07/26/17 04:12 AM
Debbie: Have a good day Lori and Heather!
07/25/17 06:26 PM
Debbie: https://debbiescreationz.blogspot.com/
07/25/17 06:25 PM
Debbie: More snags posted on my blog. Please PM me with suggestions :) https://debbiescreationz.blogspot.co
07/25/17 06:23 PM
Debbie: Happy Birthday Vel!!! :heart:
07/24/17 09:24 AM
Lori: Thanks Bee for the generous donation! And I also just saw the Summer sale too at PFD!!
07/24/17 08:51 AM
KittyKat: Bee donated us a tube for this also!!!
07/24/17 08:51 AM
KittyKat: New Post for Prizes!! http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t38314-post-for-prizes-july-24th-aug-6th
07/24/17 06:07 AM
Bee: PicsForDesign BIG SUMMER SALE! ALL TUBES -50%! (I saw some that weren't)
07/24/17 06:06 AM
Bee: Yes you csn Bev.
07/23/17 07:11 PM
bev: anyone thats using using postimage ? can you only delete 1 picture at a time ?
07/23/17 09:45 AM
KittyKat: We broke a recored yesterday with a high of 108! with the heat index, made it feel like 120!!!!!!
07/22/17 10:36 PM
Debbie: Hi and Goodnoght Brandy, Deana, Emmy and Maren!
07/22/17 06:32 PM
Lori: Here as well! I am in NC
07/22/17 02:20 PM
Sissy: Here too please!
07/22/17 11:42 AM
bev: here where I am also.. :confused:
07/22/17 11:38 AM
KittyKat: Someone seriously needs to turn the heat off where I live! lol
07/22/17 09:34 AM
LisMarie: TMT SignUp http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t38245-tag-my-theme-sign-ups-july-23-july-30#735725
07/21/17 06:16 AM
Bev: Weekend Challenge is posted
07/19/17 06:13 PM
Lori: LOL yep. :cool:
07/19/17 05:03 PM
bev: never mind DUH i get it that's how you add them in grumpbumpers LOL
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