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Thanos Patsos: Agree - big time waster when you can't control it
Thanos Patsos: This is brilliant music!!
GFreedom: don't know guys. I was never into it. I have so many things to do for my blog, the radio show etc, so I don't want to add one more tihng to do
Aeolus: Created by 70yearolds!
Thanos Patsos: Yeah, just read, did not know the band
Aeolus: Unfortunately, the least interesting tune on the album (the least progressive one)
Aeolus: Last track for tonight: Unknown talented band Schooltree. Enjoy!
GFreedom: it was nice to "see" you all! goodnight and Aeolus, thanks for the music :)
Aeolus: See you around George! Thanks for coming! See you on Sunday!
Meps: If you told me this track was from 1987 I'd be like ok sure!
Aeolus: True! So 80s keyboards sounds!
Meps: More like 1977!
Meps: The voices seem overprocessed...
Luckasz: Goodnight folks. Surprisingly nice 80s couloured track Aeolus
Meps: Goodnight y all!
Aeolus: Indeed! See you around Luckasz!
Aeolus: Goodnight Mepsalian The Great!
Andrew: Hello everyone :)
GFreedom: good evening Andrew! :)
Thanos Patsos: Hello guys
GFreedom: hello Thanos/ just poped in for a while
Aeolus: Hallo Andrew! New Until Rain album! So hard! So heavy!
Andrew: indeed my friend! It's a really good one!
Aeolus: There we go! A great return from Pain of Salvation!
Andrew: Couldn't be better!
Andrew: I was really surprised by this album. It caught me of guard
Aeolus: Wow! The new Until Rain album is more Meshuggah and less Symphony X!
Jeff: Would you be interested in playing the EP release from AeonSatori on your show? [link]
Thanos Patsos: Hi Jeff send us an e-mail at info @ justincaseradio.com
ALL AROUND: After Danny Elfman's mighty music from the movie "The Circle", "Bonus Track" radio show is coming in a while! Stay tuned!
ALL AROUND: Hello fellas! Join "Bonus Track" radio show for 2 hours of interesting music!
JohnS: Hello there
ALL AROUND: Hello Johnmate!
JohnS: I can hear where Fish got his singing style
ALL AROUND: Exactly!!!!
ALL AROUND: Although, he has definitely P. Gabriel leanings
JohnS: The theatrics for sure are gabriel's
ALL AROUND: Prog night all fellas! Cu around!
ALL AROUND: And now on air: "70's prog Special" edited by Elias "ProgBishop for the next two hours (12-2am, 10pm - 12am BST)
Thanos Patsos: There will be no Prog-gnostics show today but instead a 1-hour playlist to give you a flavour of what's about to come on the JustIn Case Radio birthday weekend with a prog-AOR special! 14.00 UK time