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22 Jun 17, 07:27 AM
LindaJ: But they all have it! Beyonce...Kanye...Bezos...some it's more noticeable Katy Perry has it too!
22 Jun 17, 07:29 AM
LindaJ: They literally BREAK your brain and then RE-BUILD it! I want to know why they all have the droopy eye because I've been joking about THEM being brainwashed...and now I'm really wondering about it for real!
22 Jun 17, 07:30 AM
LindaJ: OK...well time for me to go...so much to do...Love chatting with you Dino...so relaxing! Will check in later!!! (((waves)))
22 Jun 17, 07:37 AM
Dinosaur: Linda- That droopy eye is a sign of deceit and evil IMHO. I don't trust Hollyweird or the msm-just take a look at Jake Tapper's eye and Chuck Todd it is very dominant and hard to miss!!!!
22 Jun 17, 07:41 AM
LindaJ: Here you go Dino...Jeff Kauffmann at last nights rally!!! >>> This was AAAAWE-SOME! >>> [link]
22 Jun 17, 07:45 AM
LindaJ: Yes Dino...My suspect has a droopy eye! He was born with his...but he sure was evil>>> Now people are now speculating that so MANY of these Celebrities and Anchors etc have the droopy eye >>> that they have submitted to the MK Ultra programming...like selling their soul...IOW..."If you submit to our programming...we will out you in the 20 million club!" That way the deep state can control what they do (or so they think) Lots os peculation out there about so many droopy eyes!
22 Jun 17, 07:46 AM
LindaJ: PUT you in the 20 million club...lol the P on my keyboard has worn off...lol
22 Jun 17, 07:46 AM
LindaJ: Ok off again! Wanted to share that link...it was so good!
22 Jun 17, 07:48 AM
LindaJ: My bad...it's from 2016...lol But it was HIM who mae the speech last night...DAMN!!! Sorry.
22 Jun 17, 07:49 AM
LindaJ: Here's the AUDIO of last night >>> [link]
22 Jun 17, 07:49 AM
LindaJ: Kaufmann ^^^
22 Jun 17, 08:01 AM
LindaJ: Columbo >>> One more thing >>> Sweet KAT >>> always so much fun to chat with you and EVERYONE here. Can't wait until you retire Kat...Thursdays and Fridays are my favorite caht days because Dino gets to work from home...and we can have some chit-chat time! Will be praying for something to happen soon for you. Meanwhile...this time I'm really gone. Really gone. I mean it this time. lol
22 Jun 17, 08:11 AM
Dinosaur: This may be true but nothing will be done to punish them [link]
22 Jun 17, 08:12 AM
Dinosaur: Don't believe this either-he's jsut in covering your ass mode [link]
22 Jun 17, 08:13 AM
Dinosaur: Linda-Really enjoy the mroning chats-kind of gives you a boost to get frustrating news matter off our chests,LOL!!!
22 Jun 17, 08:23 AM
Dinosaur: Senator Barrasso: Senate Healthcare Bill to be unveiled @9:30am EST [link]
22 Jun 17, 08:26 AM
Dinosaur: Poor Chuckie the Clown Schumer was very upset that they were kept out of the writing of the healthcare bill-if not mistaken, weren't a lot of Republicans kept out of the loop and din't get to vote on obamacare-and fancy nancy says, "pass it, we'll read what's in it later all 2,500 pages" passed without a single Republican vote-so now Chuckie is upset because it's being done in secrecy this time-what a hypocrite!!!!
22 Jun 17, 10:09 AM
CanadaEva: For Linda's research, but feel free to read. [link]
22 Jun 17, 10:19 AM
LindaP: MY NEW VIDEO>>> I am so proud of this one! it took me longer to put this one together...; ) >>> MICHAEL AQUINO_ Military Mystery: HOW??? >>> [link]
22 Jun 17, 12:50 PM
kat: [link]