26 Jun 17, 09:52 PM
Shubhada: The information here is very useful. Thank you. Will appreciate if some more information on the hives in Hyperthyroid condition is given.
24 Jun 15, 11:07 AM
Joanna: hey! I love what you're doing and would like to share some of @furtherfood's Thyroid content with you. We have great Thyroid articles and recipes! I'm emailing you today and would love to speak soon!
6 Jan 13, 08:08 PM
Deanna: I have been trying to find info and can not find much that talks about issues with chiildren
6 Jan 13, 08:08 PM
Deanna: do you have any information on Thyroid issues in children?
1 Dec 12, 12:12 PM
Rebecca: Hey everyone and welcome to the chat feature :)