The Rock Show LIVE! Chat Room
'Big' Jim: ?
Pornstar Nelson Column: Jimbo
'Big' Jim: Oh good grief I'm knackered
'Big' Jim: Right, back in the big house
'Big' Jim: Nos da folks ... some overtime here ...
'Big' Jim: Before that it was Saints Of Sin
'Big' Jim: The boys ... Oddlid
Leen: my internet is being a right pain - who's playing & singing now? I missed who it is - bloody internet!
'Big' Jim: Bloody right they do! Amazing.
General Nonsense: This band need some serious PR behind them
Pornstar Nelson Column: UNLUCKY NIPPLES!!!
Pornstar Nelson Column: LOL
Leen: back again :D
Leen: oops, lost you
'Big' Jim: It was
Leen: Googled it :D
Leen: Hey Jim did you say this is Steel Panthers? internet cut out as you announced it - sounds like them :D
General Nonsense: Excellent
'Big' Jim: Kate_-B is the totty daily ..
'Big' Jim: LOL
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