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Larne: it's all about feeling, one of my friends once said, and he was and is right I guess...
Larne: thanks Ben😅
Kostas June is: Να στε καλά Γιώργο και Νιχάλ ... καλές διακοπές και καλή επιστροφή
SoLis: good night guys! Enjoy holidays!
Sarah: Hurry back guys! We'll miss you
Stefan (in Horley): Thank you George!
bjb: Vielen Dank George1
MeX: i would have to say good night/afternoon just in case my battery die, enjoy holidays, thanks for all
bjb: :)
bjb: x
Emily: Listen to loads and have much inspiration :)
bjb: Ni! Hal!
bjb: Ohhhhhhhhhhyes :)
bjb: 1001.57
Emily: Superb :)
Sarah: :)
Kudosarian: it all comes back to Python!! :D
GFT Nihal: imagine me and George singing this on the crucifix :)
bjb: Thanks G&N for another superb season. Prog and Roll is Sunday night :)
GFT George: hahahaha
bjb: Nihal, Yes!
bjb: But why is George upside down and hanging by his ankles?
GFT Nihal: Because I requested it
Larne: hey, sounds like a progalley show finisehs:-)
GFT Nihal: :P
Emily: We will have to listen to vintage episodes to fill the gap till you get back
Sarah: Aah...have a lovely summer you two. And everyone else :)
Stefan (in Horley): I really enjoyed it, superb tracklist tonight! Even had my wife Stephanie in goosebumps with some - that's an achievement!
bjb: ♪ Always look on the prog and roll side of life! ♪
Larne: Good night Nihal and George and all, have a great summer break, c u somewhere around the Prog Universe!!!
bjb: Larne, nice to see you as always!
bjb: Sarah — I have a suggestion for a gig you should see.
Kudosarian: LOL - I got banned earlier :)
bjb: What an appropriate finish :)
John: Have a nice August people. See you in September
bjb: Very, very silly.
Sarah: Bjb: Oh? Is it next Friday?
Kudosarian: Good night all.....have a nice summer and thank you GFT for a great show!!
Sarah: George and Nihal: Have a lovely summer. I guess we'll get an email telling us when prog and roll returns? Have fun and keep in touch!
Sarah: night all :)