11/22/17 04:21 PM
Karmin: Xtenziv you have a tag from me to be picked up at the cluster challenge from Nov 12 - 19, thanks.
11/21/17 11:19 PM
Tinker: Thanksgiving Offers are made I bb tomorrow to post xx
11/21/17 10:26 PM
Tinker: Good Evening I here to post, make the tag offers but wait til my husband gets off the phone lol
11/21/17 09:17 PM
roseandlove: vanessa i am just Patty
11/21/17 02:49 PM
Vanessa: Hello Rose & Patty
11/21/17 11:57 AM
roseandlove: i am Patty
11/21/17 11:56 AM
roseandlove: hi everyone. i am still getting used to this.
11/21/17 10:12 AM
Lori: Hi Rose!
11/21/17 08:00 AM
KittyKat: Hiya Rose!
11/21/17 06:46 AM
roseandlove: hi tammykat.
11/20/17 10:16 PM
Karmin: Yes Tammy, I saw that thanks. Happy week yal !!!
11/20/17 09:50 PM
TammyKat: hello rose !
11/20/17 09:16 PM
roseandlove: hi
11/19/17 09:57 PM
LisMarie: http://www.the-creativechicks.com/t39274-post-for-prizes-o-oct-20th-nov-12th Not Over Yet!
11/18/17 01:13 PM
TammyKat: Each person has to accept it before it will show on your list. :)
11/17/17 04:16 PM
Karmin: Thanks Tammy I did it. It only accepted one nick but I will continue trying for the rest
11/17/17 04:10 PM
Karmin: Okis Tammy now I'm going to try it even though I already tried that but maybe I missed something,
11/17/17 02:18 PM
bev: There is a weekend Challenge posted
11/17/17 12:04 PM
TammyKat: Hey Karmin Just go to profile and then friends and foes and then you will see add friends box
11/17/17 09:12 AM
Karmin: Question.......How can I add my circle of friends in my profile? Thanks.
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