10 Aug 17, 23:37
Annette: I'm glad you like it Julye. Have fun playing and I look forward to seeing what you create using your new stash! :)
9 Aug 17, 20:41
Julye: Hi Anette just wanted to say thankyou for my lovely prize for Squirrels not sorandom challenge it arrived today and I can't wait to play thankyou
5 Jul 17, 23:21
Sonia: Interesting site, and lovely ideas, I do not have a Shilliette though, but it was fun looking. 0)
5 Jul 17, 23:20
Sonia: Thank you Annette, your help and advice is much appreciated. :)
2 Jul 17, 00:03
Annette: And the sleeve was made to size by making a box half a cm deep and a full cm wider than the height of the pop-up box so it slid inside easily.
2 Jul 17, 00:01
Annette: Sorry Sonia. The other link was meant to be this one..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRVN8EMwHUA
1 Jul 17, 12:39
Sonia: yours in the 'Surprise' Card - I think you called it a pop up sleeve. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, many thanks for your advice. Sonia x
1 Jul 17, 12:38
Sonia: Hi Annette, Thanks for the link, I think they are both the same tutorial. Can I ask, do you have any ideas for the envelope/ sleeve, that you made? I love your one and would like to make on like
1 Jul 17, 03:02
Sonia: Thank you Annette, I will try these.
1 Jul 17, 00:02
Annette: Hi Sonia, thanks for your comments. There is a great template here (http://myhydeaway.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/a-pop-up-cube-card-with-template.html) and .......
1 Jul 17, 00:01
Annette: ..... and a great little tutorial here (http://myhydeaway.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/a-pop-up-cube-card-with-template.html).
30 Jun 17, 15:32
Sonia: Hi, I love your 'Surprise' box and tag. what are these called please? Are there any tutorials and templates available? I would love to try this, Thanks, Sonia x :biggrin:
29 Mar 17, 20:53
Annette: Hi Michelle, no I don't think it is available any more which is a shame as it's one of my all time favourites.
27 Mar 17, 23:18
Michelle Stamps: Is the Snow Cute LOTV stamp still avaailable
8 Mar 17, 20:41
Annette: Hi Tami, sorry I've not been online for a couple of days. I usually use the same colours for my criters, Antique Linen, Brushed Corduroy and a dab of Gathered Twigs. I use Tattered Rose for blush.
3 Mar 17, 05:36
Tami: (Continued from previous quest) Especially colors used on hedgehogs. Thank you so much!
3 Mar 17, 05:33
Tami: Hello! I love your watercoloring with the reinkers! Could you please tell me what colors you used on the animals in this post: http://nettyscards.blogspot.ch/2016/10/critter-trio.html
1 Jan 17, 17:30
Annette: Thanks Jo, your comments made me smile. Happy New Year to you too. xx
1 Jan 17, 14:24
Jo: Love your blog and stunning cards. Just wanted to say Happy New Year and I your New Years resolutions made me giggle. All the best xx
6 Dec 16, 20:42
Annette: Hi Colleem. Sorry it took me a while to reply, but there's a template on my blog today with the sizes I use. Let me know how you get on. xx
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