20 Sep 17, 08:16 PM
DB: We need to do what is right, not focus on NIMBY items. Government employees are proud to do their jobs. Support them, don't discount them. Let's help them, not destroy them.
20 Sep 17, 08:12 PM
Stacy: My husband is PROUD to be a public employee! Protect him, his co-workers and our friends
20 Sep 17, 08:11 PM
JKMom: Yeah, my son wouldn't have a job if we weren't all focused on the future
20 Sep 17, 08:10 PM
BadogLT: About time we think about this: all politics are local
20 Sep 17, 08:09 PM
Kirt: Amen
20 Sep 17, 08:07 PM
Common Sense: Ginger S. Jeanne (Dave's unifetitified wife) Walsh, Nelson, Douglas Central Repubulicans? Douglas Democrats, Sierra Repulucian Woman: can we forget about National Politics and focus on OUR local needs? Do what WE need in OUR community. Stop playing national politics with OUR needs.
20 Sep 17, 06:58 PM
Kurt on leave: It's raining, which was not in the forecast I saw
20 Sep 17, 06:06 PM
Kurt on leave: Here's hoping he does the next one himself.
20 Sep 17, 06:06 PM
Kurt on leave: Da nada
20 Sep 17, 04:59 PM
Bob: Thanks for the WLT update, Kurt. And yes, sending him wishes for a speedy recovery. He sounds like he'd be like me as a patient. Not very happy.
20 Sep 17, 04:39 PM
JlMom2: ok i am out
20 Sep 17, 04:27 PM
JlMom2: glad WLT checked in. We have grown quite fond of him
20 Sep 17, 04:27 PM
JlMom2: yes, just work is NUTS and you know what I do so you know how bad it could get. lol
20 Sep 17, 04:23 PM
Kurt on leave: Are you OK JL?
20 Sep 17, 04:22 PM
Kurt on leave: I heard from WLT. He's still hurting but sends his best to all of us. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
20 Sep 17, 04:22 PM
JlMom2: not here, my head is spinning
20 Sep 17, 04:18 PM
Kurt on leave: Hey stuff working out. I love it.
20 Sep 17, 03:36 PM
JlMom2: I sent her an email
20 Sep 17, 03:26 PM
Reader: Yes, they do. I can mail you one, or else ask your "boss". Easy enough to do.
20 Sep 17, 03:24 PM
stacey: ok, I'm out, night all!
20 Sep 17, 03:21 PM
JlMom2: I will have to check on that
20 Sep 17, 03:17 PM
stacey: I thought volunteers got special parking passes
20 Sep 17, 03:13 PM
JlMom2: I don't have a ticket, I am a slave
20 Sep 17, 03:02 PM
Reader: So looks like you have to walk to the dinner dance but they will shuttle you back.
20 Sep 17, 03:02 PM
Reader: JL, from the website. Parking for the Dinner/Dance is in the Genoa Lane Parking Lot. The shuttle will be transporting guests to and from this parking lot up to and after the dance ends at 10 p.m. Parking is FREE to guests with Dinner/Dance Tickets. Guests who purchase tickets to the dinner/dance may enter the parking lot 4:00 p.m. SATURDAY — guests must have Dinner/Dance Ticket to show the lot attendant to park for free.
20 Sep 17, 01:23 PM
stacey: yep
20 Sep 17, 01:23 PM
JlMom2: tough
20 Sep 17, 01:23 PM
JlMom2: me too.. way out there is tought
20 Sep 17, 12:41 PM
stacey: sure hope WLT is ok
20 Sep 17, 12:07 PM
stacey: sure seems like it
20 Sep 17, 11:41 AM
JlMom2: The world is coming to the end!
20 Sep 17, 11:36 AM
JlMom2: BREAKING NEWS: A preliminary magnitude 6.1 earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan. http://abc7.la/2jLvbSH
20 Sep 17, 11:12 AM
Kurt on leave: The national conference is in November.
20 Sep 17, 11:12 AM
Kurt on leave: Going through jail report in commission packet I found this gem: The Douglas County Jail will receive the award for facility of the year from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care from among 500 prisons, jails, juvenile detention and confinement facilities that participate in the accreditation program.
20 Sep 17, 10:40 AM
BaddogLT: Some year we won't be doing home repairs and we might go again. But for the umpteenth year in a row - note to self, avoid Foothill & 395 this weekend
20 Sep 17, 10:40 AM
Bob: Do we have any consistent Uber or Lyft coverage here yet?
20 Sep 17, 10:38 AM
Kurt on leave: Though I recommend trying to get there earlier than later.
20 Sep 17, 10:37 AM
Kurt on leave: Depends on when you get in.
20 Sep 17, 10:35 AM
Bob: Also good info to know. Thanks JL.
20 Sep 17, 10:28 AM
JlMom2: Will I be able to get in to park anywhere near there?
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