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01/16/18 02:58 AM
Paul77: Indeed what a memory...played the 1st.2nd. with guessing around since couldn't understand Japanese.but I finished those 2 games!
01/21/18 10:21 PM
Nisshy: Please give me "Yuuki no kamisama 〜Hikari vertion〜" mp3 of 320kbps. Please send my e-mail address.
02/14/18 05:48 AM
Paul: Uh, apparently I can actually download the songs off your site. At least for one area. Gonna check real fast here.
02/17/18 06:25 PM
athichok: Please give me tokimeki all mp.3 please
02/23/18 08:34 PM
Ayu: Would you please upload TMGS 15th anniversary drama CD please!?