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19 Jan 14, 05:20 PM
Sije: Greetings
20 Jun 13, 10:45 AM
Sarah: Its a shame you closed this down, it sounds like it was a great idea.
26 Feb 13, 12:37 AM
Magic Jack USB Phone: Make Unlimited FREE local or long distance phone calls on ANY phone Worldwide! Yes, it sounds TOO good to be true, but it's REAL!
12 Jan 13, 05:40 PM
Heather: We are still here & open! Starting date delayed, see this topic for details: http://gift.mind-blast.net/index.php?showtopic=185
30 Dec 12, 11:05 PM
bird: i dont know if i have much to offer in the way of gifts though lol
30 Dec 12, 11:05 PM
bird: thank ya. ;D
30 Dec 12, 07:28 PM
Heather: Welcome! :)
30 Dec 12, 05:25 PM
bird: i really like this idea. c: joiningg.
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