The Rock Show LIVE! Chat Room
Pornstar Nelson Column: I'm all over that :D
'Big' Jim: Yeah man. :) Go to the Downloads section of the site to see. :) It's all there for the taking, from the beginning of 2017. Older shows are in the archive.
Pornstar Nelson Column: Is it?
'Big' Jim: This is still for free download from here ... :) It's not going to be archived until after Christmas. :)
Pornstar Nelson Column: This is a great episode from the archive.
fanny batter: night jim and aaronjam
Shelley: Rock on!!
Missjaffacake06: Hahaha yeah!!!!
'Big' Jim: See ya next week!
Bishop: All, great ride once again. When's JimFest?
'Big' Jim: Thanks Deb! :)
Missjaffacake06: See you next week big jim! Absolutely loved it tonight!
'Big' Jim: Debs, if I went 3hrs these days my syndicators would die from their schedule being messed up.
Missjaffacake06: 😔😔
Pornstar Nelson Column: She is too. Good job it's a quiet night in despatch.
fanny batter: i'm air drumming in the office :D
'Big' Jim: Shelley's loving this ....
'Big' Jim: YEARS ago I used to do a 3hr show Debs. LONG time ago though.
Missjaffacake06: You need a longer show big jim!
Shelley: Tune!!!!!!
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