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DS Pat: And I played you Twilight for the first time
DS Pat: the food there was ace
GFT George: it was a cafeteria and it was next to the sea! :P)
GFT George: hahahaahah
DS Pat: Yup :)
GFT George: the restaurant was after that
GFT George: again, next to the sea!
DS Pat: That's what I meant... not the cafe where we played those songs!
GFT George: under the Temple of Poseidon
DS Pat: That's where we had the grilled octopus
DS Pat: yum yum
GFT George: hahahaha
GFT George: yes it was nice
DS Pat: We made octopus when we got back to London, you know?
DS Pat: Found some in the Chinese supermarket
GFT George: noooo! really?
GFT George: any good?
DS Pat: Yup but it wasn't as good haha
GFT George: eh ok, that's normal
DS Pat: (I didn't care, I still had ouzo, that's all tha tmattered)
GFT George: many greetings to all of you! thank you!
GFT George: See you soon enough
Sarah: Miss you guys already!
DS Pat: Nite nite all, and enjoy the Summer.... next time we HOPE we will have our new album out!
GFT George: *hugs*
DS Pat: xxx all
GFT George: nn good peope!
The J Conspiracy - Chris: THX again to George & Nihal for playing our new single. It's on Spotify now: [link]
The J Conspiracy - Chris: Ups, wrong link.
The J Conspiracy - Chris: This one leads directly to our new single: [link]
Prog Geo: hi again, unofficially...
vv: aha! hi!
Prog Geo: kalws th <3
vv: <3
Chris: This is an excellent station.
Prog Geo: hi...
Estia-Georgia: Good evening 🔥🏛🔥Athens🔥🏛🔥 ...
André (nemo dre): Good evening to all !!
Estia-Georgia: Καλήν Σας και Εσπέραν, 🏛🌷Athens🌷🏛 !
Efi: geia