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12 Oct 17, 04:49 PM
Sabal: Obviously a class that's more important than us...
12 Oct 17, 07:15 PM
Chris: No kidding. She might as well have just stabbed us in the gut.
12 Oct 17, 09:02 PM
Chris: Faust, if you ever come by in May, you gotta meet Alan. Tall drink of water
14 Oct 17, 10:57 PM
Chris: You like the call to go for 2 Mel?
15 Oct 17, 12:51 PM
Mel: yeah, on the road, go for the win
15 Oct 17, 12:52 PM
Mel: but didn't see the game - our play calling in the red zone is often suspect
15 Oct 17, 01:09 PM
Chris: I stayed up for it. They had a good call on that one
15 Oct 17, 01:11 PM
Chris: The guy was open in the corner on the rollout but troy williams missed him
15 Oct 17, 08:20 PM
Mel: williams is just not as good as huntley
16 Oct 17, 08:42 AM
Chris: He was a 5-star coming out of high school right? That's what they were saying on ESPN
16 Oct 17, 10:24 AM
Mel: huntley is a better runner and he makes better decisions passing
16 Oct 17, 10:24 AM
Mel: williams is fine, and has a good arm, but is indecisive
17 Oct 17, 12:36 PM
bubs: it wasss exercise physiology which is actually interesting but sometimes she just goes on and on and
17 Oct 17, 12:36 PM
bubs: now I'm in health psych
17 Oct 17, 12:36 PM
bubs: its a joke he basically tells us he watches real housewives (reality show on Bravo) while making our
17 Oct 17, 12:37 PM
bubs: exams drinking wine/vodka
17 Oct 17, 12:37 PM
bubs: he is quite the character
17 Oct 17, 06:30 PM
Chris: Sounds like a Sparty education there
19 Oct 17, 09:01 PM
Jacob: Paul Pierce on Embid: https://streamable.com/p605e
20 Oct 17, 08:41 AM
Chris: Oh boy...