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Prog Geo: Thanks for listening!
Larne: have a great week Geoerge, thanks for the tunes and sounds!!!
Prog Geo: My pleasure ^^
John.S: Sorry folks. No "time travel" tonight. See you next Monday with a lot of new or yet unreleased music and our surprise co-host!
Aeolus: See you then John!
Aeolus: Ladies and Gentlemen, 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land' starts in a few moments. Join us for some awesome prog rock!
Le Meps: Namaste!
Aeolus: Welcome Monsieur Le Meps!
Meps: Themusic is great and the sound of the district is super on a good sound system!
Aeolus: Glad you have a good sound system to appreciate this kind of music!
Meps: Hehe! Must go, Bona note!!!
Aeolus: Bona Note Monsieur!
Thanos Patsos: Hello!
Thanos Patsos: Black Sabbath - Tyr influences here...
Aeolus: Hallo Thanos! Indeed!
maria stargazer: Hello Aeolus from Southampton!
Aeolus: Hi Maria! Glad you are here! Greetings to warm and sunny Southampton!
Thanos Patsos: Greetings from further up north (Manchester) - this Serj track is really cool!
Thanos Patsos: By the way I saw Verbal Delirium on Sunday and the next day we had a nice day out sightseeing :-)
Aeolus: Oh great! Together with the guys? Awesome!
Aeolus: New album by Barock Project. Me so happy!
Thanos Patsos: right need to check this!
Aeolus: Somehow... I think Barock Project and Verbal Delirium should go on a tour together.
maria stargazer: this is indeed a great song!
Aeolus: Glad you like it! And now heading for the final track!
Thanos Patsos: Excellent track, a bit of Profusion vibe here
Aeolus: Yes! Profusion - Another band that has amazed me!
Thanos Patsos: This "Closer to the Sun" reminds me of ... Spock's Beard/Neal Morse?
Thanos Patsos: Nope, found it, it was Frost*
Aeolus: Yes, a bit of 'The Flower Kings' feeling here. On the rockier!
Thanos Patsos: [link]
Aeolus: Interesting album this one (Falling Satellites). Has some spectacular moments!
Thanos Patsos: agree
Thanos Patsos: Nighty night, some great selections this last hour!
Thanos Patsos: Barock Project on my to check list1
maria stargazer: Thanks Aeolus! Next Monday I will be joining John too!
Aeolus: Looking forward to that Maria!!!
Aeolus: See you Thanos! Check Barock Project!
Aeolus: Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen!