22 Mar 18, 10:47 AM
Babs: You are very welcome Janet glad you like it.
5 Mar 18, 12:42 PM
janet: Your work is terrific. Thank you so much for sharing Prayers for you
5 Mar 18, 12:20 PM
Babs: You are very welcome
22 Feb 18, 09:01 PM
Babs: Thanks I got your email. I appreciate the tag so much
22 Feb 18, 09:00 PM
Babs: You are welcome Duskie
19 Feb 18, 02:05 PM
LadyDragus: i sent you an emal @Babs
16 Feb 18, 01:15 AM
Duskie: Thanks a bunch for the awesome masks ♥
11 Dec 17, 11:24 AM
Babs: Thanks Sue I fixed the Links.
8 Dec 17, 02:16 PM
LadyDragus: you have a tag and I used a mask
8 Dec 17, 10:40 AM
Sue: You have a kit that the links do not work here 2012 CHRISTMAS KIT FREEBIE Part two Thank you so much
8 Dec 17, 10:37 AM
Sue: Thank you so much for your kits I am sending prayers to you to I hope by now you are doing better
31 Oct 17, 09:09 AM
Babs: Thanks so Much Alice I sure appreciate your prayers.
28 Oct 17, 09:14 PM
Alice: Prayers going up for you Babs
24 Oct 17, 08:46 PM
Alice: Thanks Babs for your Halloween kit. Used it to get my mojo back lol.Hope your feeling much better. :)
22 Aug 17, 09:04 AM
Babs: Anita you are very welcome. didn't mean to skip over you so sorry.
22 Aug 17, 09:03 AM
Babs: Tanja, you are very welcome I enjoy creating them.
22 Aug 17, 09:03 AM
Babs: Heather you are very Welcome.
15 Aug 17, 05:46 AM
Tanja: Thank you so very much for all you awsome and breathtaking Kits! And for share them for free!
13 Aug 17, 07:29 PM
Anita Evans: hank you so much for sharing all of your fabulous work! It is so appreciated! Have a wonderful eveni
8 Aug 17, 07:14 PM
Heather: TYVM for the Coffee Time kit♥
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