10 Feb 17, 10:43 PM
Heather: http://mind-blast.net/contact.php
10 Feb 17, 10:43 PM
Heather: I don't check this all the time so please use the contact form to get hold of me directly - http://m
4 Feb 17, 01:27 AM
Guest: Anyone aboard?
18 Jan 17, 10:42 AM
Heather: Linked updated and new links added.
4 Jan 17, 03:49 AM
EL: Its a brand new year, giving everyone two more weeks to change my url. Then I will be those who have
16 Dec 16, 12:37 AM
EL: Hey, switched hosts. Please change link to http://el.parisfalls.net
4 Nov 16, 10:30 PM
Revaliir: Revaliir.com has moved to Revaliir.net can our button be updated?
12 Aug 16, 08:26 PM
UKDEVILZ: hey very good site for back links :) i've applied!!
24 Jun 16, 03:34 PM
Heather: New layout up, dead links removed & new ones added :)
11 Jun 16, 03:11 PM
Heather: Sorry all, life thew up some road blocks. Updates soon :)
2 May 16, 07:55 PM
Heather: but will be adding new link exchanges (provided a link back is up) in the next few weeks.
2 May 16, 07:54 PM
Heather: However, what you did do was apply to be part of the link exchange. I've been super busy with uni
2 May 16, 07:54 PM
Heather: Hi, this isn't a directory, it is a list of links & RPGs are not accepted.
19 Apr 16, 12:30 AM
Revaliir: submitted it to you.
19 Apr 16, 12:30 AM
Revaliir: Hi! I was wondering fi you could get back and finally add Revaliir to your directory. i already
28 Mar 16, 08:27 PM
Heather: Hi Najwa, sorry for the delay - the page now works - http://mind-blast.net/suggest.php
18 Mar 16, 04:30 PM
Najwa: hello, the suggest page is not working
13 Mar 16, 03:03 PM
Heather: Hi Alex, I've updated your link :)
3 Mar 16, 09:48 PM
Alex: Hello! I was wondering if you could update my link for Resplendent Reverie. (Main page has details!)
28 Feb 16, 01:15 PM
Heather: Button Updated
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