20 Jun 18, 06:08 PM
A Walk In The Woods: http://bestclassicbands.com/paul-mccartney-new-single-2018-6-20-18/
20 Jun 18, 06:08 PM
A Walk In The Woods: Yo Sal - check the heck out of this new Paul Macca double-A side, I think you will dig it. "I Don't Know" is especially awesome to me, like a lost Elliott Rhodes track.
17 Jun 18, 03:56 PM
kevin m: The new Howlin Rain is really good
14 Jun 18, 06:57 AM
Sal: Bill, I have not. I did just play "Utopia Parkway" after not hearing it for some time and it kllled me as ever. Maybe it's time for "Sky Full Of Holes."
13 Jun 18, 10:23 AM
Bill: I listened to Sky Full of Holes the other day and liked it more than I remembered. Have you ever revisited it, Sal?
7 Jun 18, 08:53 AM
Sal: Ordered, Troy.
5 Jun 18, 12:49 PM
Troy: Just saw that Jeff Lynne is going to re-release Secret Messages as its intended double album. I'll be interested to hear that!
5 Jun 18, 11:54 AM
Sal: Good Magpie tune.
4 Jun 18, 04:21 PM
Carl: Your SOTD is my SOTW. Thanks for turning me on to it.
4 Jun 18, 01:30 PM
Syd: Who saw Corporal Quorum?
4 Jun 18, 01:12 PM
kevin m: new magpie salute - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEhk1Hspaz8
25 May 18, 04:47 PM
Sal: FYI-I have not been getting notifications for comments. I was wondering why today had zero. I had to backdoor it and publish at once. So please continue and be patient.
25 May 18, 08:28 AM
Sal: Troy, I don't know why it is so expensive, but I grabbed it because I had some credit.
23 May 18, 11:51 AM
Troy: I see Bruce MTV Plugged on your list. Did you get the new vinyl boxset? Why is it so damn expen$ive?
8 May 18, 10:58 AM
Sal: Kevin, still my fave Julian Cope record!
8 May 18, 08:43 AM
kevin m: Sal - just noticed that Peggy Suicide is on your rotation. I loved that record but frankly it has been years since I even thought about it. Need to revisit
22 Apr 18, 09:24 PM
jim: visit me....thank you...
22 Apr 18, 09:24 PM
jim: https://familiajimrock.blogspot.com.br/ :cool:
20 Apr 18, 11:52 AM
Dr Wu: Do something nice for yourself today: Ashley Monroe’s ‘Sparrow’ is simply amazing! https://youtu.be/85fVsUylk5I
13 Apr 18, 05:58 PM
kevin m: this my 3rd post about this band - the last bandoleros. give em a listenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrC83gI6IeY;
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