5 Sep 17, 04:50 PM
Rodef: I just downloaded PS and logged in for the first time in 5+ years!
8 Apr 15, 12:48 PM
Moja: Also, she told me that another character recently brought up the yellow handkerchief... Didn't think yellow handkerchiefs were still around in Yliakum :what: ... But, again: good to hear :D !
8 Apr 15, 12:45 PM
Moja: And it was good to hear that :nod:
8 Apr 15, 12:44 PM
Moja: Well, reading here it seems you aren't :| - But I finally logged for a while, a few days ago, and Estaga told me she met TheOne guild's founder, and he was trying to rebuild it...
13 Feb 15, 01:30 PM
Moja: Hi Rodef :greet: ... So, are you back to PS?
8 Feb 15, 01:55 AM
Rodef: Okay, so Planeshift works on my computer now, and I'm going to start playing again. Unfortunately, my computer's playing up a bit. Hopefully if I leave it off for a couple of hours, that will fix it.
7 Feb 15, 12:59 PM
Rodef: It seems the guild's kinda inactive these days - but I plan to return! Hopefully some of you will return with me!
8 Nov 14, 01:01 PM
Jawir: Honestly (and unfortunately) we are not very much active nowadays. I hope in the future things will be different! :desert:
30 Oct 14, 07:27 AM
TheOneGuild: :what2: Is the guild still active in Yliakum? Are Peers still using this forum? :what2:
14 May 14, 05:02 AM
Moja: ... still not playng :/ ... but hello all, Onesies :greet:
26 Mar 14, 01:14 PM
Jezzi: I've been hiding in the DR for a while. Looking for new recipes! :)
7 Feb 14, 04:07 AM
Moja: [ :unsu: ]
5 Feb 14, 07:56 PM
Jawir: Jezzi, where is Jezzi? I was used to see her always online! :dunno:
5 Feb 14, 04:43 PM
Laros: Laros pins a note on the guildhouse door that says: “Yen has severe issues NOT in a physical sense. Talk to ‘er before she could do anything stupid, fer Laanx’s sake!”
30 Jan 14, 07:08 AM
Yen: It's so lonely...
21 Jan 14, 06:30 AM
eardstapa: aw rodef sorry you're going so soon. take good care, have a great gap year and say hi when you are online :)
16 Jan 14, 08:34 AM
Rodef: However, after my gap year, I will be back and trying to play regularly - rest assured that I haven't forgotten about you
16 Jan 14, 08:34 AM
Rodef: Happy New Year everyone - my client's still not working, and I'm going away in less than 2 weeks, so this is probably goodbye for now
2 Jan 14, 02:36 PM
Jawir: Welcome back E, and happy new Year little Ones! :)
2 Jan 14, 07:17 AM
Moja: Welcome back, Eardstapa :greet: ! And, yes, happy new year everyone :nod: !
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