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23 Apr 18, 07:35 PM
Rune: Well my faculty char got approved so i'm looking forward to helping with academy RP when the kidnap event is over
23 Apr 18, 06:47 PM
Wendi: and I'm waiting on more replies for Europe before I can reply for Seraph.
23 Apr 18, 06:44 PM
Wendi: Well I can't post Sofia until I get a reply to her question....and it looks like Gwen's the only Academy chick there...
23 Apr 18, 08:31 AM
Rune: Keep it up, Wendi! And yeah Masa its def entertaining that's for sure
23 Apr 18, 08:07 AM
Masamune: Good going Wendi! And Rune, sounds like he has found it to me
23 Apr 18, 05:59 AM
Wendi: ..on the plus side, I'm down about 8 pounds since I started about a month ago
23 Apr 18, 05:59 AM
Wendi: It's days and weeks like this where I hate my life. -_- I barely have any free time whatsoever between hubby wanting to do stuff, work, and working out at the gym to try and lose weight....
22 Apr 18, 11:14 PM
Rune: Think my DM's lost his mind. He gave our Chaos Sorcerer a ring that lets him alter spell effects by changing one letter in the spell's name. This resulted in a Thunderslap and a Cone of Told thus far. My paladin aak for a Heward's Handy Haversack and was sold a Street Sharks backpack. Totally jawsome.
22 Apr 18, 09:07 PM
Last_Photon: It's my second to last week before finals. Anyway, I'll post something soon (next day or so) once I don't have six papers due in the next twenty four hours.
22 Apr 18, 02:18 PM
Caesar: lol ... no worries
22 Apr 18, 02:18 PM
Rune: Turns out I double posted instead. No respect for flood control.
22 Apr 18, 02:18 PM
Caesar: there you go ... removed the 2 not worthy version
22 Apr 18, 02:17 PM
Caesar: lol
22 Apr 18, 02:14 PM
Rune: Maybe
22 Apr 18, 01:22 PM
Caesar: are you going to do it a third time?
22 Apr 18, 01:22 PM
Caesar: :rofl:
22 Apr 18, 01:18 PM
Rune: Man that's two in a row! :burn: HE'S ON FIRE :onfire:
22 Apr 18, 11:27 AM
Caesar: okay folks .. I know I did not post Narrations until Wednesday so I am willing to wait until next weekend to post the next Narration which will probably be the start of the next Issue .... I will check back later this afternoon/evening to see if anymore have posted ... BTW, there is a Runy by the man himself in Europe
21 Apr 18, 07:11 PM
Sabine: I forgot just how in depth Sabine's bio was
21 Apr 18, 07:02 PM
Caesar: lol
21 Apr 18, 07:02 PM
Sabine: That might take days lol
21 Apr 18, 07:02 PM
Caesar: put your feet up and read
21 Apr 18, 07:01 PM
Sabine: Need to review Sabine... been a while
21 Apr 18, 07:01 PM
Caesar: have a look around
21 Apr 18, 07:00 PM
Caesar: you are welcome
21 Apr 18, 07:00 PM
Sabine: Thanks for the redirect, btw
21 Apr 18, 06:59 PM
Caesar: absolutely
21 Apr 18, 06:59 PM
Sabine: Nice to see this place is still around
21 Apr 18, 06:59 PM
Caesar: Welcome back, Sabine
21 Apr 18, 06:59 PM
Sabine: :wave:
21 Apr 18, 06:34 PM
Caesar: :hellocomp2:
21 Apr 18, 02:08 PM
Caesar: :rofl:
21 Apr 18, 02:08 PM
Caesar: LOL
21 Apr 18, 09:46 AM
Jules: Wise wise decision
20 Apr 18, 03:50 PM
Rune: Hmm idk I think he has better things to do tonight than die
20 Apr 18, 03:45 PM
Caesar: I dare you to have him pat Sam or Jules on the pigu
20 Apr 18, 03:44 PM
Rune: Maybe I should introduce his sensitive side
20 Apr 18, 03:43 PM
Rune: Lol
20 Apr 18, 03:04 PM
Caesar: dude .. Icarus is so rude and full of himself ... he may just have to expect Aura to coldcock him with an increased density fist
18 Apr 18, 06:16 PM
Caesar: eating dinner then Narrations
18 Apr 18, 03:20 PM
Caesar: jinkies Runy
18 Apr 18, 01:11 PM
Jules: We don't call it a Runy for nothin' xD
17 Apr 18, 05:48 PM
Rune: Chris posted for Andreas but I fixed it.
