4 Jul 20, 10:57 PM
Bill: Yesterday I heard XTC's King for a Day at the grocery store. Either I'm getting old or the grocery store is getting hip...
4 Jul 20, 02:57 PM
kevin m: Just heard that Q magazine may be ending publication after 34 years. Very sad news; I've been a loyal reader since 1989. Fingers crossed that Mojo and Uncut can survive
30 Jun 20, 09:27 AM
pmac: https://www.newvelle-records.com/blogs/whats-new/newvelle-online-listening-sessions?mc_cid=ef7c88ba06&mc_eid=23f1ce1a3a
30 Jun 20, 09:27 AM
pmac: 8:30 pm EST tonight. Here's the link
30 Jun 20, 09:26 AM
pmac: FYI - Newvelle Records is hosting an online listening session re the new album it will be releasing by Ellis Marsalis
29 Jun 20, 03:04 PM
scott: cheeky neo glam from Wales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0WSmpYa2gM
26 Jun 20, 06:22 AM
Sal: What a disappointment.
25 Jun 20, 12:17 PM
Troy: Further investigation of the Newvelle website shows they do not plan to offer single LPs. That sucks.
25 Jun 20, 11:53 AM
pmac: What really get s me is that two of the artists are onlibne every day begging for $. I hope they got paid a flat fee upfront for thise recordings
25 Jun 20, 11:52 AM
pmac: Troy - thx! I really want those lps but not at that price.
25 Jun 20, 10:04 AM
Troy: I looked back at the FB post and realized the listening session was on the Newvelle website, not WWOZ.
25 Jun 20, 08:36 AM
pmac: Troy: Could not find any listening session in the OZ archives? YOu sure about th edate/time?
25 Jun 20, 06:31 AM
pmac: https://www.wwoz.org/listen/archive/
25 Jun 20, 06:30 AM
pmac: You can listen to the show last night here. I haven't heard it yet, but that's fing insane to only sell those records for $200.
24 Jun 20, 02:36 PM
Troy: I agree, but I suspect individual titles will be available down the road. If not, I''l d/l the rips.
24 Jun 20, 01:16 PM
Sal: Damn, Troy. A $200 box? NO individual titles? Nutty.
24 Jun 20, 11:01 AM
Troy: I was not able to listen last night. But there are details here: https://www.newvelle-records.com/collections/shop-newvelle/products/newvelle-new-orleans
24 Jun 20, 10:51 AM
Sal: Thx Troy. Any other details about the record?
23 Jun 20, 04:28 PM
Troy: Per WWOZ, listening session with Irma Thomas tonight @8:30ET. New album in Nov!
15 Jun 20, 12:36 PM
Troy: Great SOTD!
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