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Aeolus: Natka approves of the name! She sends greetings to both of you!
saint Nile: we thank her too :-) Jenny is in Mykonos now. I am home alone tonight :-/. But in few days I will be there too.
Aeolus: Perfect! I am sure you are both going to have a wonderful, and very productive season!
saint Nile: This album is in my wishlist at bandcamp
Aeolus: Which one? Cosmograf or Spidergawd?
saint Nile: Cosmograf
Aeolus: Brilliant band! Together up there with IQ and Arena in the Genre.
Aeolus: Ladies and Gentlemen - Last song for Tonight, something relaxing and chill... just kidding! Here's Devin from his new Album, Empath - Enjoy!!!
Aeolus: Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for being with us tonight! See you again next week at 20:00 Athens Time! Prog on!
ALL AROUND: Hello all, welcome to Bonus Track radio show!!
ALL AROUND: Progjoin us for the journey of your night!
Alex: Or Progjoint as far this track is concerned.
Alex: Sorry for the typo(s).
Alex: Progdustrial 'scapes?
ALL AROUND: I think so mate; he seems to try to make an extreme KING CRIMSON-esque landscape with that record!
Alex: Steve Vai?
ALL AROUND: Yeah, yeah, yeahhh!
ALL AROUND: Orchestration: Mike Kennealy!!
Alex: Bring the milk in!
ALL AROUND: Hahaha, it's coming up next by the milkman!!
Alex: You fancy singing in my band?
ALL AROUND: Hahahaha, in case you hired me!!
Alex: Overture today is a more generic term for introductions.
ALL AROUND: Ok serious progboy!
Alex: In old times it used to provide a few loud chords at the beginning in order to attract attention
ALL AROUND: Very informative, thanks mate
Alex: as well as give a taste of what will follow
ALL AROUND: A precursor of the following music then! Great!
Thanos Patsos: Good new album by NM!
ALL AROUND: Yeah yeah yeah, hello dear mate
Alex: Hello Thanos, so good to see you here!
Thanos Patsos: Hi Alex! This sounds influenced by Gojira/Cynic to some extent (aka King Crimson going back in time...)
ALL AROUND: Interesting description mate: I fully agree
Thanos Patsos: Six studio albums so far... not heard of them before
Alex: I'm not familiar with Gojira
ALL AROUND: It will become a contemporary gem mates
ALL AROUND: Their vinyl will knock on my door asap!
ALL AROUND: Alex, Gojira here: [link]
Alex: Progon
ALL AROUND: "70's Prog Special" just kicked off (every Friday-Saturday 12-2am, 10pm-12am BST)!!