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23 Aug 19, 08:33 PM
Vanessa: -nods her head- That will give me time to finish unpacking and check that I have everything -smiles at him swimming in closer- Good you're buying -grins-
23 Aug 19, 08:26 PM
Ramiro: When I get back from Tokyo? -suggests with an arched brow and drifting closer to her- Yes
23 Aug 19, 08:21 PM
Vanessa: -laughs shaking her head- Oh you're probably right. You let me know when you want to -swims toward him- When we're done want to get something to eat?
23 Aug 19, 08:09 PM
Ramiro: We can wait until you feel the need to slap me if you want? -offers with a chuckle- I'd rather not tonight. It'll kill the whole ambiance we've got going on
23 Aug 19, 08:07 PM
Vanessa: You're voluntarily going to let me make you bleed -teases a bit and nods her head- Well we'll find him. We can do it tonight if you want
23 Aug 19, 08:03 PM
Ramiro: Lets try the blood. I don't have a picture of him -shaking his head- we aren't close
23 Aug 19, 07:59 PM
Vanessa: Because he's your twin. And I'm guessing he left without a word. And you want some piece of mind -splashes him a bit- What about a picture? Your blood is always an option too
23 Aug 19, 07:56 PM
Ramiro: Not a damn thing. -sighs- I dont even know why I care.
23 Aug 19, 07:53 PM
Vanessa: -and that's why caitie doesn't remember lmao- I have most of the things I need at home. Do you have anything of his?
23 Aug 19, 07:50 PM
Ramiro: -he did a whileeeeee ago- You will have to tell me what you need for the spell
23 Aug 19, 07:47 PM
Vanessa: -frowns a bit, not sure if she remembers him mentioning a twin, and gives him a small smile nodding- Yeah, Miro, you can count on me
23 Aug 19, 07:43 PM
Ramiro: He was around here, but I haven't seen or heard from him in a few months now.
23 Aug 19, 07:39 PM
Vanessa: -raises her brows- Your twin?
23 Aug 19, 07:28 PM
Ramiro: Finding my twin
23 Aug 19, 07:27 PM
Vanessa: -looks him over- Can I ask what for?
23 Aug 19, 07:19 PM
Ramiro: I need a possible location spell done. -looking away from her- I was wondering if I could count on you
23 Aug 19, 07:18 PM
Vanessa: -tilts her head a bit- ask me what?
23 Aug 19, 07:10 PM
Ramiro: You would like that -looks up as he chuckles- I wanted to ask you something
23 Aug 19, 07:08 PM
Vanessa: We would -swims towards him now- it rains there so much we might just have to stay in bed -wiggles her brows-
23 Aug 19, 07:01 PM
Ramiro: -starts to float backwards some more- And we would have a better time in London
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