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bj̈b: FFSuzi! Kiltic upbringing?
SuziFFS: Deep fried kilt
DSPat: Glad I helped bring it all back :)
DSPat: Do you still miss Glasgow? :P
SuziFFS: It's too far away to shoot it accurately from here
DSPat: Haha
SuziFFS: As Jon has mentioned often - he is now living where I was born - Morayshire, but lived part of the time in Douglas, Lanarkshire at my Gran's
SuziFFS: I did - not Jon.
DSPat: Is Jon a Scot too??
SuziFFS: No. he used to work here in Borehamwood where I live. Due to his lung condition, he had to move to where the air is cleaner.
DSPat: Ah yes, I thought he was English
SuziFFS: are we alone now?
DSPat: Why on earth would you move away, though? Scotland is my favourite part of England :P
bj̈b: Yes. Nobody here but us chickens.
DSPat: And yes, it looks like they're all gone
DSPat: Except Ben!
Tim: ...The beating of our hearts is the only sound...
DSPat: And Tim!
Emily: I left to feed Jess ages ago.
DSPat: We could play Trivial Pursuit
SuziFFS: My dad was in the Royal Navy, and moved base every couple of years. We always found him though :)
Tim: TP?
DSPat: And Emily!
bj̈b: PF/TP?
Tim: Not TP?
DSPat: Tim: the PF edition
GFT George: goodd night everybody! thank you :)
Tim: George!
bj̈b: And George!
DSPat: George!!
SuziFFS: 'Night George and Nihal x
GFT George: goodnight and please take care!
GFT Nihal: Good night everyone! Have a fantastic week ahead :)
DSPat: Nite all, tonight was a lot of fun!!
SuziFFS: I'm awa' the noo!
SuziFFS: 'night.
DSPat: Nihal: but let's try and bring some seriousness next week :)
GFT Nihal: Hahaha will do my best Pat :)
DSPat: xxx all :)
bj̈b: And Rikki.