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Evil Tim: George: next shows will be 2nd most, and then most played bands?
Emily: I'm around for the epic :)
DSPat: How much wine had you had, Sarah? :)
Sarah: erm...
GFT George: Tim: These 3 shows are about the bands/artists that we played the most in PnR since 2011
GFT George: lots of famous names
DSPat: Now that you mention it... Nihal is almost Larne backwards... very strange, indeed
Sarah: I wasn't wrong though. This was played last week. Just not here ;)
GFT Nihal: It is the same for all three Tim, bands that were included for more than 25 times in PnR so far
DSPat: Then not enough wine, obviously
Evil Tim: ok
GFT Nihal: @Pat, in what universe Pat? :D
bj̈b: You know what this track needs? More pig bell.
DSPat: Well, apart from the I and the H, and the E
DSPat: Ben you got a headache?
GFT George: and at the end of the 3rd show we will announce PnR's Top-10 bands/artists, according to our playlists since 2011
GFT Nihal: And the R in his name? :D
DSPat: Nilarne: yes, that too
GFT George: can you guess which is the 1st?
ListenerLarne: off for my own show folks; thanks for more (non-) sense talk; hope to see you all soon around the PROG universe.....:-*
GFT Nihal: lol
DSPat: The first? Drifting Sun!
GFT Nihal: Good night Larne? Have a greatd week ahead
GFT George: good night Larne! thank you very much! :)
DSPat: Nite nite Lahirne my friend!
DSPat: Last week's Larne show was a blast :)
GFT Nihal: Actually I will also take off now, I need to wake up real early tomorrow to go through a possible number of 700 emails before I can start working again
DSPat: Ouch :(
GFT Nihal: Have a great week ahead everyone, see you next Sunday :)
DSPat: Nite nite Nihal dear... sleep well xxx
Evil Tim: I took a day off last week, got hit with 100 emails. Not doing that again, obvs...
DSPat: See you for part 2 next week... and the before last show of the season (grrrr)
GFT Nihal: <3 Night aPat, night all :)
Evil Tim: Goodnight Nihal
GFT George: good night Pat, Tim, Ben, Emily, Sarah, Larne, Solis, Andreas, Nihal, and everybody actually!
DSPat: Nite all... tonight went too quickly
DSPat: Tim! Sarah! Emily! Ben! George! Nihal again! Andreask! and everyone else :)
Sarah: Nightnightall!
bj̈b: Night allness :)
GFT George: good night all! byeeeee *waves*