31 Mar 17, 08:36 AM
Sarah: Madrone and Agents of Good Roots are two of my favorite former local bands... you should include them :)
21 Dec 14, 10:04 AM
Gameidiot: portal game easy baru
31 Oct 14, 01:28 PM
Hunter: Wow, I thought I knew the scene. I havent heard of most of the bands you've listed. Theres been a great rockabilly scene in the past. Vim Vigor Vitality, Red Skulls, Star City Wildcats, Woody Nelsons.
23 Oct 14, 10:27 AM
mary: Looking up RK music and came to this. I was around the Iroquois in the late 80's/90's and it was pretty incredible. So many shows packed with locals. Thee Wanderers and Swank got signed. A story maybe
21 Oct 14, 03:31 PM
Jab: You've forgotten a lot of bands from the late 80's- early 90's. Thee Wanderers, Pleasure Void, Swank, Fast Passion, Fear of Ghosts, Vim Vigor Vitality, Sudden Dismissal,. Facebook YouTube research
21 Oct 14, 03:26 PM
Jab: You have forgotten a lot of great/ good bands. Thee Wanderers 1988-1994 acebook),
17 Mar 14, 03:34 PM
Jane Gabrielle: Jane Powell
17 Mar 14, 03:34 PM
Jane Gabrielle: Elmer Coles
17 Mar 14, 03:34 PM
Jane Gabrielle: Radar Rose
17 Mar 14, 03:33 PM
Jane Gabrielle: my blog has some info: http://thesoundcheckthevalleyblend.blogspot.com/2012/09/curley-ennis-august-2012.html
17 Mar 14, 02:50 PM
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
3 Jan 13, 07:08 PM
Ted: All of the Wading Girl stuff used to be available at Uneasy Records. Check out www.sewntogetherrecords.com for a bunch of free local music!
29 Nov 12, 05:17 PM
Brandon: in regards to last post just email me at brandon.trainer@gmail.com if you want it
29 Nov 12, 05:16 PM
Brandon: I have albums by Dr Teeth (Bayside Tigers), Falls Version, and DHL if anyone is interested and remembers late 90's/01's music
29 Nov 12, 01:54 PM
Matt: I will look into that for sure. Thank you
29 Nov 12, 01:54 PM
Matt: That's a good suggestion, Nash. I know with Wordpress there is a way to hide things "after the jump" so maybe I can do that on Blogger as well
29 Nov 12, 01:16 PM
Nash: Is it possible to hide all of the album details and have links to the content of each? It would look much more clean if there was a list of bands with links to the album and info
26 Nov 12, 02:18 PM
Matt: Download Integration—awesome early 90s Roanoke punk!
19 Nov 12, 09:16 PM
Matt: I don't want to play favorites, but everyone should download the Fallout stuff. It's awesome. Wish I had the rest of the It's All Over Now record
19 Nov 12, 01:26 PM
Cyberassault: sup matt, just checkin out the page, nice work, keep it up
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