23 Sep 17, 07:37 AM
Rach: Hi I've used some textures and gave you credit. Thanks Amy! <3
12 Sep 17, 12:10 PM
Pim: Hi Amy! How are you? Just wanted to drop by to see how you're doing. Wish we could talk some during your free time even if it's for a little while.
11 Sep 17, 04:19 PM
Rach: Hi Amy! Hope you and your son are doing well. Have a nice week! <3
6 Sep 17, 05:21 AM
erica: hey there! Would you like to be affies?
5 Sep 17, 12:24 PM
Kris: Thank you for keepting my link up! Come check out the new layout <3
4 Sep 17, 09:01 PM
Pim: Hi Amy ❤ How are you? Hope you're well
4 Sep 17, 05:13 PM
Em: Added you to affies, Add back whenever you get a chance. Saved a bunch also, ♥
27 Aug 17, 07:23 AM
Rach: Hi Amy. I have a new layout! Hope you'll have a nice day!
27 Aug 17, 05:31 AM
Rach: Thank you Amy! How are you and your son doing?! That's awesome!
26 Aug 17, 05:04 PM
26 Aug 17, 02:12 PM
Rach: Hi Amy! I love to be affies. I'll add you asap! Thanks girl!!
26 Aug 17, 01:37 PM
26 Aug 17, 06:00 AM
Rach: Hi Amy!! I used to be prettysweet. Do you remember me? I really adore your header!! I'm glad your back online!!
25 Aug 17, 06:29 PM
aldona: sure!! im changing layouts soon so i'll add you then <3
25 Aug 17, 11:19 AM
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24 Aug 17, 06:41 PM
Syd: welcome back, girl!! ♥ love the header wtf
24 Aug 17, 11:00 AM
Pim: btw added your link too
24 Aug 17, 11:00 AM
Pim: saved some more colors to use there's some covers i made and posted on facebook tried to tag you on there but i can't unless the friend request is accept guess it'll just suffice on my portfolio page
23 Aug 17, 12:26 AM
Kayla: ofc!!! welcome back you talented ass bi*ch <3
22 Aug 17, 08:11 PM
OWNER: thanks erica! & REPLIED! vvvv
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