11/22/20 06:41 PM
Rose: @CodieGirl Tag pressies here https://www.the-creativechicks.com/f21-tag-prezzies
11/22/20 06:41 PM
Rose: I take any and all tags! Love them all.. But you could always offer in WWO? Or make random gifts and post in the tag pressies board :)
11/22/20 06:20 PM
CodieGirl: Is there a list of people that would love to get a tag? I have tags made but I don't have name of people that really want them.
11/22/20 03:56 PM
Rose: Hello Cloe! I got your pm. i had left went out shopping!! Sorry!!
11/22/20 01:57 PM
Cloe: Hi there! Hey Rose let me know you got the PM. If not please PM me. I'll be back tomorrow. :)
11/22/20 01:57 PM
Cloe: Hi there. :)
11/22/20 08:22 AM
Xtenziv: Hello Vesta, great to see you!~
11/21/20 09:32 PM
Shelly: Really hoping we can get some more taggers to sign up for Secret Santa: https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42846-secret-santa
11/20/20 11:41 AM
Vesta: Good morning! Long time, no see! LOL
11/19/20 01:06 PM
Cloe: Good morning, nice size to read. :)
11/18/20 08:53 PM
Jen: Hello Chicks, Just in case, you were trying to cli k the links under the Special Announcement for Secret Santa and Christmas Stocking the Links are working now!!
11/18/20 10:32 AM
sandy: I have two new WWOs up if anyone is interested https://www.the-creativechicks.com/f39-wwo-tag-offers
11/18/20 10:31 AM
sandy: I like this size too thank you!
11/18/20 01:28 AM
Shaz: The font does look easier to read now thank you
11/17/20 08:05 PM
Pat: I can read it better
11/17/20 07:24 PM
Jen: I know that some Members here was asking if we can make the Fonts bigger in the chatbox, how does this look? Can you all read it better.
11/17/20 05:03 PM
Jen: We have a New Member Join us, Lets Welcome Darlene to the Group https://www.the-creativechicks.com/f4-welcome-our-new-creative-chicks
11/17/20 04:16 PM
Rose: ugh and still not acting right!! very very slow loading
11/17/20 04:08 PM
Rose: ugh internet has been down :( Hope everyone is ok!
11/16/20 06:57 PM
Shelly: Just a heads up Our Birthday bash starts December 5th and goes until Dec.12th Our Christmas Event will start Dec.13th and runs until Christmas day. We are working on games, challenges and loads of prizes. Snaggers we haven't forgotten about you there are challenges with prizes for you too
11/16/20 06:53 PM
Shelly: Secret Santa Sign ups is posted here: https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42846-secret-santa
11/16/20 06:15 PM
Jen: Pat, Yes we do!! We love all our Participants that does them too. We are very much appreciate for you efforts too.
11/16/20 06:09 PM
Pat: To the Mod Ladies: You sure do put a lot of challenges, games, etc. on this forum...very much appreciated, thank you
11/16/20 05:07 PM
Jen: Hello Ladies I have Open Sign Up for Christmas Stockings. If you like to receive 25 random Christmas Stocking from me I need you to sign up now. Click on link https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42822-christmas-stockings-sign-up#824485
11/15/20 11:18 PM
Shaz: Pretty cool stuff being added thanks everyone
11/15/20 07:58 PM
Rose: Font Challenge Posted :D https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42848-creative-font-challenge-nov-16th-nov-29th#824634
11/15/20 07:41 PM
Rose: FIlter Challenge Posted! :D https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42847-creative-filter-challenge-nov-16th-nov-29th#824632
11/15/20 05:41 PM
sandy: yay new challenge day thank you!!
11/15/20 01:55 PM
Shelly: New Cluster Funk, Mask & Tutorial challenges are set
11/15/20 01:36 PM
Jen: Hey Chicks, click on link to see our new Feature for the forum https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42839-giphy
11/14/20 11:00 PM
Jen: Going to get off of here for a bit, be back later
11/14/20 08:32 PM
sandy: thanks for the link! postimage has been down all day, hate that!
11/14/20 06:10 PM
Jen: Just in case you want to know what website is down or not- click the link https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/
11/14/20 02:16 PM
Jen: Postimage really drives me in sane sometimes, the page is down, so you might see some images not there at the moment.
