12/13/17 11:47 AM
Graycee: Good day folks..Stay warm my friends.. :tss: Chilly here in warm Florida!
12/13/17 11:05 AM
ILONA: Happy Hump Day ladies!
12/13/17 07:37 AM
Twylyght: Happy Hump Day ladies. Nightmusk, enjoy your outting.
12/13/17 03:06 AM
Catsmum: Happy Wednesday will be out all day be back later
12/12/17 07:50 PM
Bubs: A Good Tuesday evening to everyone! :grhi:
12/12/17 08:56 AM
Twylyght: GM Iloan. It's chill here as well. :xhpy:
12/12/17 08:45 AM
ILONA: Morning ladies! It's another chilly day at my homestead.. :xwv:
12/12/17 07:42 AM
Twylyght: Happy Tuesday NIghtmusk.
12/12/17 07:39 AM
Catsmum: Happy Tuesday all very very cold here in the UK
12/12/17 07:34 AM
Twylyght: Hello this crisp/cold Tuesday morning. You all stay warm!
12/12/17 07:33 AM
Twylyght: Dang Graycee that's gonna keep ya busy!
12/11/17 03:05 PM
Graycee: Crazy day..Email is sending me 4 of everything from day 1 and I had over 4000+ emails this a.m. Grrrr :dm:
12/11/17 07:16 AM
Twylyght: Babydoll1963 , you quack me up! :glol:
12/11/17 07:16 AM
Twylyght: TGIM! :plx: Bubs GF I know what you are going through! Take care of yourself the best you can.
12/11/17 12:49 AM
Bubs: Hello everyone! My sinus/allergies are driving me crazy BUT there are worse things to live with so I shouldn't complain. Have a great new week! :ghh:
12/10/17 08:30 PM
Babydoll1963: :lolx: Remind me to hang out with a group of Floridians in the cold more often... you two are cracking me up!!!
12/10/17 06:40 PM
Babydoll1963: Maybe Graycee is thinking more of the Bahamas - but they don't seem to have a much better time with hurricanes from what I see...
12/10/17 06:12 PM
Twylyght: LMAO @ you Graycee. FYI More South = more hurricanes to deal with. So, stay put woman!
12/10/17 01:40 PM
Graycee: I'm not built for this 46 degree weather in Fla...I quit! Going more South! Ha :lolx:
12/10/17 11:38 AM
Twylyght: We haven't seen 32 degrees here in years. Floridians aren't build for that kind of cold. lol
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