08/19/17 05:02 AM
Twylyght: GM ladies. I'm proud to announce your vote have gotten us our 1000 vote award! Thanks for hose vote and please do keep voting for our group. :hrhg:
08/19/17 05:00 AM
Twylyght: Hang in there gf and get well very soon!
08/19/17 03:48 AM
Bubs: I'm getting there slow but sure Twylyght...thanks for asking. xo Enjoy the weekend everyone! :ghh:
08/18/17 01:17 PM
Twylyght: LOL Graycee you are just having so mch fun.
08/18/17 12:19 PM
Graycee: All cooked out..Now waiting for all the ppl to come home to celebrate Olivia & Justin's BD..Kelly cooking spagetti..Not on the diet..Hmmm :jfj: I'm dogsitting for Ammo
08/18/17 05:53 AM
Twylyght: :tgif1: :rb1: :rb1:
08/18/17 05:52 AM
Twylyght: Hey gf. How you feeling?
08/18/17 12:05 AM
Bubs: Hello everyone! Another week almost over! Enjoy your Grandson Graycee! :danc:
08/17/17 12:01 PM
Twylyght: YAY Graycee!
08/17/17 11:00 AM
Graycee: Hi Ladies..Saying hi..So excited my grandson is home after 3 years.. :danc: & now I have to go cook for the week.. :Smll:
08/17/17 08:15 AM
Twylyght: Hi Ilona. The same to you dear. :h1:
08/17/17 07:46 AM
ILONA: :hi1: ladies, have a wonderful day.. :h1:
08/17/17 05:40 AM
Twylyght: :ggm: Realmers! Have a good day. :ghh:
08/16/17 11:13 AM
Twylyght: :hid: Ilona & Graycee. Graycee it's about 12:15 pm and I see no ads.
08/16/17 10:58 AM
Graycee: GM I see lotsa ads...is this me? :cof: or do I just need coffee?
08/16/17 07:08 AM
ILONA: Morning ladies, have a fun filled day.. :h1:
08/16/17 05:04 AM
Twylyght: GM & happy Hump Day. You all have a fantastic day. :ghh:
08/15/17 12:42 PM
Twylyght: Howdy Ilona and Graycee.
08/15/17 09:33 AM
Graycee: GM ladies...Excited to see my grandson tomorrow...Weee Need coffee now tho... :cof:
08/15/17 08:21 AM
ILONA: Morning ladies, wishing you a wonderful day.. :h1:
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