hulkster: Let us all rejoice, for the Cheifs have been defeated.
jaxthejester: Lynch is ejected from the game. How the mighty have fallen. Should have stayed a Seahawk!
Replicant: from his home, I bet he is blocked from there. It seems like he can post here only from specific wifi spots.
Replicant: To let you know about K'un. Not sure if he can post anywhere at anytime. It looks like his random chats here are from "certain" wifi spots, at certain places. THe usual wifi that he used
Replicant: I was asking all of you before how you're doing? Sal responds CHIEFS. Guess he isn't doing that well
Replicant: I'm not K'un btw. I am wondering what happened with him lately. I'm a replicant version of him
Replicant: You're going to erase this Cbox cuz of the possibility that this retired poster will post again? That sounds weak on your parts
Replicant: You would be cretins to actually erase the cbox for some posts made by K'un, every once in a while.
Replicant: Cbox won't be gone
Mr. Awesome: BALLS
Doc: come retire me hotshot
Doc: so sad
Mr. Awesome: What are you going to do when the cbox is gone? Stare at the screen and cry?
Replicant: see you all soon
Replicant: they should be...retired
Replicant: @Lion. What should be retconned on this forum, is the acct of Mr.A and Doc.
Replicant: hahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha
Replicant: There are only two asshats talking here. Mr.A and Doc
Doc: what an excellent idea
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