CHaushev3D: Cheers Mate ! :) :)
jurgen: SKRRRRRT
saaaa: sa
NoXX: A bit forgot about posting it here ,its free now :)
DaBlub: hi :) any news about the Audi 80 B4? :) best regards from germany :)
Dave: Hi, much new post on my site, visit :D
berkut: yo, mby u can rel e39 touring rear m-bumper?
NoXX: contact me on skype ,and i will tell you :) Hi, can I ask you how to convert cars from gta sa to drift streets japan?
dank: 420
Dave: Ohh, i se You have me on fav :D THX :D
Dave: Nice Audi dude :O Add to fav ? :D
DeathPunch Custom:
DeathPunch Custom: Add me back?
NoXX: if you want to buy ,then contact me on skype....
NoXX: maybe
Annonyme: If it look pretty , maybe around 20Eur.
NoXX: How much you can offer?
Annonyme: What price ?
NoXX: maybe
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