21 Feb 17, 09:03 AM
Tony: Larry Coryell RIP.
12 Feb 17, 02:12 PM
Jayessemm: Al Jarreau RIP #2017ihateyoualready
12 Feb 17, 09:24 AM
Tony: Sal: Was wondering if you've given the new Son Volt a pre-release listen?
11 Feb 17, 10:39 PM
Rodger: Sal, there are parts of the Wilson version that sound like the original, unfortunately. I found it to be an improvement. I'd still like him to work on Field Day!
10 Feb 17, 04:23 PM
Sal: Rodger, NO! I was really disappointed. After hearing what great work he has done with Yes and XTC, I couldn't wait for this, I found it very bland, almost muddy.
10 Feb 17, 12:04 PM
Ted: Thanks. New Prophet is great. He makes it all seem so effortless.
10 Feb 17, 09:01 AM
Rodger: Sal, did you find the Steve Wilson version of Chicago II to be an improvement over the original? It would be great to have Wilson take a shot at MC's Field Day!
9 Feb 17, 08:47 AM
Sal: Ted: Eat It should have been a single record, not a double. What's good is good and what's bad is BAD
9 Feb 17, 08:47 AM
Sal: tinpot- one pass thru Chuck P sounded good. Will give it the real listen this weekend.
8 Feb 17, 12:07 PM
tinpot: Sal, how's the new Chuck P album?
7 Feb 17, 02:54 PM
Ted: Thoughts on Eat It by Humble Pie?
6 Feb 17, 06:20 AM
Sal: David Axelrod, R.I.P. #2017ihateyoualready
1 Feb 17, 11:27 AM
Troy: WUWAM is pretty great. I just can't stand the title track, love the rest.
1 Feb 17, 09:48 AM
Tony: Just pulled out "Woke Up With A Monster." Thanks for reminding me how good it is. Was probably taking them "for granted" at this time and wasn't listening as closely as I should have been.
1 Feb 17, 07:41 AM
Sal: Deke Leonard, R.I.P. #2017ihateyoualready
1 Feb 17, 07:41 AM
Sal: Just "reissued," and was reminded how great that album was.
1 Feb 17, 07:40 AM
Sal: "Woke Up w/a Monster" was just reissues on vinyl and I forgot how great the record was.
1 Feb 17, 07:39 AM
Sal: Tony, love "Let Go" and "Ghost Town" from Lap Of Lux, but most of it sounds too much like the soundtrack to a John Hughes film. Real glossy production
31 Jan 17, 04:34 PM
Tony: Hey Sal: Just wondering how you would rate Cheap Trick's Lap of Luxury?
31 Jan 17, 08:07 AM
Sal: John Wetton, R.I.P. #2017ihateyoualready
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