The Rock Show LIVE! Chat Room
cheddy: merry christmas. night all x
LucieV: bye guys - have a good'un - don't do anything I wouldn't ;)
AaronJam: Goodnight everybody, see you next year :)
AaronJam: #nowplaying SLADE - Merry Xmas Everybody! #trslive
Furbs: Nooooo don't go! lol
LucieV: Boom! Choon!!
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying SAINTS OF SIN - Uptown Funk (cover play) #trslive
LucieV: I'm all ears Jim :)
Furbs: I said yeah yeah !
'Big' Jim: The next cover play is RIGHT up LucieV's channel
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying BILLY IDOL - Mony Mony (cover play) #trslive
'Big' Jim: Excellent! :)
LucieV: *singing along* lol
Pornstar Nelson Column: HA HA HA HA
AaronJam: #nowplaying DARKNESS - Christmas time (Don't let the bells end) #trslive
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying THE DARKNESS - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells Endf) #trslive
Furbs: yes!!! Darkness!
AaronJam: This next one is for screamer because he loves this song so much
AaronJam: #nowplaying MASSIVE WAGONS - Back To The Stack #trslive
'Big' Jim: #nowplaying MASSIVE WAGONS - Back To The Stack #trslive
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