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21 Nov 17, 03:52 PM
HarleyGirl: I hope she gets disbarred as well. She is nothing but an ambulance chaser. Remember when she represented octomom? lol!
21 Nov 17, 03:53 PM
HarleyGirl: The swamp is huge!
21 Nov 17, 03:54 PM
Dinosaur: HG- Allred is a demorat operative-IMHO, Mitch is paying her to do this-look how quick the women who accused Trump of sexual harassment-when Trump came out fighting they all ran away-same thing is going to happen here with Beverly Nelson's story!!!
21 Nov 17, 03:55 PM
Dinosaur: HG- And McConnell is doing his best to plug the swamp so it doesn't drain!!!!
21 Nov 17, 03:55 PM
HarleyGirl: I don't think McConnell will plug the swamp but, he will be a pain in the azz for awhile.
21 Nov 17, 03:56 PM
Dinosaur: HG- Eventually they're all going to see the handwriting on the wall-just look at the nevertrumpers like Flake, Corker among the many others not seeking re-election-they know they're going to lose!!!!
21 Nov 17, 03:57 PM
HarleyGirl: Still want to know why are all of these women coming out now? They sold their souls to the devil so they could become famous and make the money. It's wrong what happened to these women but, why did they take it?
21 Nov 17, 03:59 PM
HarleyGirl: I know. I do wish all this disgusting protesting would stop. Our children are being brainwashed and may never recover from this. Makes me sad.
21 Nov 17, 04:02 PM
Dinosaur: The jury just got the case to deliberate in the Kate Stenile trial!!!!
21 Nov 17, 04:28 PM
dancehappy: President Trump on Tuesday said Roy Moore "totally denies" the sexual misconduct allegations against him, adding that Americans "don't need a liberal" in the U.S. Senate seat. ... [link]
21 Nov 17, 04:29 PM
dancehappy: When pressed on the allegations against Moore, some of which date back 40 years, Trump said, "Look, he denies it ... He says it didn't happen, and you know, you have to listen to him also."
21 Nov 17, 04:35 PM
Dinosaur: What a damn disgrace-they may have escaped courtroom justice but street justice will pay them a visit and they'll never know it's coming [link]
21 Nov 17, 04:38 PM
Dinosaur: Then there's Moore's 1 accuser Korfman who has accused several men some pastors of sexual assault-her story is now being debunked [link]
21 Nov 17, 04:46 PM
Dinosaur: Force their hand President Trump [link]
21 Nov 17, 04:47 PM
dancehappy: oh wow, Trump involved now!
21 Nov 17, 04:49 PM
Dinosaur: dance-Yeap, that's a hell of a lot of taxpayer's money being used for these perverts-they should also be made to pay it all back!!!!
21 Nov 17, 04:54 PM
Dinosaur: Judge Moore's opponent [link]
21 Nov 17, 05:49 PM
Dinosaur: These demorats have no shame [link]
21 Nov 17, 05:50 PM
Dinosaur: Clinton Public Library refuses to turn over inofrmation on Clinton/Epstein ties [link]
21 Nov 17, 06:04 PM
HarleyGirl: Clintons not releasing that info says it all anyway.