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20 Feb 19, 09:42 PM
Vanessa: -chuckles a bit and enters her number before sending her a text so she has her number- There -smiles at her- Can you tell me a bit about Greece while we finish dinner? -eats some cheese fries-
20 Feb 19, 09:36 PM
Amaris: -frowns for a second before remembering to pull her phone out and checks the back of it for a sticker shes got on it with her number on it, showing it to her- That's my number. I have forgotten it more times than I remember it
20 Feb 19, 09:34 PM
Vanessa: Oh! Phone number would be great -pulls out her phone ready to take down her number-
20 Feb 19, 09:32 PM
Amaris: Is there a place you would like to meet? Or perhaps we can exchange phone numbers?
20 Feb 19, 09:28 PM
Vanessa: Thank you -says quietly- I really, really appreciate it
20 Feb 19, 09:24 PM
Amaris: March 6th then, I will be sure that I keep my evening clear then
20 Feb 19, 09:21 PM
Vanessa: -smiles widely- I would love that -gushes-
20 Feb 19, 09:16 PM
Amaris: Yes, of course. You won't have any negative effects upon me
20 Feb 19, 09:13 PM
Vanessa: -eyes light up a bit- Really?
20 Feb 19, 09:05 PM
Amaris: You can spend it with me, if you like -offers quietly-
20 Feb 19, 08:59 PM
Vanessa: I would appreicate that -smiles a bit- It doesn't have to be right now or even any time soon. I have gotten accustom to being alone on new moons
20 Feb 19, 08:55 PM
Amaris: I could certainly try. I'm not at the strength I was over two thousand years ago, but there is nothing to prevent me from trying. And if I fail, it just might take a season for me to have enough juice to manage it. The moon is under my power. I have cursed people in the past, and I have healed others.
20 Feb 19, 08:49 PM
Vanessa: You could lift my curse?
20 Feb 19, 08:47 PM
Amaris: I can help you, if they don't. You need not ask permission.
20 Feb 19, 08:44 PM
Vanessa: I don't think walking my own path is a convincing way to get the ancestors to lift my curse
20 Feb 19, 08:40 PM
Amaris: It is okay to walk a path that is your own
20 Feb 19, 08:36 PM
Vanessa: -chews through her food thinking- No, no. I don't mind. Most people don't know how to be frank these days. Perhaps I should reconsider. That's just how I was raised
20 Feb 19, 08:31 PM
Amaris: That sounds counterproductive and like it would give them and you a bad name. I should not be so frank, but I think you should reconsider why you would even pray to them or ask them permission for anything
20 Feb 19, 08:28 PM
Vanessa: Yes -glances a her hands making fists for a moment before grabbing her burger to take a bite-
20 Feb 19, 08:25 PM
Amaris: ...And your ancestors cursed you with that?
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