7 Apr 18, 07:15 PM
Anon: I Miss You
2 Mar 18, 07:16 PM
Brandi: Hi :) Dropping by to say hi and see how you're doing. hope all is well ♥
9 May 17, 06:52 PM
brandi: hi! stopping by to c how r u doing? also, could u give me feedback & vote on my site poll ♥ thanks!
16 Mar 17, 08:12 PM
Mireu: Hey there Mochi, just dropping by to say hi!
13 Feb 17, 02:28 PM
Cristina: Hey. How are you?
2 Jan 17, 09:46 AM
Sunny: Hey :) I just want you to ask if you are interested in becomeing Affiliates with me? :) Would love to be. Greets, Sunny
4 Sep 16, 02:30 AM
Cristina: Good luck with the revamp. I am sure it's going to be great after <3
20 Aug 16, 09:27 AM
Jessica: Hi! Otaku-Box has reopened. So I felt like stopping by my old affiliates websites. :)
15 Jun 16, 06:33 PM
Sammii: Hey Mochi :) Hope you're doing okay!
1 May 16, 05:33 PM
Kitti: Sent you an message on your host site and e-mail. Hope your well and stay strong! :3
28 Apr 16, 11:30 AM
Miria: Hey Mochi! <3 OJ has a new look and updates. Please come by and let me know what you think! And come back soon pleaaseee<3
28 Apr 16, 09:12 AM
Lucien: Enigmaticons got a new look; come look. :)
10 Apr 16, 11:32 PM
Emma: I find your site and boom. I love it! <3
10 Apr 16, 06:47 AM
Rach: Hi Mochi. I put this site as an advertisement and a button rotation too Xoxo ~ Rach :)
4 Apr 16, 09:05 AM
Reika: Hi! Remember me? Alunaria is back from it's long Hiatus. :) I used the time to do a revamp, too. I'm looking foward to Mochimitsu's revamp. :)
3 Mar 16, 04:05 PM
Alex: Hi there! I've recently changed domains. Please update my link when you get a moment. Thanks! <3 c:
14 Feb 16, 12:57 PM
Sammii: Hi Mochi! How are you?
14 Feb 16, 07:09 AM
brandi: stopping by to wish you a happy valentine's day ♥ may you get lots of chocolate/candy/gifts
13 Feb 16, 12:15 AM
Abi: hey mochi just dropping by to let you know I changed domain and site :D
8 Feb 16, 02:04 PM
Ran: hey would you like to exchange links? :D
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