09/22/17 01:08 PM
Debbie: Later....Have a good night at work!
09/22/17 01:00 PM
KittyKat: Gotta run now, bbl tonight sometime! Have a great day Chicks!!!!
09/22/17 12:57 PM
Debbie: :heart:
09/22/17 12:54 PM
KittyKat: :heart:
09/22/17 12:53 PM
Debbie: lol......We can do it!!!
09/22/17 12:50 PM
KittyKat: We can do this Debbie!! Even tho I have to leave for work in 10 mins lol
09/22/17 09:36 AM
Debbie: getting picked up......especially new members.
09/22/17 09:35 AM
Debbie: Plz check notification in the upper right corner. I am tagging members and tags arent
09/21/17 08:28 PM
Debbie: Night Ladies....Have a great Friday!!!! :)
09/21/17 05:48 PM
Debbie: Happy Birthday Vesta!!
09/21/17 01:35 PM
Debbie: :heart:
09/21/17 12:43 PM
JackieB: HIya Chicks!! Hope all are well. I"m gonna be around, in and out style.
09/21/17 06:08 AM
KittyKat: New Post for Prizes!! http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t38923-post-for-prizes-o-sept-21st-oct-8th
09/20/17 04:02 PM
Debbie: Feel better Kat!!! Thank you for my prezzie!!
09/20/17 02:58 PM
Kat4evr: Be back later, not feeling well due to migraines/cold gonna rest
09/20/17 02:58 PM
Kat4evr: Afternoon everyone, left some prezzies in Cluster thread and notified members.
09/20/17 12:05 PM
Vesta: Sorry have not been around much. Having knee problems again. Grrrr.
09/20/17 11:20 AM
Debbie: Happy Birthday Pink!!!!! :heart:
09/19/17 06:30 PM
Kat4evr: :whistle:
09/19/17 06:14 PM
Kat4evr: I'm sure alot has been changed
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