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14 Jul 15, 10:56 AM
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9 Dec 14, 09:11 AM
hannahjap: (Totally forgot it was admins only)!
9 Dec 14, 09:10 AM
hannahjap: I've edited the permissions for the news forum for now so that all members can reply to topics there
9 Dec 14, 04:00 AM
Daenerys: I wish I could reply, Hannah, but I dont have enough priviliges to answer that topic?
8 Dec 14, 08:33 AM
hannahjap: Could members please go and look at this post - http://pixel-princess.net/index.php?showtopic=6940
16 Nov 14, 10:12 PM
Mary: Looking forward to seeing your new art Mirella!
13 Nov 14, 06:40 AM
Mirella: I am very excited to show my latest works. :D *Been busting her hump off with her art*
11 Nov 14, 09:46 PM
hannahjap: Looking forward to it, then. :)
11 Nov 14, 09:09 AM
Mirella: I'm planning to make an art dump. Not just pixel art but also one for my drawings too.
11 Nov 14, 08:24 AM
hannahjap: Do post everything you make! :D
11 Nov 14, 06:39 AM
Mirella: Very true. I've been using doll makers to help create appearances for my oc's so soon i'll start. x3
11 Nov 14, 03:32 AM
hannahjap: I'd suggest just making and making, practice is the best teacher. :)
10 Nov 14, 11:03 AM
Mirella: I am back from hiatus, but I idea where to start on my art since i really hate how I shade x.x
21 Oct 14, 06:11 AM
hannahjap: I'll probably think about posting the Christmas wishlist forum soon, as usual.
30 Jul 14, 06:42 AM
hannahjap: Ugh it's so hot here at the moment! o___o;;
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