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GFT George: kalo vrady na exete Corina. Efxaristoume poly!
bj̈b: Huge voice on its own, then double tracked like that. I'm surprised the tape didn't just burst into flames.
GFT George: sas efxaristoume olous! na eiste kala kai na prosexete. Tin alli kyriaki tin idia wra tha eimaste edw... ;-)
bj̈b: Nicko McNicko isn't half bad either.
Zoi: Good night everyone! Nice to see you again all!
Tim: Nicko is so good on this
DSPat: I've met Nicko :)
GFT George: so, we hope you enjoyed it tonight. We tried to set up your mood a little bit
bj̈b: I've not even met Pat :(
GFT George: good night Zoi. thanks a lot! :)
Tim: Yes, George. Death on a boat with a large swan tied around my neck. Great. Perfect mood lifter.
DSPat: You don't know what you're missing, Ben
DSPat: I've met me, many times
DSPat: lol Tim
GFT George: hhahaahah Tim
DSPat: Water water everywhere, that's what my mom used to say to me every morning when I was a baby
DSPat: Then she discovered diapers
GFT Nihal: ouch Tim hang in there, this thing cannot go on forever, either we perish or it does
GFT George: yes, but the music we played tonight was kind of happy, wasn't it?
GFT Nihal: yea I dont think I am being helpful... :P
Tim: Ooh, gratuitous shift to major!
Tim: No wait, didn't last...
bj̈b: Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.
bj̈b: Someone wasn't prompt enough in their panic buying of wine, clearly.
bj̈b: George: the music was happy, but the event was happier still.
GFT George: which event?
DSPat: Thank you guys for another fun show!
Daily Larne...: Good night folks; thanks Nihal and George......
GFT George: we thank you actually for listening and supporting our show
GFT George: Larne have a good night. Thanks a lot!
DSPat: water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink <---- sounds like something Sarah would say
GFT Nihal: Good night everyone, we heartily thank you for your company as always <3
Tim: ..nor any olives, neither...!
Sarah: G'night all
Tim: (they skipped that line because rhyming "olive" is tricky)
GFT George: nn all! sweat dreams
GFT George: thank you! see you again after one week
GFT George: take care please
Tim: Goodnight. Yes, let's have all the survivors meet up again in a week's time...
DSPat: Stay safe y'all! xxx