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12 Jan 20, 08:14 PM
Safiya: You don't look very shady though -tilts her head to the side and pauses when they come over to help them and she smiles, making herself smaller but continuing the conversation as they order food-
12 Jan 20, 08:02 PM
Volkner: absolutely, of course the one I found was across the ocean, but I would be happy to help you find such a person here, I have connections to the shadier side
12 Jan 20, 08:00 PM
Safiya: Perhaps this is something I can do?
12 Jan 20, 07:59 PM
Volkner: Well yes and no, there is always room for bargaining and bartering in the realm of the illegal
12 Jan 20, 07:57 PM
Safiya: Did it cost you a small fortune? -looks surprised before taking a seat- Thanks
12 Jan 20, 07:54 PM
Volkner: -already looking around for a table and spotting one that is not so out of the way to be ignored but also not mid-restaurant he heads that way slowly so as to guide Safiya there- I found someone that knew how to create them -pulls her chair out for her daftly-
12 Jan 20, 07:51 PM
Safiya: Oh you mentioned the grocery because that is where you work. How did you get your identity?
12 Jan 20, 07:46 PM
Volkner: My primary job is as a stock boy at the grocery store..so no
12 Jan 20, 07:44 PM
Safiya: -stares at him for a moment- ..Are you bragging? -steps inside the Grill to join him though-
12 Jan 20, 07:37 PM
Volkner: I will pay, because I have a job, and money, and you have no job -opens the door for them- and it's just nice
12 Jan 20, 07:35 PM
Safiya: -looks him over with uncertainty before looking back at the grill- ..I am hungry, yes. You will pay even though there is uncertainty? -chewing on her lower lip as she considers this- we can eat together
12 Jan 20, 07:33 PM
Volkner: Well I find that you can verify the monstrosity of a person by getting to know them. Are you hungry? I will pay?
12 Jan 20, 07:31 PM
Safiya: You do not seem like a monster, but your kind have not been kind to me. Or my friends.
12 Jan 20, 07:30 PM
Volkner: they owned a cafe and let me live above it and fed me, for the small price of working in the cafe -looks back- were you wanting company?
12 Jan 20, 07:29 PM
Safiya: Like the people who have chosen to take you in. -nods and stops outside of the grill to turn and look at him-
12 Jan 20, 07:23 PM
Volkner: -pauses in his steps and ponders things- okay, it is, but I see the value in things when there is value to be seen
12 Jan 20, 07:23 PM
Safiya: Are you certain this is not your default?
12 Jan 20, 07:18 PM
Volkner: about that, yes
12 Jan 20, 07:17 PM
Safiya: You are very pessimistic
12 Jan 20, 07:14 PM
Volkner: and hope the parents don't undo all you did when it is your day off
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