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GFT Nihal: 9,7 from me
GFT George: 9.5 from me
bjb: 9.5 from me.
John: This should be off competition!
GFT George: hahaha
John: un-gradable!
bjb: But Burn has been taken down to 9 because it was the single version without the keyboard solo.
Emily: 10
ari: 7
Jim: 9.75
John: Well if I have to.... 11
Larne: 9!!!
Jim: I knew someone would pitch in like that, John! LOL
John: Actually George George, it's faster for me to go to Didim than to drive to Thessaloniki or by ferry to Athens! So we 'll be relatively neighbours!
Emily: lovr the bass
GFT George: John: Yes I know. hahaha Once I was in Kas, and Kastelorizo was 10 minutes from there. And I need a whole day from Athens to reach it! :P
GFT George: Levo eisai esy e? gamw ta nisia re magka. poly moy aresei! exoume erthei veve
GFT George: vevea
John: Well, our door is open for friends!
Emily: :((((
Jim: Goodnight everyone!!! Have a good week!
Emily: Nice to see you ari
Jim: 3 oclock here!
bjb: Finland, Finland, Finland!
ari: Thank you Emily ! Here is 5 minutes over midnight !
GFT George: thank you all very very much!
GFT Nihal: hahahaha Monty Python everywhere :)
Sarah: Goodnight all
GFT George: ari thank you. we hope to see you next Sunday again.
bjb: Night all :)
GFT George: good night all!
GFT George: have a great week!
GFT George: ari: we have the same hour? how's hat possible?
Larne: Good Night everyone; Thanks Nihal and George, c u next week, or somewhere else around the Prog Universe.....😘
GFT George: haha thanks Larne! see you soon :) take care
GFT George: good night good people! *waves*
GFT Nihal: Have a wonderful night and week everyone :)
Larne: you are both east of Greenich, that's why!
Larne: Greenwich I belife it is...
Aeolus: 'Themes and Stories from Prog Land' of tonight, June the 28th will be cancelled. See you around!