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Larne: thanks Nihal and George; that was EPIC!!!!!!
Chris (The J Conspiracy): epic show, GREAT
Chris (The J Conspiracy): Good night
GFT George: good night everybody! thank you very much! :)
GFT George: We hope to "see" you next Sunday
GFT George: take care!
Tim: Good night all!
Travellers: Welcome our friends, to the "Travellers In Time' show
Nemo Dre: Gooe evening to you Travellers!
Travellers: Hello there!
Nemo Dre: Hi! Who's presenting this Travellers show?
Thanos Patsos: Not me Nemo! :-)
Travellers: Hi Thanos!
Thanos Patsos: Evening :-)
Thanos Patsos: Wow - this Gleb Kolyadin sounds great
Travellers: It is! Excellent work, the whole of it. Check it out
Chris (The J Conspiracy): As requested by GFT George: Support progressive rock in Germany Radio WDR2 y voting for The J Conspiracy
Chris (The J Conspiracy): Here's the voting link: [link]
Chris (The J Conspiracy): Sorry, but there's a random security question in German to secure that voters are human.
Chris (The J Conspiracy): Maybe google translator helps...
Chris (The J Conspiracy): Cheers from Germany. The J Conspiracy [link]
I.METALLINOS PROG ARENA:: hell-o-progers
Aeolus: In a few minutes, 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land' will return after a while. Join us for 2 hours of quality progressive music!
Aeolus: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight we will focus on new releases and venture in the world of prog - jazz.
Aeolus: Track playing: Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon (2018)
Prog Geo: hi!
Aeolus: Hi Prog Geo! Rock on mate!
Prog Geo: finnish, nice
Aeolus: Yes, tonight's first of two Finnish bands!
Prog Geo: i just posted them on the jazz fm fb group
Aeolus: Last song for tonight - an epic track from the new, second album of finnish progressive rock band Malady. Enjoy!
Prog Geo: wp, den hksera oti evgalan kainourgio :D
Prog Geo: kalo
Aeolus: Indeed, a great album!!!
Aeolus: Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen! Thanks for spending another soiree with us! See you next week!
ALL AROUND: "Bonus Track" is approachin
ALL AROUND: Stay tuned!!!
Thanos Patsos: The Prog-gnostics show will kick-off at 20.00 UK time (permanent change of time) :-)
Thanos Patsos: Looking forward to sharing some classics and brand new releases with you
Thanos Patsos: Apologies - a technical error on the server means the show cannot proceed as scheduled and will be broadcasted next week