The Rock Show LIVE! Chat Room
Eve: State of Art Brilliant!
Eve: Request for the erection section:
Eve: I know but I can dream:D
Eve: Hiya JIm :)
'Big' Jim: It was never going to be apocalypse
'Big' Jim: EVE!!
Eve: In the morning it was like watching the warm up act then the band doesn't show.
Eve: What a disappointment, looking forward to Ragnarök and all I get is a warm windy day.
'Big' Jim: - the show on NOW is the one YOU want :)
Debbie & Meg: me...but off no...nite
'Big' Jim: If you have the stream on ... then THIS episode is the one with GIO from deVience .... it's a corkin' show ... are you ready for it?!?!
Furbs: Me
'Big' Jim: ... I'm doing post-production until bed-time ... who's in here>
'Big' Jim: Goodness me ...
'Big' Jim:
'Big' Jim: I'm home :) The Bunker is 15 yards from my main building :)
Debbie & Meg: well worth the wait Big Jim.... have a good nite...get home safe!
'Big' Jim: Thank you all :)
'Big' Jim: That weas a hell of a cover play
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