23 Apr 18, 05:01 AM
CFH: Good liver workout was had & nobody went over the falls :)
21 Apr 18, 06:25 AM
ET: Lewis Cty LEO's will be as well.
20 Apr 18, 07:24 PM
Team DD: WTF? No we will be at snirt run ripping on new Polaris rangers!
17 Apr 18, 12:07 PM
CFH: Bring your cigar puffin' chicks along :)
17 Apr 18, 12:05 PM
CFH: bottle of Cabo tequila & couple gallons of kamikaze coming along as well
17 Apr 18, 12:04 PM
CFH: Is Team DD going to make an appearance at the NYSSA forum this weekend? Cold Bud Lights in my cooler
30 Mar 18, 07:32 PM
Team DD: Where is big Joe Percoco hiding?
29 Mar 18, 01:00 AM
ET: Some day I'll get a s/s or atv.
28 Mar 18, 09:25 AM
RAW: im so sick of being cooped up inside I think were going to do the first ride. suppose to be sunny
28 Mar 18, 09:24 AM
RAW: anyone maybe interested in a pre snirt ride this Saturday? not in tug but around my local trails
26 Mar 18, 07:16 AM
RAW: I havent been up past speculator in a year or 2 so idk past that
26 Mar 18, 07:15 AM
RAW: not the greatest but they have made improvements over the last couple years
23 Mar 18, 11:03 AM
ET: Hey doogie, how is Rte 8 from Poland to I-87 towing a RV?
18 Mar 18, 08:35 AM
ET: Too bad his uncle isn't going w/ him!
17 Mar 18, 06:49 PM
Team DD: Po big Joe Percoco..going to the crowbar hotel!
9 Mar 18, 07:04 AM
Team DD: The grand emperor of the state of NY rules the T-way.
8 Mar 18, 01:03 AM
ET: What a farce w/ trucks banned. 20"-40" last week and everything was open!! Alb can't handle it
7 Mar 18, 09:40 AM
RAW: ET don't ya know government telling people how to live is cool and hip theses days
7 Mar 18, 08:33 AM
ET: idea.
7 Mar 18, 08:32 AM
ET: Ought to be fun trying to go to/from Alb. Ban trucks from interstates & plug up alt routes. Bright i
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