The Rock Show LIVE! Chat Room
'Big' Jim: NEXT week will be mega :)
'Big' Jim: Thanks :)
Parnham: Good show Jim...
Bishop: AJ, when we come down for the Bish Bash special we'll compare notes! Should have a little gift for you and Jim by then too
'Big' Jim: Yes mate
AaronJam: Bish this bash was outrageous ! probably one of my favourite Sabbath tracks!
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying MOONLIGHT DESIRES - Something About You (new, cover play) #trslive
Bishop: Will sort out a catch up very shortly, just need to get this weekend over with first
'Big' Jim: Nos da Bish!
Bishop: Nos da
fanny batter: glad to have more females on
fanny batter: good show jim
'Big' Jim: THANK YOU PEOPLE! :) Love you all :) NEXT week will potentially be a hell of a show ... ;) :)
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying SAVAGE MESSIAH - Hands Of Fate (new) #trslive
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying BLACK SABBATH - The Wizard (Bishop's Bash) #trslive
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying THE CRUEL KNIVES - Kill The Messenger (new) #trslive
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying VENOM INC. - The Evil Dead (new) #trslive
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying SYTERIA - Revolution #trslive
AaronJam: thank you nelson!
AaronJam: watch out, my good lady might get her claws out ;D
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