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DSPat: This is a music show, right? :P
DSPat: Sorry Fish!!
GFT Nihal: At this point, not very sure. As said, we are our own genre ;)
Gotrek: Hmmm what format are we talking about sending?
DSPat: audio... mp3 should be fine
GFT George: Gotrek: Record an audio file in your mobile and send it to our e-mail
GFT George: I will convert it to mP3
GFT George: also, pick a song and present it. Or say whatever you like!
Gotrek: It may sound like Steven Hawkins though lol
GFT Nihal: lol
DSPat: Can we record 2 audio files of us talking?
GFT George: ofc.
GFT Nihal: Sure
DSPat: Cool beans@
GFT George: but please to it quickly. we have a playlist to make
Gotrek: If not, then I’ll do it through the media of dance and mime
GFT George: so, thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed it
GFT George: If not the music, the show at least ;-)
DSPat: Yes, dance and mime work well on the radio
GFT George: we'll see you after one week
Sarah: Goodnight all :)
DSPat: Night lovely peeps!
GFT George: good night! thanks a lot!
Tim: Goodnight
DSPat: Tonight was fun, to say the least!!
Gotrek: I won’t be here for a while but I will try to get voice done. Also can I just say I have not had such a good laugh in a long time. It’s been an absolute pleasure being here again.
GFT Nihal: Good night all, you are the best!!!!!
GFT Nihal: Thank you Gotrek :)
bj̈b: Goodnight everyone :)
DSPat: Nihal: and thanks for christening the new mic so eloquently :P
GFT Nihal: It was absolute pleasure to have you along too :)
Gotrek: Good night everyone, be well.
GFT Nihal: And Pat...
DSPat: Yes darling?
GFT Nihal: You are welcome :)
DSPat: hehe big hugs to you
GFT Nihal: right back at ya :)
GFT Nihal: Good night everyone :)
DSPat: Nite nite all, sleep well and have a fab week ahead... stay responbible!