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13 Jul 20, 03:23 PM
Cyberbubba: headlines... [link]
13 Jul 20, 05:26 PM
B: Linda posted new video!
13 Jul 20, 05:37 PM
Dinosaur: Good Evening Everyone!!!
13 Jul 20, 05:38 PM
janemc: hi dino
13 Jul 20, 05:39 PM
B: Hey Dino! You have been missed!
13 Jul 20, 05:39 PM
B: Hi jane!
13 Jul 20, 05:40 PM
Dinosaur: Have had quite a few weeks of grueling therapy for my daughter-she went back for her post-op follow up and things are progressing as they should-she'll have to be in her cast for another 6 weeks with no weight beaing on her leg until then-her spirits are great which has helped her in her healing-getting medical equipment has been a challenge but I'm glad to say I won on those fronts as well-she has everything in place!!!
13 Jul 20, 05:43 PM
janemc: sounds good, dino!
13 Jul 20, 05:45 PM
Dinosaur: Thanks to each and everyone of you who remebered us in your prayers they were so deeply appreciated-once things calm down I'll be chatting more-still have her program challenges as there are issues with transportation-they cannot social distance on the vans and they must come up with a plan to transport them-currently they are asking family members to do it until they put a plan in place that meets State requirements-another challenge I'll have as once they lose transportation it's another uphill battle to get it back-again another fight I welcome as she will not be staying home-she's been home going on 6 months now and that is unacceptable-but we have an idiot of a Governor-families are fed-up with this lockdown and won't tolerate it much longer!!!
13 Jul 20, 05:46 PM
Dinosaur: Thanks jane and sweet Bettie!!!
13 Jul 20, 05:53 PM
janemc: hopefully the other issues will be resolved before long, dino
13 Jul 20, 09:18 PM
Cyberbubba: wonderful news...dino...you and your loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers...
13 Jul 20, 09:45 PM
Cyberbubba: i really miss fishing and golf... [link]
13 Jul 20, 09:48 PM
janemc: i know what you mean c.b. - i've been hobbling around trying to figure out how to fix my hip - here surgery is accessible but i can't help thinking there has to be a better way than replacing with metal
13 Jul 20, 09:49 PM
janemc: i could fish i think (but i've never been a fisher)
13 Jul 20, 10:08 PM
Miami Chris: What a sad way to run a dmv. By appointment.. I can buy insurance for the jeep.in minutes but plates and registration takes dsys
13 Jul 20, 10:08 PM
Miami Chris: the dems are really messing around.. no one likes this shit one bit
13 Jul 20, 10:09 PM
Miami Chris: I need it to run for parts and they force you to beak the law
13 Jul 20, 10:09 PM
janemc: what a pain, chris
13 Jul 20, 10:26 PM
Miami Chris: No doubt about it