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Prog Geo: :D
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Thank you so much!!! I am very used to people being thrown off by the "distortion" of this album, but I can see that this show feels a lot more like a natural fit
Prog Geo: i've streamed more extreme things as u've understood :P
Prog Geo: like*
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: My main goal in life is to "come back" from the mistakes and experiences I've had that have shaped me in a negative way, and make something beautiful and true out of it while I still have time.
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: The message of the Metaprise is that no matter how evil, scary, weird, fake, or overwhelming the society around us feels like, you can find truth, beauty, and goodness somewhere in it all.
Yorgos Hol: and I really like your views on vaporwave
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Thank you! You should be thankful that there is a character limit on these messages, because I could write NOVELS about vaporwave
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Which is funny, because for some people it is just a stupid joke or this cool thing that gets old quickly, yet some of us see much deeper into it
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: My views are not more right or wrong than anyone else's and that's the cool thing about vaporwave. We all rally around this one thing yet it is what we make of it, each and every fan.
Prog Geo: do u plan to do something else musically?
Prog Geo: i mean in a different genre or beyond that?
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: 100%. I have just been having this discussion with friends recently.
Prog Geo: :D
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: I love everything I have done with sampling and vaporwave, and the scene has done a lot for me. In the future though, I wish to take a commercial approach and make music inspired by the likes of
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Holly Herndon, Oneohtrix Point Never, and James Ferraro
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: I am still debating if that future will be under the METAPRISE name. I love this brand and if I continue it, I will have to erase my vaporwave and share it secretly as a "zip" folder on the internet
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: For copyright reasons
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: This song that is playing now is interesting because there is some context/backstory to this album
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: This album was meant to play as a personal "eccojams" mixtape to my fans & friends, where I didn't write a single word but meant every single one
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: It is called You Look Lovely Today (the album)
Prog Geo: heh, nice!!!
Prog Geo: your near future plan?
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: I have 4 confirmed vaporwave albums that I have been working on for over a year, for different labels and friends, that I am hoping to release by 2019. Otherwise I will be going to school in September
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Random shout out to vaporwave/mallsoft newcomer and awesome friend Modern Fountains, with new album out now! Search Modern Fountains on bandcamp!
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Sorry... couldn't resist!
Prog Geo: haha, it's ok! :*
Prog Geo: an advice u want to give to the listeners and other musicians?
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: The internet makes sharing your music and networking much easier to do on your own, but you must also work that much harder. Your music may be good but "getting out there" takes a LOT of work
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: I have people message me with praise and telling me about my inspiration to them, I have people messaging me for interviews like this one, but it took a long time to get there.
Prog Geo: the problem is that there is oversaturation....
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: If you want to "get out there", be consistent. Use social media. Connect with people. Don't just hit buttons: talk to them! Engage with them! Post a lot. Make friendships. Otherwise you go unnoticed
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: At the end of the day, something about METAPRISE stuck out to someone somewhere, enough to find it interesting. If people aren't interested in your music, it might be because it isn't interesting.
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: That Tod Dockstader track was excellent, btw!
Prog Geo: :D
Prog Geo: about interest isn't so simple... but we will discuss it on fb further
Prog Geo: : it isn't*
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Actually, I agree. Sometimes music that I think is boring and average gets a huge following.
Prog Geo: yeah.... that's not what I meant exactly :P
METAPRISE APPLICATIONS: Interest is different for everyone, so I can't say whether music is interesting or not