25 Dec 14, 05:26 AM
LuX: luxury life, luxury self, jom blogwalk
28 Nov 14, 02:09 AM
nicky: iPad Air 2 launched
8 Oct 14, 04:45 PM
steve: is there a way to make mcdiarmid look more accurate - i.e. by removing most of the fans?
21 Jun 14, 02:48 AM
Rangers: would you post Ibrox park? :)
12 Apr 14, 08:21 PM
XXX: Please create Maldives National Stadium
19 Mar 14, 03:34 PM
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
26 Jan 14, 11:11 AM
Marco_Unico: Hi master! It's possible that you released your brilliant Tynecastle Stadium of Hearts? I would very appreciated... Looks fantastic! Cheers!!!
23 Dec 13, 02:01 AM
Daniel: Hello friend do me a favor Might Might create the stadium Alfredo di Stéfano's Real Madrid Castilla please i need this stage I'll appreciate too
14 May 13, 06:01 AM
Ross: where is the dt07 folder?
20 Mar 13, 09:59 PM
Grkn Design®: Mate, can you give this Ewood park baked texture shadow combined, with this file we can change turf easily
3 Mar 13, 11:34 AM
Shawminator: on the length of time it depends on the stadium, ive got most of the spl stadiums allready made but need to be imported to blender and lightmapped.
3 Mar 13, 11:33 AM
Shawminator: i dont think ill be making any more spl stadiums as there doesnt seem to be an spl patch, i dont see the point in creating stadiums for teams not in the game.
16 Feb 13, 08:39 AM
Ross: Hi mate will you be making tynecastle for pes? also how long roughly does it take to make the stadiums
15 Feb 13, 10:54 PM
rebel: cheers for your time m8
13 Feb 13, 11:56 PM
Shawminator: head over to evo-web and u can find out all about it in the editing forums
13 Feb 13, 11:56 PM
Shawminator: u need kitserver to read the files or more importantly jenkey1002 gameplay tool with stadium server
12 Feb 13, 06:10 PM
rebel: what do i need to read the files m8 ?
12 Feb 13, 12:42 AM
Shawminator: ive just upped the stadiums again in stadium server format, hopefully that will be a bit easier as all stadiums are in seperate folders
12 Feb 13, 12:41 AM
Shawminator: depends on what youve got to read bin files as default
12 Feb 13, 12:41 AM
Shawminator: when extracted it will be bin files,
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