8 Jan 19, 11:41 PM
Tia: I wish they didn't close this site :(
8 Jan 19, 11:41 PM
Tia: I know how you feel, Jojo
2 Jan 19, 12:37 AM
jojo: i don't want to lose everything ive worked on and start from scratch
2 Jan 19, 12:37 AM
jojo: i planned to get all of my things the last week of dec while i was on vacay and the boards been offine since before the cutoff date. can anyone help?
2 Jan 19, 12:36 AM
jojo: wow my first message didn't send
2 Jan 19, 12:36 AM
jojo: Can anyone help
28 Dec 18, 06:49 PM
essi: if an admin comes on or someone emails them, they can downgrade the board so that it's no longer premium and people will have access for a day or two more.
28 Dec 18, 03:36 AM
randa: the board is inaccessible NOW because of the subscription run out.
27 Dec 18, 10:48 AM
KATHY: The annoucement is a bit small but it's above the log in form when you get onto the site
27 Dec 18, 10:47 AM
KATHY: We have an email address that is listed in the little mini announcement that was made that you can contact and we'll be happy to grab whatever you forgot to.
26 Dec 18, 11:44 PM
marie: is there any way to make the board inaccessible after january? with hwo crazy the holiday season is, i'm sure a lot of us haven't been able to grab our stuff
26 Dec 18, 09:14 PM
mygoldenmare: omg, i am so sorry to hear that! ty for the update
26 Dec 18, 09:10 PM
KATHY: Candyland Couture has closed down
26 Dec 18, 09:10 PM
KATHY: Board*
26 Dec 18, 09:09 PM
KATHY: Just a reminder to everyone to grab their things before the noard becomes inaccessible in January
26 Dec 18, 08:52 PM
mygoldenmare: hi, why is cc offline?
12 Dec 18, 04:06 PM
sylvia: if you scroll down on the site, you'll see the affiliates section underneath the offline message/login area. the bottom right one has resource site links. shadowplay is one of them!
7 Dec 18, 06:51 PM
aj: sorry staff but some ppl dont really know a lot of the other resorces
7 Dec 18, 06:50 PM
aj: we code
6 Dec 18, 03:48 PM
aislinn: i'd definitely recommend Shadowplay!
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