The Rock Show LIVE! Chat Room
'Big' Jim: @Dan ... what was the "WTF!" for? Please remind me ... :D :D
AaronJam: goodnight folks! merry christmas
Dan - Rockposer Dot Com!: WTF!
'Big' Jim: Pitiful even
'Big' Jim: Awful
Parnham: May the rock rock on and on and on...…... :)
Producer Kelv: I think this retiring is a big bluff so you can cash in on one of these comeback tours
'Big' Jim: Thank you Dan! :)
Dan - Rockposer Dot Com!: Sorry it's the last Rock Show, thanks for the music and mayhem
AaronJam: who let that drunk idiot on the microphone
AaronJam: jingle your balls and enjoy the holidays!
'Big' Jim: Happy Christmas everyone
'Big' Jim: SO there we are!
'Big' Jim: :D
'Big' Jim: 'ello all!
'Big' Jim: About frickin' time!!
'Big' Jim: And so it starts"!
Pornstar Nelson Column: Great archive, but I miss the live show. MISS YOU JIMBO!
Jock - Parnham: Excellent song - good luck Jim!!
Parnham: Rock on...….
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