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20 Oct 19, 07:03 PM
B: Twitter- Romney admits had secret Twitter account
20 Oct 19, 07:03 PM
B: SB2-(SerialBrain 2)
20 Oct 19, 07:28 PM
RayCane: @Miami Chris: And I'm sure Rubio is doing absolutely nothing about it...
20 Oct 19, 08:02 PM
Miami Chris: It happens every year.. same group of non English speaking people year after year.
20 Oct 19, 08:08 PM
RayCane: @Miami Chris: is the University of Florida involved in that, by any chance??
20 Oct 19, 08:09 PM
RayCane: MALE CHAUVINIST PIG ALERT!!! Forgive me my nostalgia: lol [link]
20 Oct 19, 08:09 PM
RayCane: @B: Thanks for the heads-up. SB2
20 Oct 19, 08:17 PM
SIR ROBERT: Rotney you know he has ties. don't forget the Mexican cartels
20 Oct 19, 10:22 PM
Cyberbubba: headlines... [link]
20 Oct 19, 10:57 PM
Cyberbubba: dallas cowboys win
20 Oct 19, 11:50 PM
Cyberbubba: nite all... Our Father in heaven...hear our prayer...bless and comfort those killed and wounded, protect our nation, our loved ones, our president and first family as they travel abroad...comfort and protect the missing children and their parents...protect those threatened in the path of destruction from nature's fury...pray for the Bahamas and Texas...bless those helpless infants wrenched from a womb of rejection and sacrificed under the guise of family planning...protect those in harm's way past and present...amen
21 Oct 19, 05:36 AM
Dinosaur: Good Morning Everyone!!!
21 Oct 19, 05:36 AM
Dinosaur: She won by "ballot harvesting" [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:37 AM
Dinosaur: All the money these billionaires spend on their useless causes would be better spent on helping the homeless or the veterans [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:38 AM
Dinosaur: These are the "Republicans" that have yet to sign Rep Biggs Motion to censure shifforbrains [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:39 AM
Dinosaur: He's a 2 faced coward [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:40 AM
Dinosaur: We'll see [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:41 AM
Dinosaur: They won't come out and admit they are anti-trump as if they did they'd be done politically [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:42 AM
Dinosaur: Boom!!! [link]
21 Oct 19, 05:43 AM
Dinosaur: They won't pay the price but they'll continue with their scam [link]