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Lukasz: Boy you are on fire tonight!
Aeolus: Glad you appreciate... the power in the music tonight!
Lukasz: A fine band this one, Entrance is probably my favourite from them
Aeolus: With the new singer, right?
Lukasz: Yeah right, although I prefer the first singer, you are right he is influenced by Tony Martin
Lukasz: I met these guys on the airplane after their Athens gig summer of 2019
Aeolus: Wow! Did you get to talk to them?
Lukasz: or was it 2018?
Lukasz: Yes, they were really friendly although a bit tired
Aeolus: Was it Summer 2017?
Lukasz: They were on their way to Barcelona for the Barcelona rock Fest
Lukasz: I was going there too!
Lukasz: Vanderhoof was asleep almost all the way, but Howe was more cheerful!
Aeolus: I guess that they meet charming enthusiastic metalheads on all planes!
Lukasz: Tarot?
Aeolus: Tarot was on the Heavy Metal map, but they never reached the numbers of Stratovarius, or later Nightwish
Lukasz: True
Lukasz: Also agree on Early Stratovarious. They could not have gone further without Johansson and Michael
Lukasz: 4th Dimention is more of a transitional album for me. It lacks a bit in cohesion
Aeolus: Top class musicians both... but I believe restricted in the simplistic structures. I mean Jorg Michael has played with Mekong Delta among others... and Jens is one of my favourite keyboardists.
Aeolus: It's got its moments... but agreed, it's unbalanced.
Lukasz: Yeah, they both could do more than what they did for Stratovarious, but the huge difference with the previous members is on live performances. They are no match for their predecessors
Aeolus: Yes, live they were an enormous upgrade... plus Timo Kotepelto singing gave more space for Timo Tollki
Aeolus: Do you remember seeing Timo Tolki in a Shadow Gallery concert?
Lukasz: Yes, and the guy was critical towards the Gallerys.... Όσα δε φτάνει η αλεπού λένε στο χωριό μου!!!
Aeolus: Was he? I seem to remember Bob Katsionis pointing them and saying to Timo: 'Hey, look - this is how it's done!'
Lukasz: Do I sense the imminent arrival of Kai Hansen???
Lukasz: Well close enough!
Lukasz: I like the mid 90s Helloween a lot!
Aeolus: What can I say? Wasn't planned... you made it happen!
Meps: Great theme for tonight's show!
Aeolus: So happy you liked! I also enjoyed this!
Lukasz: Great ending to a great show Aeolus
Aeolus: Thanks mate - see you tomorrow!
Aeolus: I must say that all those first concerts, I had great company - the one and only Meps! First concert for promotion of Land of the Free, Iron Maiden with Blaze and many more!
Lukasz: Man, those first concerts! Angra was my second I think on the Holy Land tour, with Philippos. They ran out of songs in the end and played a couple of covers!
Meps: WOW What Awesome experiences!!!
Meps: Good night!
Aeolus: Awesome indeed! Nighty night gentlemen!
Lukasz: Good night mate!