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23 Nov 17, 12:10 AM
Asher: Yes, yes it is -smiles- we'll take your car yeah? -grabs his jacket to head out-
23 Nov 17, 12:08 AM
Ace: It's a date then - he tells him -
23 Nov 17, 12:06 AM
Asher: -smiles- I like that idea a lot
23 Nov 17, 12:03 AM
Ace: I was thinking you should let me take you out for dinner and see where the night goes from there
23 Nov 17, 12:01 AM
Asher: -steps back and shakes his head- it's like you don't know me at all! -jokes- what did you have in mind
22 Nov 17, 11:58 PM
Ace: -laughs - because that happens so often. I'll have you know I've only ended up in a jail cell once and that wasn't even a whole night thing
22 Nov 17, 11:57 PM
Asher: because I suspect jailtime or worse -jokes-
22 Nov 17, 11:52 PM
Ace: Why do you look like I'm going to suggest something that involves the potential for jail time or worse?\
22 Nov 17, 11:51 PM
Asher: Ah no, no I don't -arches a brow speculatively-
22 Nov 17, 11:50 PM
Ace: Do you have plans for tonight?
22 Nov 17, 11:46 PM
Asher: good, I'm glad
22 Nov 17, 11:40 PM
Ace: You know I've felt a lot of things with you, judged is not one of them
22 Nov 17, 11:39 PM
Asher: I don't want you to feel judged
22 Nov 17, 11:34 PM
Ace: - he chuckles softly - you don't sound convinced
22 Nov 17, 11:32 PM
Asher: -seems to think about this for a moment- Yes?
22 Nov 17, 11:31 PM
Ace: -chuckles softly - would you believe me if I told you you're the first man I've said that too?
22 Nov 17, 11:28 PM
Asher: great -beams-
22 Nov 17, 11:23 PM
Ace: I said it because I meant it Asher - he tells him, his tone a little more seriously - I do love you, - he tells him - I'm not one of those people who tells people that just because I can, if I say it I mean it
22 Nov 17, 11:21 PM
Asher: -amused- So...you didn't just say you loved me as just, you know, a saying, like...I don't know how to describe what I mean here
22 Nov 17, 11:18 PM
Ace: Well happy obviously - he says with a laugh as he scratches his jaw - but not like... I dunno.. Look we're working on the details thing first, then my inability to express my feelings with words, one thing at a time here - he tells him with a chuckle, very much teasing -
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