04/21/18 09:39 AM
plybunny898: :br: :wc1: home buggy from your favorite wabbit
04/17/18 04:17 PM
DynoD3: Happy Birthday Old :hb3:
04/17/18 02:34 PM
rogers4x: :hb3: OLD!!!! I Hope You Have An Awesome Special Day!!! Roses Please Join Us For Old's Birthday Tour At 5 pm In Hogs This Evening ~ Tour Winner Will Win 5,000 Buxs. Best Of Luck To All!!!! :fun1:
04/17/18 12:49 PM
plybunny898: :hb1: :hb2: old from :br: fluffy
04/17/18 05:52 AM
Prinbear: :hb2: Happy Birthday Keith
04/09/18 04:48 PM
DynoD3: Happy Birthday Brook <3 :hb2:
04/09/18 01:46 PM
rogers4x: :hb1: BROOK!!!!! I Hope You Have An Awesome Special Day!!!! Please Join Us Tonight At 8 pm In Canasta (Master/Jokers and Twos) For Brooks Birthday Tour ~ 5000 Buxs To The Winner!!!
04/01/18 04:09 PM
rogers4x: Happy Easter Roses!!!! Mix and Match Badges For The Winners Of My Tours Tonight 6 pm Mahjong Safari, 7 pm DCR/NA, 7:30 DCR/Auction and 8 pm Lost Temple Poker
04/01/18 03:59 PM
DynoD3: Happy Birthday Ash and Rob :hb2:
04/01/18 02:44 PM
AzureSky89: Happy Easter Roses! Coming for your chocolate in Hogs tonight (through the screen :tngfll: ) :lfape:
04/01/18 02:29 PM
Prinbear: :hb2: Jam the April Fools Baby
04/01/18 12:43 PM
DynoD3: Happy Easter Roses :lvarw:
04/01/18 10:49 AM
Prinbear: :br: Happy Easter Roses
04/01/18 09:25 AM
plybunny898: :br:
04/01/18 09:24 AM
plybunny898: :gm3: :gm2: Happy Easter to My rose Family From the Easter Rabbit
04/01/18 09:00 AM
03/31/18 03:55 PM
rogers4x: :hb3: Rob and Ashley ~ I Hope Yall Both Have An Awesome and Fantastic Birthday!!!
03/31/18 03:54 PM
rogers4x: :88: To Who All Jumped My 8000th Tour Last Night!!! WTG Azure On Winning The Tour, 8000 Buxs and a Mix and Match Badge. Love My Roses!!!!
03/30/18 06:47 PM
DynoD3: WTG on 8000 Rog <3 :88:
03/30/18 04:10 PM
AzureSky89: :flwr1: WTG ON 8000 TOURS ROG :bbls:
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