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20 May 18, 09:25 AM
Occisor: -Rolls in-
19 May 18, 09:47 PM
Bird: mostly because i can do this now XD
19 May 18, 09:47 PM
Bird: i missed wifi the most o.o
19 May 18, 09:32 PM
nyx phone: I may have to stick to phone posts tho. My keyboard just hurts so bad
19 May 18, 09:22 PM
Bird: I am doing rather well, Occi! just got back from the mountain not too long ago
19 May 18, 09:21 PM
Bird: yaaay!
19 May 18, 09:16 PM
nyx phone: ack I may try to come back kn the next few days
19 May 18, 08:50 PM
Occisor: Good i guess. You?
19 May 18, 08:50 PM
Bird: how are you?
19 May 18, 08:49 PM
Occisor: Hello there.
19 May 18, 08:34 PM
Bird: *peeks in*
19 May 18, 08:31 PM
lunarcat7: night all! we've leveled up!
19 May 18, 08:18 PM
lunarcat7: -sneaks in and pats- yea I was wondering why no one was responding to that thing. I kind of gave up ngl xD
19 May 18, 07:53 PM
Bluetick: -looks to see if there is anymore mandatory posts that need done before bed-
19 May 18, 06:35 PM
Bluetick: I can't believe I slipped up on the Abaven pack hunt -cries- How could I forget to reply!!
19 May 18, 06:26 PM
Bluetick: Okay no problem Mon :)
19 May 18, 05:52 PM
Monster: If you want I can start some later, I'm just busy getting distracted from one post every five minutes x.x
19 May 18, 05:52 PM
Monster: sounds great c:
19 May 18, 05:18 PM
Bluetick: Oh and we should do threads for Razi x Zinnia & Bog x Zinnia so she can get to know the two of them ^^
19 May 18, 05:17 PM
Monster: cool :D
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