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GFT George: looking forward to listen more from the album
Sarah: Night all :)
DS Pat: This track by BJH, is it called Poor Mans Moody Blues?
DS Pat: Nite nite Sarah!
DS Pat: Thanks for the company.. and the amazing wine!
GFT George: Sarah: I wish you guys could come. You would like it here for sure!
DS Pat: (except in August)
GFT George: I think Pat liked it.
DS Pat: Hehe
DS Pat: Ooops
Sarah: George: One day!
Sarah: Pat?
DS Pat: Nah, I loved every minute of it!!
GFT George: especially the cinamon! :P hahaha
DS Pat: Bloody cinnamon!
GFT George: hahahahah
DS Pat: They even put some in their moussaka!
DS Pat: Seriously :P
GFT George: some tavers do put some. but is not the rule
GFT George: usually we dont
DS Pat: I heard it's the original recpie?
GFT George: anyway
DS Pat: recipe
GFT George: I'm not a moussaka expert, but I like it in general
DS Pat: George: next time I'm in Athens, I must go back to that Turkish place for baklavas
GFT George: Pat: I think the highlight was the trip to Sounio
GFT George: we had fun
DS Pat: That, and the fab restaurant too!
GFT George: thank you all! good night and take care!
DS Pat: Remember, where you played us Cellar Noise's album
GFT George: I did?
DS Pat: Off too now lads and ladettes
DS Pat: You did!
DS Pat: Even Ronnie liked it
DS Pat: :)
GFT George: great album!
DS Pat: True true
GFT George: nn ladies and gents
DS Pat: Nite nite everyone, be good!
GFT George: love ya all!