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Emily: straps on flying helmet
DSPat: Sarah: no wings for northerners?
GFT George: Nihal: we should invite Emily. Our garden needs fixing! :P
Emily: hands Sarah the snorkel kit?
Sarah: *swims*
GFT Nihal: Ahahaha it needs more than fixing, it needs a miracle :P
Tim: Turns out Emily is Amelia
Emily: er
Emily: suddenly remembers Tim and Sarah have actually seen the garden.......
DSPat: Your garden looks fab, Emily... I don't get who keeps building sheds in it, though?
DSPat: There's a new one every week
Emily: Have you seen this week's?
Sarah: Pat: How else is she supposed to keep Ben busy at the weekend?
DSPat: Yup, very nice! But do you need more?
Emily: several :)
DSPat: Well he could try making some music!
Emily: touche
GFT Nihal: I think I am off to bed now, have a fantastic week ahead everyone 🙂❤️
GFT George: so, thank you all very much! I hope you enjoyed it
GFT George: Have a good night's sleep and a great week
Emily: Goodnight Nihal:) thank you for another great show
Tim: goodnihgt Nihal!
DSPat: Awww ok nite nite Nihal! And please don't show George what I sent you earlier :P
Sarah: Goodnight all :)
DSPat: Sleep tight xxx
GFT George: good night! thank you!
Emily: now we have to see!
DSPat: Nite Sarah too!
GFT George: See you next Sunday
Emily: ooh it's That Time.
Emily: Goodnight everyone.
DSPat: Emily: no that's top secret... photos that would upset George :P
DSPat: Nite nite all... have a great week ahead xx
bj̈b: Lazarus again?
Emily: How does Jess (the dog) know it's hte end of PNR?
Tim: yup!
bj̈b: We're having a Sacred Heart moment.
Tim: G'night all
Emily: Night Tim :)
Jack: Hello progheads