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DSPat: Night all in advance!
DSPat: Nihal hasn't giggled tonight
DSPat: Is she the real Nihal?
Emily: goodnight everyone!
Sarah: Night George and Nihal. Good to have you back x
Zoi: Goodnight everyone~
GFT George: thank you very, very much!
GFT Nihal: lol Pat, it is only the first show so I stayed serious, all in good time my friend :)
DSPat: You shall reveal yourself soon!
GFT George: have a great night! we hope to "see" you next week for our birhtday show
GFT Nihal: Thank you all for being here tonight :) Have yourselves a fantastic week ahead :)
DSPat: Fates Warning... another one of those bands I don't much about
bj̈b: Yes. One I've meant to listen to.
GFT George: not crazy about them, but they have some good moments
DSPat: This tune sounds great... from The Theories of Flight?
GFT George: yes
GFT George: this is a very good one!
DSPat: Will have a listen tomorrow
GFT George: how was the mic sounding? any better than last year or it was the same s@@@?
DSPat: Very sexy
GFT George: come on! bee serious pls. we changed a few things, that's why i'm asking
GFT George: :P
DSPat: Yes, it did sound very good!!
GFT George: ok thanks. It sounded better here, but I don't know how it sounds there
DSPat: George: normally I can't understand anything when you talk in Greek, but tonight I managed to translate it all
GFT George: so, are you happy with PnR's return? enjoyed it?
DSPat: Still upset that it didn't happen in early September as promised, but yes!
GFT George: we never promised soemthign liek that! we said middle September
DSPat: Well let's not be petty here, what's a few weeks between friends? :P
GFT George: hahhaa
GFT George: sooo... thank you all! have a good night!
GFT George: we'll see you after one week
GFT George: take care pls!
GFT George: bye bye
Sarah: Nightall
GFT George: *waves
DSPat: See you everyone :) Sarah! Ben! Nihal! George! Zoi! Marcus! Tim! Oooops
DSPat: Emily!
bj̈b: Night everybuddy :)
bj̈b: It's really good to have PnR back :)