02/20/18 12:19 PM
Carolynz: it a little bit easier to get names? Thanks
02/20/18 12:19 PM
Carolynz: Hello , I was wondering if you have a "sign up" list for folks that would like tags? I find it makes
02/19/18 08:17 PM
Tinker: ive collec the challenges xx I be back tomorrow to edit tags once I get creative going lol xx
02/19/18 07:57 PM
Tinker: Be back in an hr .. going go watch tv show then I return xx
02/19/18 07:37 PM
Tinker: Good Evening I here to play but on the phone at the moment lol
02/19/18 06:11 PM
JILL: Snow! Snow! Snow! Our care is a white lump outside our back door. Can you say snowed in???
02/16/18 07:29 PM
Jani: Ooh I luv steampunk - thank you Melissa for your WWO
02/16/18 06:07 PM
Melissa: http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t40006-mechanical-beauty-av-tina
02/16/18 06:07 PM
Melissa: another wwo up for steampunk lovers
02/16/18 04:27 PM
bev: Weekend Challrnge http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t40003-weekend-challenge-feb-16th-to-the-
02/15/18 10:48 PM
Tinker: Left an important note http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t40001-just-heads-up#767807 cya tomorrow xx
02/15/18 09:33 PM
Tinker: Post an little I be back Sat-Sun to play xxx
02/14/18 11:47 AM
KittyKat: New Post for prizes posted! http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t39999-post-for-prizes-o-feb-14th-28t
02/14/18 12:08 AM
Tinker: Nightie Night I be back tomorrow to collect challenges.. as I play with the Valentine Challenges lol
02/13/18 07:03 PM
Tinker: Good Evening.. Deana the link u gave hon fails to work :(
02/12/18 09:50 PM
Tinker: tags an I share them with you all xx LOL xxx
02/12/18 09:50 PM
Tinker: I save link Bee I share tomorrow I have an # now lol for Pics for Designs an I made 6-7 Valentine
02/12/18 09:46 PM
Tinker: Just want to say Hi I'll in tomorrow to do the challenges after I get home from aobetics in the morn
02/10/18 05:43 PM
JILL: Woke up to snow this morning but it's pretty much all gone now.
02/10/18 02:38 PM
Karmin: Oh boy!! I'm going shopping thanks so much Deana.
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