18 Feb 15, 07:05 PM
Kumar: Thank you pastor your site, which is a greater blessing to me.
3 Aug 14, 01:02 AM
Brother Dan: Your blog blesses me and inspires me. thanks
14 Jul 13, 05:07 PM
Pastor Mark: Thank you Jr. Dan. God has been very good to Pastor Francis and me in helping us developing this site. Please use this resource to help you grow as a Christian and help others to find God's Love.
12 Jul 13, 11:18 PM
Jr.Dan: Dear Pastor Thank you very much for posting Christian Movies for children. I love to watch at your site.
2 Jul 13, 04:30 AM
Pastor Mark: Dear Sridhar: thank you for your kind comments. We work hard and pray for our readers throughout the world.
11 Jun 13, 09:06 PM
Sridhar Babu G: Beloved Ps.Francis Varakumar Battula : I am praising God for this increadable work is done thru you and Ps.Mark;Its my prayer that May God stengthen you to reach many more souls thru this blog. AMEN
28 Apr 13, 10:19 PM
Pas. Francis: Thank you bro Nani for your encouraging words, surely the other 2 points what the Lord is going to speak will be posted soon.
28 Apr 13, 07:44 PM
Nani: Encouraging sermon from Pastor Francis and i'm waiting for two other left over points! Thank u Pastor :)
1 Mar 13, 12:59 AM
Pastor Mark: That is we will all meet together and talk about our love for the LORD JESUS.
1 Mar 13, 12:57 AM
Pastor Mark: Thank you Nani, Nelson, Varaalu for your kind comments. May the Bless each of you as you serve The Lord JESUS in your countries. We will allergy one day in Heaven
23 Feb 13, 07:13 PM
Nani: As per this(“IT IS GOOD FOR US TO BE HERE”) sermon; Even this site is "Mountain top Experience for me". I'm blessed!
2 Dec 12, 06:24 PM
nelson francis: i like very much. praise the lord
28 Nov 12, 09:46 PM
Pastor Mark: Thank you Varaalu. What country are you writing from. I appreciate all the nice comments that come in. Let me know if there is anyway you see to improve our website
17 Nov 12, 04:04 PM
Varaalu: Thank you for your messages that is strengthening my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ
12 Nov 12, 11:10 PM
Nancy: I :) like your site. :)
12 Nov 12, 11:08 PM
Nancy: Thank You - We are reaching many people for the Lord Jesus Christ.