03/04/13 07:22 PM
Kelsey ;; WoaH Admin: I do apologize, I am going to remove your banner due to inactivity, feel free to reapply.
03/03/13 10:16 PM
Kelsey ;; WoaH Admin: Hey guys, thought I would let you know that your aff. button keeps crashing on our site and just shows up the words, not the image. I've fixed it multiple times but it keeps crashing.
02/18/13 01:20 AM
Terry: Was visiting halfgods out of nostalgia and clicked here. Sweet new site, Emily! Though I don't really know what it's about
02/12/13 09:47 AM
Star: ello & I don't know
02/12/13 06:54 AM
Emily: Hey ^.^
02/11/13 11:19 PM
-isley: sup?
02/11/13 08:19 PM
Emily: xD Why don't you sleep?
02/11/13 05:07 PM
Star: so sleepy
02/08/13 05:00 PM
Chauncy: That's something good at least!
02/07/13 08:04 PM
Emily: :D at least in v5, moved threads still have the same link.
02/04/13 10:54 PM
Chauncy: Night! o/
02/04/13 10:51 PM
Emily: I'm gonna call it a night, I have school tomorrow >.< talk to you tomorrow! Night!
02/04/13 10:44 PM
Chauncy: Ah, that is true too.
02/04/13 10:36 PM
Emily: I hope so, but there probably won't be any tutorials until they get most of the major plugins and codes down.
02/04/13 10:33 PM
Chauncy: Indeed! Within a week, I am sure they'll be tutorials!
02/04/13 10:27 PM
Emily: Pfft, yeah. I saw some people were all excited for more control of modifying the structure, but it's more work for the clueless, xD
02/04/13 10:23 PM
Chauncy: Who even /approved/ that idea? I do not envy the angry letters they'll receive!
02/04/13 10:22 PM
Emily: the support aren't being answered to.
02/04/13 10:22 PM
Emily: What pisses me off is that the v5 site is under maintenance, like, "we'll just let you figure this out by yourself, you're welcome." Hopefully the site opens again soon; the help-seeking threads on
02/04/13 10:16 PM
Chauncy: True, true! You have plenty of time to work the kinks out
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