09/14/15 07:38 AM
Dottie: Do we vote today Sept. 14?
05/26/15 08:25 PM
03/25/15 07:36 AM
Dottie: I voted for the best website
03/20/15 05:47 AM
Aleid: Congratulations to the winners
03/19/15 11:47 AM
Dottie: I voted for who I think has the best website in this level
03/16/15 06:27 AM
Aleid: I voted for my Friends in this level
03/10/15 09:59 AM
Aleid: voted for my Friends
02/18/15 08:48 PM
Dottie: I live in New Orleans. Our Mardi Gras was on Tuesday. I did not vote, because of that Holiday.
12/08/14 11:24 AM
Desertflower: Cannot vote for no one, there is no checkbox there!!!
10/06/14 10:41 PM
Demonosia: My apologies for the typo, Patty.... It has been fixed *smiles*
10/05/14 02:18 PM
Patty: Hi, just wanted to let you know that the Dragon's Lair is on the Mysts of Lore team
09/26/14 09:20 AM
Patty Duffy: Thank you so much hugs Patty :biggrin:
03/10/14 05:17 PM
Dottie: Ok Ok The level is closed this week for lack of fighters
03/10/14 05:14 PM
Dottie: I just refreshed the page and still no squares to check on the alchemist page. I
03/03/14 10:23 PM
Demonosia: Try refreshing the page Dotiie - the check boxes are there *smiles*
03/03/14 03:16 PM
Dottie: can't vote here because I don't see a voting square to check.
03/02/14 12:21 PM
Jackie ONeil: I guess am dead in the water somewhere, maybe the computer finally got to me and has extricated me.
02/19/14 01:06 AM
JackieO: I am totally lost but will find my way hoome thanks.
02/07/14 10:46 AM
JackieO: Have a wonderful weekend.
02/02/14 11:35 PM
Jackie ONeil: Am I doing it right, doesn't feel right, thanks
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