13 May 18, 08:04 PM
Rach: Hi Lucien! I have a new layout! Hope your well! <3 :)
13 May 18, 03:08 PM
Valoniya: Hey there! Hope you're doing fine. :) <3
6 May 18, 10:18 PM
Vivo: Its okay! Thank you so much! <3
6 May 18, 05:39 PM
Vivo: i changed my ssl certificate, so my website is secure xD that means https.
6 May 18, 05:38 PM
Vivo: no
5 May 18, 11:56 PM
Vivo: Hello! Please change my url to https://design.miaumaumau.de ! <3
28 Apr 18, 11:10 AM
Valoniya: Hey Dear, oh thanks! I like your site too, interesting colors! *_* Yeah sure, i'll link you soon <3
9 Apr 18, 03:55 PM
Rose: Hey Lucien! How have you been?
5 Apr 18, 07:15 AM
Melisa: but him to design like i did but it he say no it's no so I got him to do a view art work on DA lol
5 Apr 18, 07:14 AM
Melisa: and life still got in the way but its a on and off time now plus this web page was to puch not me
5 Apr 18, 07:14 AM
Melisa: lol and thats so old school lol so I decided to watch a view this year which i was happy but work
5 Apr 18, 07:13 AM
Melisa: it was my first anime after such a long time all I was looking at too cool myself down was inyasha
5 Apr 18, 07:13 AM
Melisa: I tried to watch a view new animes like my main layout design and just to say
5 Apr 18, 07:11 AM
Melisa: wow! didn't now that he'll be impress thanks
5 Apr 18, 02:37 AM
Brandi: I love the new look i-sis! ♥
3 Apr 18, 04:29 AM
Cassandra: Hi! Love the new look, looks very cute~!
27 Mar 18, 03:21 AM
Melisa: ok I let my son watch all that and more he's hook on One Piece it will take him into college lol
27 Mar 18, 03:20 AM
Melisa: wow!! I haven't watch gb since goham got freezer that's how long I haven't look back lol but that's
26 Mar 18, 05:03 AM
Melisa: gb super i'm like what's that lol it's so completed i told ok ok go back!! ahahaha
26 Mar 18, 05:02 AM
Melisa: simple but great top the meaning behind it is great! my nephew came in the room talking about
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