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Keri ( Gandalf's Fist): Good night al x
Keri ( Gandalf's Fist): all
zeta: kalimera
Aeolus: 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land' is starting in a few moments. Join us for 2 hours of awesome prog rock!
Aeolus: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!
Lila: Good evening Aeolus!
Aeolus: Welcome Lila! Long time no see!!!
Lila: Haha!! Thank you!! Those were the days indeed 🙂
Aeolus: How are you doing girl? Rocking as usual?
Lila: Fine! Always haha
Lila: I learned these bands from you
Aeolus: And I learnt them from justincaseradio, he he!
Lila: Hahaha that's the way it goes
Aeolus: In circles!!!
Lila: True
Aeolus: Are you listening to anything cool these days?
Lila: Just some PoS on the occasion of their concert this Saturday
Aeolus: Oh yes! Unfortunately I will miss them this time. Have loved them live 3-4 times before. Lost count!
Lila: Can't wait!
Aeolus: I am happy that Johan Hallgren has returned. Daniel and Johan are great together on stage!
Lila: I agree!
Lila: Haven't listened to it before. Thanks!
Aeolus: Lots of hidden gems... hidden around here!
Lila: 🙂
Lila: Really loved this tune!
Aeolus: Glad you did Lila!
Lila: Not just you 😛
Aeolus: Ha ha!
Lila: Yes!!!
Lila: This sounds like something Thanos would discover 😛
Lila: Nice track
Aeolus: Glad you like it Lila! Yes, indeed, Thanos is an expert at quality progressive rock / metal!
Lila: Great show! Have a good night!
Aeolus: Thank you for being with us Lila! Reminded me of the good old days!!! Come back to Justincaseradio Liia!!! We miss yo!
Aeolus: You
Lila: Miiss you too
Aeolus: Hope you have a wonderful time at the Pain of Salvation concert!!! And, of course Need are playing!
Aeolus: Good night Ladies and Gentlemen! See you next time at 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land'!
Lila: Thanx! Prog Land is always a good place to be