06/28/17 12:49 PM
Twylyght: Hey girls!
06/28/17 12:21 PM
Bubs: We sure did T j! :danc:
06/28/17 10:53 AM
Temptress: wheee... we made it to HUMP DAY --- YAY!!!
06/28/17 07:29 AM
ILONA: :hhi: Happy Hump Day ladies!
06/28/17 05:56 AM
Twylyght: Happy Hump Day TR family.
06/28/17 05:55 AM
Twylyght: So true sis. lol
06/27/17 09:01 PM
Temptress: that's alright sweetie - we all days like that - right ??? :danc: :awww: :kiss: :grin1: :h1: :j4j:
06/27/17 02:40 PM
Twylyght: :tcap: I'm a real loon today. lol
06/27/17 01:56 PM
Graycee: What happened to today=Tuesday...I'm already confused... :help:
06/27/17 01:31 PM
Temptress: rut-row - what happened to WEDNESDAY ??? did you sleep thru day and night sis ... :panic: :lmao1: :smmdi:
06/27/17 01:10 PM
Twylyght: Happy Thursday sis.
06/27/17 10:22 AM
Temptress: happy TUESDAY friends and neighbors around the globe... have a wonderful day and stay outta the heat - if you can :)
06/27/17 06:34 AM
Twylyght: :hi1: ladies. Back at y a Bubs. No real bad storm Tj just. :)
06/27/17 12:31 AM
Bubs: Enjoy your Tuesday gf's! :ghh:
06/26/17 03:41 PM
Temptress: you stay clear of those windows shaking sweetie - hope it is nothing SEVERE just some thunder rumblings - but no storms :grin1:
06/26/17 01:30 PM
Twylyght: http://taggersrealm.forumotion.com/t407-couple-of-things Just chaning some stuff.
06/26/17 01:12 PM
Twylyght: Been storming here today. Some window shaking thunder. I love it.
06/26/17 01:11 PM
Twylyght: Good afternoon girls. That's good new on your m-in-law.
06/26/17 11:18 AM
Temptress: honey - I'm home again ... all went well at the doc for m-in-law today - just needs a couple meds **tweaked** and all is good :ty2: :grin1: :h1:
06/26/17 08:07 AM
Graycee: GM.. I Hope you have a wonderful & I will as soon as I have :gmcof: :cof: coffee
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