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04/07/21 11:48 AM
Teresa: Oh and I'm an admin on the TMGS English wiki and my hobby recently is collecting + buying TMGS merch online btw ^_^~~!! The crazy HUGE amount of money I've spent just recently on this merch TT_TT....
04/10/21 02:23 PM
Kiyoko: Hi Teresa! Glad to meet a fellow TMGS enthusiast. :) Yes, the merchandise can be expensive, especially now since so many items are out of print. Good luck! ^-^b
04/12/21 09:38 AM
Teresa: Ty!! I'm so happy to hear from someone else LOL :D
04/28/21 05:55 PM
jen: hey! does anyone here have a good link to download the TMGS osts? :0 There used to be a ton online and now its all gone U_U
05/06/21 08:33 AM
mey: hello!! there are many playlists on youtube with all the ost, you can download them using a yt to mp3 converter! I personally use ytmp3 <3