07/17/18 08:06 AM
Tinker: I did a few of the weekly challenge enjoy I pull all nighter off to bed have a good day xx
07/17/18 06:37 AM
Tinker: Sorry I haven't been around I'm selling in PFD so it keeping me busy getting new kits create to sale
07/14/18 03:08 PM
Pvnkmoon: I hate when wifi is acting up! Glad you got in :)
07/14/18 12:14 PM
Dustyrose55: hello i finally got in my wifi was down
07/10/18 08:34 AM
JILL: Bev. Thanks for the location on that freebie Kit. Super to get a nice free one
07/08/18 07:17 PM
Vesta: Dealing with a few issues.
07/08/18 07:17 PM
Vesta: Oh wow! The new skin is awesome! Sorry I have not been around.
07/07/18 05:44 PM
Bev: FREE Kit from TTD http://tinyturtledesigns.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=1
07/06/18 01:35 PM
Pvnkmoon: PFD contest for July, so much fun! http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t40358-pfd-contest-o-july#77625
07/03/18 12:13 PM
Bev: Welcome Carmin :D
07/01/18 11:37 AM
Suzie: Happy Canada Day to everyone that is in Canada!!!
07/01/18 09:15 AM
KittyKat: Hiya Carmin!!!
07/01/18 08:57 AM
Carmin: hiya Chicks!!!
06/29/18 12:21 AM
Tinker: Good Morning have an blessed weekend n good night lol xx off to bed now xx
06/28/18 11:55 PM
Tinker: I share tuts uner Members Exclusive for Canada * Patriotic xx hope that okay xx
06/28/18 11:43 PM
Tinker: Good Morning
06/28/18 11:35 PM
Kathyfrances: Hello! ;)
06/27/18 09:20 AM
Carolyn: Happy Hump Day
06/23/18 10:16 AM
Tammy: awwww sparkle back at you !! :)
06/22/18 06:33 PM
JILL: I'm hoping you can all find the sparkles in your day! You all are what makes my day sparkle!
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