22 Apr 17, 06:04 PM
Toby: Yes! I just realized that too
22 Apr 17, 11:48 AM
Sal: Toby. the Hitchcock sounds more like a ray davies record than the Ray Davies record.
21 Apr 17, 05:12 PM
Toby: First impression is that the Hitchcock is better than Davies. Thoughts?
21 Apr 17, 08:16 AM
Sal: Carl, I love The Mavericks and I love the new album.
20 Apr 17, 04:48 PM
Carl: Loved it by the way.
20 Apr 17, 04:48 PM
Carl: Saw 'Brand New Day' on your 'Now Playing' list. Just heard the song on RS site. How's the rest of the LP? Haven't listened yet.
20 Apr 17, 03:26 PM
Tony: That's why I like this blog. Such variety of tastes. I would have picked Exotic Birds and Fruit.
20 Apr 17, 02:01 PM
Sal: Both the debut and Salty Dog would be in my Top 100, Tony
20 Apr 17, 11:20 AM
Tony: Would
20 Apr 17, 11:20 AM
Tony: Sal: Wouls any Procol Harum be in youe top 100?
20 Apr 17, 11:18 AM
buzzbabyjesus: You don't get an invitiation to the Wormholes. It is no more.
17 Apr 17, 10:59 PM
bing stills: how do you get an invitation to Willard's Wormholes?
17 Apr 17, 06:49 PM
stanley moon: Willard's Wormholes has gone 'invitation only'
14 Apr 17, 01:59 PM
tinpot: Anyone know what's going on over at Willards w-holes? No updates or comments in days.
13 Apr 17, 09:51 AM
Tony: Let's try that in English. Americana with buegrass instrumentatio. Melancholy / laid back.
13 Apr 17, 09:49 AM
Tony: Sal: Mipso Coming Down the Mountain. Meloncholy Amerina with blugrass / acoustic instrumentation. What I would call rainy day music.
12 Apr 17, 10:43 AM
Sal: Tony, I do not either Mipso or Mispo. Should I?
11 Apr 17, 11:24 AM
Tony: Sorry, that is Mipso.
11 Apr 17, 10:50 AM
Tony: Sal: Are you familiar with Mispo? What are your thoughts?
8 Apr 17, 10:43 AM
Sal: http://ms003oc2.lunarbreeze.com/~burnw0/macasette.zip
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