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GFT - George: :)
Sarah: I drank about three bottles of Pat's wine, so I definitely won.
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: :-)
Pat (Drifting Sun): True too!!
Isa@k (The Windmill): 😊
GFT - George: I would like to thank you all for being here tonight. I hope you enjoyed the whole thing. A specila thanks to the members of The Windmill! :) We hope to see you all in our next shows.
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: @GFT - George Thank you for inviting us, and presenting our album. :-)
GFT - George: I think it was a fun show tonight. And kind of expensive one for some of you...
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: @GFT - George Worth it. :-)
GFT - George: Thank you Jeannie for everything! :) We loved your album and we wanted to share it with our friends here...
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: @GFT - George ;-)
GFT - George: The Tree is am amazing song!
Isa@k (The Windmill): Great show 👍👍👍
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: @GFT - George That´s so nice of you. :-)
GFT - George: is like a soundtrack... I don't know how t oexplain it
Sarah: Love, love, love this track!
GFT - George: thank you Isa@k. :)
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: @Sarah Thank you so much. ;-)
GFT - George: Guys, listen to the copies you bought carefully. You will fall in love with Tribus.
Isa@k (The Windmill): Thanks, Sarah 😊
GFT - George: I have listened to it more than 20-25 times and still counting...
Arxaios: George, Maria here is in love with this song
Isa@k (The Windmill): 👍
GFT - George: Bravo Maria! the girl has a good taste... ;-)
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: @Arxaios Thank you very much. :-)
GFT - George: good night all! thanks a lot! See you next week
GFT - George: take care!
GFT - George: bye byeeee *waves*
Arxaios: Thank u too
Sarah: Goodnight all :)
Jeanni, (The Windmill).: So, of to bed, and work tomorrow morning. Good night everyone. :-)
Larne (going to Loreley): gooooood night beloved PROGheads......
Isa@k (The Windmill): Goodnight, all! Bedtime for me now 😊😊
Pat (Drifting Sun): Night night all, thanks Nihal and George for another great show!
Τhodoros- ADDART: Γειααααα.Που ειστε ωρε ταξιδιώτες; :--
Makis: @Τhodoros- ADDART Αστο, παλι απουσια θα παρουν απ οτι βλεπω
Τhodoros- ADDART: Axaxaxaxaxa Μάκη θα μείνουν μεταξιταστεοι
Makis: Με τοσες απουσιες; Στο τοπο να μενουν τους βλεπω! Travelers ακουτεεεε ή τσαμπα τα λεμε;
Τhodoros- ADDART: ΑΧαχαχαχαχα θα τα δουν γραμμένα και θα τα εμπεδωσουν .Καλό βράδυ.
Makis: Καλο βραδυ!