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GFT George: sorry for that
DS Pat: I must listen to Selling England again.... it's nothing like the original!!
Emily: Way ahead of you.
bjb: Oh.
Tim: Ah. Clearly I'm quite a long way behind
Tim: Stoopy internets
bjb: Jess says this is confusing. It's not the right version.
bjb: [link]
bjb: I hate Facebook.
Tim: "Bad URL timestamp". :-(
Emily: im amazed you used it
Emily: ooh beautiful section here though
Tim: *anticipates beautiful section in ~45seconds*
DS Pat: You're right George... I think it's down to the vocals... you can't replace Gabriel's voice on that track...
bjb: [link]
Tim: Happy Christmas everyone. Maybe see you on 30th... more likely sometime in Jan
Sarah: Merry Christmas George and Nihal, and everyone. See you on 30th x
Emily: Goodnight George - and Happy Christmas for later :)
DS Pat: Merry Xmas everyone
bjb: Night all! Merry Christmas!
GFT George: goodnight all! We'll send you wished through mail
bjb: See you on the 30th!
GFT George: thyank you :)
GFT George: thank you
wolfbred: gn all , have nice holidays
GFT George: we are waiting for your "epics"!
GFT George: good night
GFT George: no PAt. Minimum 10 minutes, remember? :P
GFT George: hahaha
DS Pat: George: just play it twice then :P
GFT George: hahaha
GFT George: Stephan said the same I think :P
DS Pat: See... no one's gonna complain :)
GFT George: bye byeee
GFT George: *waves*
DS Pat: night night George, Nihal, Saraj, Emily, Tim, Wolf, Ben Ben
DS Pat: Sarah, even!
Tim: G'night all. Over and out.
Esagil: Hi !!!!!Great tunes