14 Jun 19, 12:46 PM
Pmac: Sal - if you get a chance, look up a new band called The Debtors on Spotify/itunes. Very curious as to your thoughts on them. They have a new EP and a couple of other songs out.
13 Jun 19, 04:18 PM
Sal: Troy, need to live with it for the weekend and will most likely post on Monday.
13 Jun 19, 10:02 AM
Troy: Sal, what do you think of Western Stars? Hoping there will be a BW post about it.
12 Jun 19, 08:59 PM
buzzbabyjesus: I recently got a new computer, and hesitated downloading iTunes as I hated the last update or so. I was thrilled to find a place to download Version 9 from 2010.
3 Jun 19, 07:21 PM
Shriner: "iTunes" as an app is going away (to be replaced by a "Music" app -- the concept of iTunes Music/Apple Music is not going anywhere!
2 Jun 19, 08:31 PM
Troy: Sal, same here. Except maybe I swap music out weekly or monthly, instead of daily. I have an 80GB and 160GB iPod Classics.
1 Jun 19, 01:59 PM
Sal: I don't think I have purchased something on iTunes in 15 years. But I do have over 70K songs and use the whole platform dailym for listening, swapping new and old in and out of the iPod. That'll stay.
1 Jun 19, 07:16 AM
kevin m: i know I'm a dinosaur but I still purchase and download music from iTunes. Yesterday's news that Apple is shutting down iTunes, while not surprising, did make me sad
30 May 19, 11:47 PM
Dr Wu: An offering: NZ’s Fever Party - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcBMqiNEKh8&list=PLasq6NqHefZOdt7QK1RGK2THy4Tn3VgFN
24 May 19, 12:09 PM
Sal: Thanks for the tip Kevin. I really dug Those Pretty Wrongs with Jody Stephens. I look forward to this.
24 May 19, 08:35 AM
kevin m: They say his influences are Cheap Trick, Big Star, Tom Petty et al. Worth checking out!
24 May 19, 08:34 AM
kevin m: Sal - not sure if you've ever posted anything about Luther Russell. Frankly I never heard of him until reading about him in Uncut. And now I can't get enought of his latest release "Medium Cool",
24 May 19, 06:43 AM
Sal: Test
16 May 19, 09:48 PM
Troy: Great SOTD! Here Come the Girls!
10 May 19, 08:50 AM
Pmac: the added day. No word yet if they will try again to do the Superstar attraction on one of the days.
10 May 19, 08:50 AM
Pmac: So, Jazz fest has announed that it will keep the 8 day format for the 2020 year. Claims it had the largest overall attendance post-Katrina, but if you loof at the daily avg, it only got there due to
6 May 19, 09:01 PM
tinpot: jayessemm, thanks for the Night Music link. What a great show that was. Many fond memories and discoveries.
1 May 19, 10:10 AM
jayessemm: https://tedium.co/2019/04/30/sunday-night-music-david-sanborn-history/?utm_source=Tedium&utm_campaign=Tedium_04_30_2019&utm_medium=email -- A blast from the past!
29 Apr 19, 03:22 AM
Pmac: Finally - on Sunday JF was packed like you would expect on a weekend.
28 Apr 19, 03:11 PM
BruceM: Great song from 2 Kiwi artists! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmPduvVgnzU&list=RDJmPduvVgnzU&start_radio=1
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