11/13/20 11:21 AM
Carolyn: Congrats Cloe! I missed that one but hen again you have to be present to play! Maybe next time! Have a great TGIF4
11/12/20 02:41 PM
Cloe: Yay! I won 2nd place! Thank you on the congrats! :)
11/12/20 08:57 AM
Shelly: Who ready for some fun?? We have 2 big events coming up in December. Our Birthday and our Christmas Event Details coming soon with Bingo sign up and Secret Santa sign ups so keep an eye out for them :biggrin:
11/11/20 08:28 PM
Jen: Hey chicks, we have new feature for members and staff to use. Click on this link https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42802-starred-forum#824175
11/11/20 11:21 AM
Jen: Click the Link to see who are the Winners of Our Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Congrats Ladies. https://www.the-creativechicks.com/p1034430-our-winners-for-halloween-scavenger-hunt
11/11/20 09:41 AM
Carolyn: WWO offer up https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42799-wwo-bottoms-up-kg#824132
11/10/20 10:01 PM
Cloe: Hi there! Thanks for the WB! :)
11/10/20 11:28 AM
Vesta: Hello, long time no chat! LOL Sorry I have not been around just dealing with yukky health issues but trying to get back onto psp.
11/10/20 07:05 AM
Shelly: Check out the beautiful offers in our WWO board https://www.the-creativechicks.com/f39-wwo-tag-offers
11/10/20 07:04 AM
Shelly: Welcome back Cloe
11/09/20 10:49 PM
Kathryn: Hi Cloe!
11/09/20 09:34 PM
Cloe: Hello there. I'm back from MIA. Hope all is well. :)
11/09/20 04:37 PM
Jen: The font size is only for the forum, chatbox is a totally different thing. Tweety will need to make the fonts bigger when she can log in to cbox account.
11/09/20 01:22 PM
Lori: Use the magnifying glass on top right of your browser. set it too 100% or whatever it looks good for you. I did it and the chatbox and lettering is just fine for me.
11/09/20 01:19 PM
Lori: I think Tweety has to do this. The font size does not work for this chatbox..... At least not on my browser.
11/09/20 12:55 PM
Shelly: you can change font size above chat box
11/09/20 12:03 PM
Diane: Is there someone who can make the chatbox bigger, you can hardly read the comments, thank syou
11/08/20 09:44 PM
Shelly: Check out this beautiful tag offer :: https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42775-wwo-barbara-jensen-tag
11/08/20 04:16 PM
Jen: Taggers come and do this Challenge it will be up for 10 more days https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42768-creative-chicks-template-challenge
11/08/20 03:19 PM
Jen: New Challenge Up https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42781-tag-that-artist-11-9-11-22#823839
11/08/20 01:02 PM
Jen: New Challenge https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42780-creative-chicks-tag-set-fenzy-challenge#823827
11/08/20 08:42 AM
Rose: Good Morning Chicks! Boy has it been a long week, finally have today off, but back to work tomorrow ugh! one day off is not enough! Lol
11/07/20 10:06 PM
Lori: Want to host your own Challenge? Sign up here: https://www.the-creativechicks.com/t42353-chicks-cho
11/05/20 05:01 PM
jenn-xo: Hey Chicks, just popping in quick to see whats up.
11/05/20 09:09 AM
Shelly: Welcome Maggan22 to the Creative Chicks
11/04/20 08:21 PM
Carolyn: it said both? But my first time posting I was able to for my "Always List
11/04/20 05:24 PM
Jen: @Carolyn its probably marked for u not to do it until 7 days. I see what I can Do
11/04/20 05:24 PM
Carolyn: Its probably sent for you not until 7 days, I will talk to the other staff for you to see what we ca
11/04/20 01:44 PM
Lori: Carolyn, I am not sure of what you mean.
11/04/20 08:47 AM
Carolyn: links or email for 7 days? It let me last time? Thanks
11/04/20 08:46 AM
Carolyn: Jen? or any management I am trying to upload my Alwys List tags and it says I can not post external
11/03/20 10:49 PM
Jen: I will announce the winners for the scavenger hunt this week
11/03/20 10:45 PM
Jen: Goodnight chicks, I need to get some sleep, gotta work in the morning.
11/03/20 10:22 PM
Jen: Let’s congratulate them for doing the contest.
11/03/20 10:22 PM
Jen: Click the link https://www.the-creativechicks.com/p1033807-winner-s-of-the-pumpkin-carving-contest
11/03/20 01:53 PM
Cloe: I posted in MIA. See you all when I get back. Have a good one. :)
11/03/20 12:58 PM
Cloe: Good morning CC! :)
11/03/20 12:58 PM
Cloe: I had same issue with Shelly. She had to PM me first.
11/03/20 12:57 PM
Cloe: Jen, PM me, easier that way, then I can send you my list.
11/03/20 07:07 AM
ten: gm, chicklettes! got our first snow yesterday!!
11/02/20 06:43 PM
fruity: its pretty in here
11/02/20 05:35 PM
Jen: @Cloe I did not get your pm
11/02/20 03:39 PM
Rose: did NOT want to spend almost my WHOLE day at work!! ugh
11/02/20 03:39 PM
Rose: Just got home from work.. yall im tired!! UGH!!
11/02/20 12:55 PM
Lori: New Monthly Challenges were posted early this morning! Come and play!
11/02/20 12:25 PM
Cloe: Hi
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