14 Aug 17, 11:23 PM
SG: Hey, Diego. Could i give you the values for my XV2 Customskin?
10 Aug 17, 05:22 AM
DBZGTSUPER: Hi diego.thanx for new skins. Will upload models soon.
10 Aug 17, 01:26 AM
Manaman: Hey man, what stuff from Doom 2016 you got?
8 Aug 17, 11:35 AM
TheNOOB: new model (fixed) https://www.upload.ee/files/7323723/pl_soldier.rar.html
8 Aug 17, 10:39 AM
TheNOOB: here is link https://www.upload.ee/files/7323537/desert_soldier_PL.rar.html
7 Aug 17, 11:27 AM
TheNOOB: Hi, you can made polish soldier ? i have model and textures but im noob in rigging etc.
5 Aug 17, 06:00 PM
Patrik2000: Crap. I meant to be a bit transparent.... but that's all with it. http://imgur.com/a/yGlqH
5 Aug 17, 05:54 PM
Patrik2000: Diego, I just found a way how to make Tali's visor transparent in-game. I edited texture in Paint.net to be a bit visible and in TXDWorkshop I checked alpha is used, and then I unchecked compressed.
5 Aug 17, 10:10 AM
Norico: did you ripped it from the pc version btw?
4 Aug 17, 08:12 PM
VegetaSparta: @diegoforfun cê podia fazer um nudepack com as mina de Dragon Ball, né, mané? valeu, flw
4 Aug 17, 03:47 PM
Norico: Diego thanks for the link btw do you by any chance also know if you can extract models from sleeping dogs definitive edition aswell?
4 Aug 17, 03:38 PM
zakizakizaki: http://sumirehaikuxna.deviantart.com/art/DMC4-Nero-XNALara-297585971 - here's the link,please,can you convert him?I saw one port,but it's really buggy,that's why Im asking you o: Please? xd
4 Aug 17, 01:09 PM
DBZGTSUPER: ok wil check again and then sum time load the dbx skins I have to port.
4 Aug 17, 11:18 AM
Diegoforfun: @Norico I have that one from Xentax. Click on my name to take a look :)
4 Aug 17, 11:17 AM
Diegoforfun: @Manaman Hey man i got a few models from the game to port.
4 Aug 17, 11:16 AM
Diegoforfun: @Comoas It's done :) Have fun
4 Aug 17, 11:16 AM
Diegoforfun: @Zakiazaki i really don't know if i have the model here. I'll search for it here to give it a tyr
4 Aug 17, 11:16 AM
Diegoforfun: @markmadrox :D ta reupado meu brother! ;)
4 Aug 17, 11:15 AM
Diegoforfun: @DBZGTSUPER i got only those 3 soldier i shared last week from DB ROKP. Those from BT3 are very low res bro.
4 Aug 17, 11:14 AM
Diegoforfun: @Derek I'll take a look at those files thank you man!
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