06/24/18 05:08 PM
Graycee: You're no fun Twy..Need to hear lotsa BOOM! :grhi:
06/24/18 07:57 AM
Twylyght: Thanks girls and GM all. Have a blessed Sunday.
06/24/18 12:08 AM
Bubs: I like it too Twylyght! :danc:
06/23/18 08:56 PM
itsmcy: Like the 4th of July theme!
06/23/18 01:23 PM
Twylyght: Thanks Graycee. The fire-crackers are off limits missy. LMAO
06/23/18 11:59 AM
Graycee: Very pretty in here Twy...I feel like setting off fire-crackers! :lmao1: Where are they?
06/23/18 06:38 AM
Twylyght: Happy Saturday girls. Stay in out of the heat!
06/23/18 06:38 AM
Twylyght: Stluee, I've had it many times and it does suck! I hope you are over it now.
06/22/18 07:36 PM
stluee: I have bronchitis for 2 weeks.Missed a week of work.Its hot when I work makes this thing even more miserable.I hope no one here has gotten it.
06/22/18 04:40 PM
Twylyght: YW gf and :tgif1: to you 2
06/22/18 01:23 PM
Bubs: HAPPY :tgif1:
06/22/18 01:22 PM
Bubs: Luv it Twylyght! :danc: THANK YOU! :hug2:
06/22/18 08:33 AM
Twylyght: Graycee & Bubs PU http://taggersrealm.forumotion.com/t1390-4th-of-july-verymany-pu#24781
06/22/18 08:31 AM
Twylyght: GM Ilona. The same to you hunni.
06/22/18 08:10 AM
ILONA: Good morning ladies, wishing you a bright and sunny day :grhi:
06/22/18 06:53 AM
Twylyght: :tgif1: :Dnnc1: :Dnnc1: Are you ready for the weekend?
06/21/18 04:08 PM
Graycee: Well, good afternoon all...Child-sitting... :mad1:
06/21/18 12:48 PM
Twylyght: 4VM th pf July WWO Pick Up http://taggersrealm.forumotion.com/t1390-4th-of-july-verymany-pu#24747
06/21/18 11:53 AM
Twylyght: :hrhg: Ilona
06/21/18 07:07 AM
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