26 Feb 21, 09:04 AM
shane: for people who like the gorillaz mixed with the specials https://youtu.be/u2PHgCuuX1A
24 Feb 21, 07:40 AM
Sal: I'll make that a defnite destination, pmac, on my next visit. Thx!
22 Feb 21, 04:38 PM
pmac: Sal - when things finally re-open, you need to go out to Fess'old house one Sat afternoon. They do gigs out front. Fess' daughter now owns it and has created a "house of memories." Its fantastic.
22 Feb 21, 01:08 PM
pmac: Thx guys. I'm going to go ahead and get it. Thx!
22 Feb 21, 10:43 AM
Sal: Troy & pmac, by Fess LP arrived. I think it's terrific.I love the sound quality. I prefer that authentic feel over something cleaned up. It's pretty great, as if you're in the living room with Fess.
22 Feb 21, 09:48 AM
Troy: All: Tips is hosting a free virtual record release party on Thurs at 8pm CT. Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83400648504
22 Feb 21, 09:11 AM
Troy: pmac- It was recorded in 1973 in Fess' living room by Quint Davis on a reel to reel. So it is not pristine, but it is much better than I expected. I have no complaints with it.
22 Feb 21, 06:21 AM
shane: also like this band....indo euro pop (maybe) or just indy synth music. Django Django https://youtu.be/ak3PuKKukd8
22 Feb 21, 06:14 AM
shane: here is a song from youtube https://youtu.be/irLX5BKsSZk
22 Feb 21, 06:13 AM
shane: a band that you may like.... The Nude Party......lots of influences shinning through...stones. for one...for some reason i also hear the world party (could be wrong).
22 Feb 21, 05:59 AM
pmac: Troy - how is the quality of the audio on the lp? The teaser that the Tips crew relased was not good so I held off ordering.
22 Feb 21, 05:57 AM
pmac: no idea he also did body repair. Lee did a great job on the car.
22 Feb 21, 05:57 AM
pmac: hpunch- I had a 75 Chevy Nova that sustained heavy body damage when a parade stand collapsed on top of it. I didn't have much $ back then, and a friend suggested Lee to me. I knew who he was, but had
20 Feb 21, 01:35 PM
Troy: Sal, I hope it shows up soon!
20 Feb 21, 09:52 AM
Sal: Troy, my Tips/Fess record has been touring the Jersey City post office for the last three days. happy to hear you're happy with it. Looking forward to it, once the mailmen get the shit together.
20 Feb 21, 08:17 AM
hpunch: PMAC please tell more about Lee Dorsey repairing your car. I know he never closed his shop
19 Feb 21, 05:45 PM
Troy: Got my first Tipitinas Record Club release today. Fess at Home is a remarkable release! Really well done!
18 Feb 21, 08:51 AM
kevin m: Anyone around here fans of Isreal Nash? I liked his 2018 release "Lifted" and so far enjoying the new tracks from his upcoming release
16 Feb 21, 12:08 PM
Troy: Great SOTD for Mardi Gras!
5 Feb 21, 03:27 PM
Sal: Yes Joe, from the forthcoming album "Space Force," Todd's second of collaborations.
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