18, 05:59 AM
Dinosaur: oops-repost [link]
23 Apr 18, 06:07 AM
Dinosaur: What's lost with these shootings is "mental health" which these idiots refuse to address-instead their argument is as always, "take the guns" well this guy who whot 4 people at the Waffle House had his guns turned over to his father who gve them back to his son-and you bet that the father knew his son had some serious mental health issues-but the Mayor says, "we need comprehensive gun reform" [link]
23 Apr 18, 06:15 AM
Bettie: GM sweet Dino!Much thanks from me also on all your work & links.I TRY to read all...^^^Dino---"THEY"....DO know its mental illness & are USED for "THEIR" needs!..
23 Apr 18, 06:36 AM
Bettie: President Trump's use of term.."witch hunt" will have CRYSTAL CLEAR meaning once hiltary is ARRESTED! :biggrin:
23 Apr 18, 07:17 AM
Dinosaur: Bettie: Good Morning!! Totally agree they use these people as pawns to promote their agenda-sadly, especially here in Mass all the State Hospitals are closed and these people are thrown out onto the streets to fend for themselves-but not State Legislator has or ever will adress the problem which has been palguing the country for quite sometime.
23 Apr 18, 07:20 AM
LindaP: HERE'S a good idea! Didn't know they had this...we need about 30,000 of these! > [link]
23 Apr 18, 07:38 AM
Dinosaur: Linda-Wow!! And Louisiana can crush up to 50 inmates at one time-gotta give credit to "modern technology" but just wait and watch the liberals go bonkers on this and have a lawsuit filed as to it being "inhumane ad unconstitutional" just a matter of time!!!!
23 Apr 18, 07:39 AM
Dinosaur: Now she's being bashed for her statement [link]
23 Apr 18, 07:40 AM
Dinosaur: The true hero [link]
23 Apr 18, 07:40 AM
Dinosaur: True!! [link]
23 Apr 18, 07:42 AM
DParis: Good morning!
23 Apr 18, 07:45 AM
Dinosaur: So it starts, "again" [link]
23 Apr 18, 08:13 AM
DParis: Just starting another day with gratitude and thankfulness :)
23 Apr 18, 10:36 AM
CanadaEva: Hello friends! Popping into the blog to (((wave))). Been busy and watching LP's amazing videos. Some of the BEST and thorough vids to put the q stuff into understandable context. Thanks Linda! You da bomb! Still read here everyday for Dino's links and dancehappy. Love reading Harleygirl's viewpoint on things. Very wise and woke people on this blog.
23 Apr 18, 10:55 AM
LindaP: Evidence of Clinton Espionage is Overwhelming, 2172 BILL STILL >>> [link]
23 Apr 18, 10:55 AM
LindaP: Hi Canada Eva and DParis! !!! It's a wonderful sunny day here on Long Island! Nice clear skies!
23 Apr 18, 10:56 AM
LindaP: CanadaEva...THANK YOU so much for your kind words!!! They mean everything!
23 Apr 18, 11:00 AM
LindaP: Cher's losing it...LOL ! > [link]
23 Apr 18, 11:55 AM
CanadaEva: Cher is a talent-less, washed up crone. Another meaningless POS hollyweirdo with a useless opinion. No idea why these hollyweird types actually think any sane person believes one thing outta their lying lips. They really should just shut their pie holes and be good little court jesters. Act and sing then f'k off.
23 Apr 18, 11:57 AM
CanadaEva: I'm surprised she pulled her head out of killery's ass long enough to spout sh*t. I guess her head's been up there so long, that's all that CAN come outta her mouth.