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20 May 18, 07:26 AM
Atropa: *nod* Can't see a problem with you reapplying. :)
20 May 18, 07:27 AM
cos: I think I'd go with a new char tbh, it would be a fresh start and all
20 May 18, 07:28 AM
Atropa: Yeah, might be easier that way
20 May 18, 07:28 AM
cos: there's a lot that's been muddled with Lacie and Ari
20 May 18, 07:28 AM
Atropa: Muddled?
20 May 18, 07:29 AM
cos: like their muses are just muddled
20 May 18, 07:29 AM
cos: Lacie's gone, I didn't reapp her when I came back last time, and Ari went soemwhere which was all well and good, but I can't really pick up from that place bc in my head he's back to innocent again
20 May 18, 07:30 AM
Atropa: Ah okay
20 May 18, 07:35 AM
cos: yeah, it's weird lol
20 May 18, 08:07 AM
Narchy: Been there before lol
20 May 18, 09:19 AM
Andy: Yaaaay!!! Come back into mah aaarms
20 May 18, 09:29 AM
Narchy: lol
20 May 18, 09:34 AM
SheLurks: <3
21 May 18, 02:47 PM
Atropa: Tired and boooored.
22 May 18, 11:39 AM
Andy: Today I had to show my drivers lisence. As I did, I happily told the receptionist that it was new cause I lost the old one. Then I walked out of the place and 3 minutes later they call me saying I left my drivers liscense at the desk. Why am I trusted with things
22 May 18, 11:43 AM
SheLurks: lmao <3
22 May 18, 11:46 AM
Andy: I was gonna ask if they hired but now I'm glad I forgot. I'll do it sometime when I don't stupid all over the place huhuhu
22 May 18, 12:13 PM
SheLurks: I need to get a new social security card, I either didnt get it back the last time I used it or I accidentally washed it in the laundry and the dryer ate it.
22 May 18, 12:13 PM
SheLurks: its just a matter of getting a ride to the town where I need to get it from
22 May 18, 01:26 PM
SheLurks: I'm trying to decide if I should post to the prom thread again or wait a few days until Gil is back from vaca

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