17 Apr 18, 01:16 PM
Jules: Damnit what?
16 Apr 18, 05:47 PM
Rune: Damnit
15 Apr 18, 05:00 PM
Wendi: and just finished LA. :D
15 Apr 18, 04:50 PM
Wendi: and I posted in Europe...so I'm just missing LA
15 Apr 18, 04:49 PM
Wendi: yeah. Why can't we all just escape into the fantasy/sci-fi worlds that we love? :(
15 Apr 18, 04:40 PM
Caesar: I know ... Real life happens
15 Apr 18, 04:39 PM
Wendi: *kicks life in the butt* Sorry, but I was at a Japan Festival for the past 7-8 hours walking around and getting photos of me in cosplay.... *shame* I'll go and make my rounds, although I was waiting on more people,...
15 Apr 18, 02:41 PM
Caesar: okay folks ,,, no one but Jules has posted in LA ... no one but Wendi has posted for the Academy ... I'll give people 24 more hours than put my Narrations
12 Apr 18, 06:11 AM
Wendi: Exactly! XD
11 Apr 18, 10:33 PM
Masamune: Like an SVU SUV?
11 Apr 18, 06:15 AM
Wendi: Unless it's a vehicle with the letters SVU on it... :P
10 Apr 18, 09:26 AM
Last_Photon: Okay, whoo. I was trying to an image of an SVU vehicle, and wasn't having any luck online.
10 Apr 18, 05:31 AM
Caesar: yes, LP ... I meant SUV
9 Apr 18, 08:45 PM
Rune: Must've been thinking of Andreas's PB
9 Apr 18, 08:41 PM
9 Apr 18, 07:56 PM
Wendi: I swear I will post in the Academy with Gwen....I just gotta figure out if I want her to get a bit more testy, or have her back off.
9 Apr 18, 07:22 PM
Last_Photon: C, in the LA post, did you mean SUV, not SVU?
9 Apr 18, 05:52 PM
Rune: Have a good one!
9 Apr 18, 05:49 PM
Caesar: Narration posts up ... I'm off to dinner
9 Apr 18, 05:47 PM
Caesar: :facepalm:
9 Apr 18, 05:47 PM
Last_Photon: It really is.
9 Apr 18, 05:47 PM
Rune: Stealthing is hard
9 Apr 18, 05:44 PM
Caesar: I saw ... am taking it into account as I post LA's Narration
9 Apr 18, 05:44 PM
Rune: Posted to LA
9 Apr 18, 01:54 PM
Rune: Who
9 Apr 18, 05:40 AM
Wendi: I have been completely out of wrestling for many years...not since the greats were in it: Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior...
8 Apr 18, 02:15 PM
Masamune: Yeah, the Final Deletion and the build up between the Hardys was when it was at it's best imo, the current version's alright but not quite as good, whether that's just cos it's not as fresh idk
8 Apr 18, 12:57 PM
Rune: I like the hardy brand matches, vignettes, and characters, but Matt's laughing promos get on my nerves
8 Apr 18, 12:40 PM
Masamune: Righto, catch ya later boss
8 Apr 18, 12:40 PM
Caesar: Masa, if you wanted to post for any of your characters at the Academy ... you are certainly welcome to do so
8 Apr 18, 12:39 PM
Caesar: hey all .. my presence has been requested earlier than expected so I will be doing Narrations tomorrow ... this gives everyone 24 more hours to get in your posts
8 Apr 18, 12:09 PM
Caesar: I was never a big fan of his Broken character idea ... but he got traction with the fans with it, especially in Impact .... what is encouraging though is Vince has given him free rein to do what he wants
8 Apr 18, 12:08 PM
Masamune: Out of interest, what's your take on what Matt Hardy's doing atm?
8 Apr 18, 12:07 PM
Masamune: I know what you mean, Trips has been making some great calls with NXT, love to see that transition to the main roster
8 Apr 18, 12:05 PM
Caesar: I am actually looking forward to when Triple H takes over for Vince ... although knowing Vince, he have an AI copy of his brain stick around to demand things be done his way
8 Apr 18, 12:05 PM
Caesar: yeah .. I'm thinking with EC3 and Ricochet being signed that Triple H is trying to revive certain old school things about wrestling
8 Apr 18, 12:04 PM
Masamune: I hear ya, there just doesn't seem to be any focus on it, I'd love see it be like TNAs X-Division was at it's peak when it was one of their biggest attractions
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