7 Apr 20, 07:00 AM
M_Sharp: Turns out there was a 3-CD release with demos and rarities. https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/the-stairs-mexican-rnb-deluxe-digipak-edition/
6 Apr 20, 11:11 AM
Sal: You know, I didn't bother to listen. I assumed it was the album track. You're rigt M-Sharp, sounds demo-ey.
6 Apr 20, 10:58 AM
M_Sharp: This version of "Weed Bus" is harder than on their excellent "Mexican R&B" album. Is it a demo?
3 Apr 20, 09:27 AM
Troy: Oh, man. Bill Withers has passed away. RIP.
1 Apr 20, 08:25 PM
pmac: Ellis Marsalis has died due to the coronavirus
1 Apr 20, 05:44 PM
Shriner: Damn. Adam Schlesinger. :-( https://variety.com/2020/music/news/adam-schlesinger-coronavirus-dead-dies-1203552130/
1 Apr 20, 07:08 AM
Sal: Thx Tinpot! The Key is new to me. Looking forward to it.
31 Mar 20, 09:12 PM
tinpot: The Key
31 Mar 20, 09:12 PM
tinpot: Sorry, forgot that it gets updated. I meant the group featured on Sunday; The
31 Mar 20, 07:19 AM
Sal: tinpot, you mean Hendrix or the blog itself?
30 Mar 20, 04:37 PM
tinpot: http://albumsthatshouldexist.blogspot.com/
30 Mar 20, 04:37 PM
tinpot: These guys seem to be in your wheelhouse. I had never heard of them..
16 Mar 20, 06:07 AM
pmac: And, most of the clubs on Frenchman are now closed indefinetly. Some of the local musician are starting to do facebook live performances.
15 Mar 20, 09:53 PM
Troy: Saw my buddy Michael McDermott last night, one last time before everything goes on lockdown. Got an advance copy of his new CD, What in the World. OUTSTANDING. Hope you all check it out when released
15 Mar 20, 11:40 AM
Sal: Thx pmac. Expected that. And honestly relieved.
15 Mar 20, 08:35 AM
pmac: Although no official announcement yet, all but a done deal that Jazz Fest is being moved to Sept-Oct.
8 Mar 20, 10:27 AM
Dr Wu: Very much enjoying the new Sadler Vaden album. Thank you for the share, Kevin M.
6 Mar 20, 09:17 AM
kevin m: Anyone looking for a powe pop/Tom Petty kind of kick? Check out the new one from Sadler Vaden "Anybody Out There". His day job is guitarist for Jason Isbell but this solo release is a treat
25 Feb 20, 09:01 AM
Dave in MN: My copy of A Girl Called Eddy's "Been Around" hit my mailbox yesterday. Wow! Thanks again for posting about it!
22 Feb 20, 08:11 AM
Sal: John, I went to Sheepshead. Some called me Nunzy, as there were a few Sals in our group.
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