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Superstar Joey Severance: This was a beautiful riff that Tommy was playing and I asked him to make a song out of it. He can explain it better
Tommy Shred: Nothing special story behind it, i just have riff collection in my head and that piece fits in the puzzle :)
Traveller: ok, Tommy you ruined it. You should have come up with a more fancy story :)
Superstar Joey Severance: You can check out our Facebook page here: [link]
Superstar Joey Severance: Youtube: [link]
Traveller: How do you experience the whole music business thing?
Superstar Joey Severance: it is a ****ty cut throat business. people confuse talent and being good with opportunity. they are not one and the same and do not go hand in hand
Bob: remember this cd Johnny???
Traveller: Of course I do. I borrowed it from you and returned some 8-10 years later haha!
Bob: :)
Superstar Joey Severance: alan tecchio sounds best on the hades debut :P
Traveller: And still sounds good on the latest Watchtower EP
Superstar Joey Severance: Hey guys! Thanks so much for support for our band Tornado! I have to go for now but we appreciate! To those who like our stuff, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! word of mouth is the most important thing to help
Superstar Joey Severance: our band grow :)
Superstar Joey Severance: Good Night everyone!
Traveller: Goodnight Joey. Nice to have you guys here with us!
Tommy Shred: I say good night at this point and take care!
Makis: Good night all!
Traveller: Goodnight Makis, greetings to Vaso, hope she liked the show more than you did tonight, haha!
Makis: Χαχαχαχαχαχα
Traveller: Goodnight everyone See you all again in September! Keep in touch!
Garantz: good night John...
ALL AROUND: "Bonus Track" radio show is on vacation! See you all by September on! Prog on and stay tuned for a wide array of prog music covering at least 50 years of such music! Enjoy!!
дщд: привет
armen_jigranan: i
Prog Geo: hi again...
Dr Pointless: ?
Prog Geo: hi!
Prog Geo: who's this?
Prog Geo: i like ur name
Dr Pointless: Thanks, i wrote it myself
Prog Geo: haha! (y)
Dr Pointless: I was in greece. Soho hotel.
Prog Geo: hahaha, i was goin' to ask u in few mins on fb
Dr Pointless: ha.
Dr Pointless: is this real recording of frozen pipes or it just the track name?
Prog Geo: i wonder the same because i'm listenin' to it now too
Prog Geo: i think only the title
Prog Geo: goonigh, like i said on the mic, thank u for listenin'...
armen_jigranan: hi helo bi i