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26 Feb 21, 07:13 PM
M S Khan: Today is th
26 Feb 21, 07:16 PM
M S Khan: Today is my enrollment day. 1/1977. P V Rao have you joined the veterans w/group 1/77. If not send your wtsapp no.
26 Feb 21, 08:25 PM
H.Capt.SubramaniyanAOC: Dear veterans, As far as veterans who are filing ITR, financial year is closed and can get ready to file. This time there will not any extension beyond 31 Jul 2021 the last of filing ITR.
26 Feb 21, 08:37 PM
Chandra: Sir,,jan 21 cpi pl
26 Feb 21, 09:06 PM
Earnest Fernando: Good evening . I am ex Airforce Sgt. My service number 258421. My DOB 04-06-1944. My DOD 30-04-1944. I have already submitted Joint Notification years ago. Till date I have not received my ePPO . Every time I visit the web site. But web site says your ePPO not received. Please help me. What should I do.Thanking you.
26 Feb 21, 09:08 PM
PandeyRB: Chandra Ji , CPI No for Jan 2021 is 118.2
26 Feb 21, 09:21 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @Earnest Fernando Sir, your post is not clear. DoDisc is wrong. Secondly, Are you in possession of Corr PPO notifying your spouse name and date of birth? If you are having JN Corr PPO and original/initial PPO no need to worry. You can wait for your e'ppo.
26 Feb 21, 09:25 PM
Earnest Fernando: Please amend to read my DOD as 30-04-1984
26 Feb 21, 09:29 PM
Earnest Fernando: My spouse name and her DOB is already incorporated in the PPO.
26 Feb 21, 09:33 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @ Earnest Fernando Sir, no need to keep yourself worried for the sake of e'ppo. Maximum veterans haven't got and those who have got are with mistakes. Hope your e'ppo is issued in due course of time without any errors!
26 Feb 21, 10:12 PM
P v Rao: Hello M S Khan. I am from 1/ 77 intake. I am not aware of w/ group 1/77. WhatsApp no is 9394543278.
27 Feb 21, 06:30 AM
Hony Flt Lt M. R. Sarkar: Good morning to all veteran brothers and vir narees. Have a nice day.
27 Feb 21, 08:38 AM
Hony Capt NS Thapa: Good morning dear veterans. Have a nice day and nice week end.
27 Feb 21, 11:40 AM
Cpl DVenkateswarlu: Good afternoon to all veterans
27 Feb 21, 12:14 PM
Prem ex Army: Good afternoon to all respected veteran brothers and have a nice day
27 Feb 21, 02:49 PM
rrk: hi......I am W.O. RAMAKRISHNAN..58th Intake of 3GTS.
27 Feb 21, 02:53 PM
rrk: 1960 March Intake
27 Feb 21, 03:19 PM
RCSarkar: WO Ramkrishnan Sir, good afternoon. I am Cpl Sarkar of 85th Intake of 3GTS 1964 March. How are you Sir, nearing super Sr Ctz. God bless you sir.
27 Feb 21, 08:27 PM
Anil Kumar: Received revised eppo. But the service pension for group X Sergeant 15 years of service is mentioned as Rs. 19404 instead of correct pension of Rs.22064. I have taken up the matter with JCDA New Delhi and they have informed that corrigendum eppo will be send to you and PDB shortly.
28 Feb 21, 05:40 AM
B V S N Rao: Good morning one and all sir
28 Feb 21, 06:03 AM
Hony Flt Lt M. R. Sarkar: Good morning to all veteran brothers and vir narees. Have a nice day.
28 Feb 21, 06:48 AM
Hav KL Mukherjee: Good Morning dear Veterans and HFO Sukumaran Sir. Have a blessed Sunday.
28 Feb 21, 07:43 AM
Hony Capt NS Thapa: Good morning dear veterans. Have a nice day.
28 Feb 21, 09:56 AM
28 Feb 21, 11:00 AM
Sub maj hony bhavishan: 28 feb 21
28 Feb 21, 11:03 AM
Sub maj hony bhavishan: Sir hony sub maj ko 7 pay comission ne kiya benefits diya hai please discuss in group
28 Feb 21, 12:03 PM
HFO BL Kalra: @SM bhavishan. You may put on SM Uniform, if a special occasion demands you to be in uniform. That's all. 7 cpc or before that 6 cpc & 5 cpc did not give any benefit to jcos granted Honorary rank after retirement, be it Indian Army, Navy or Sir Force.
28 Feb 21, 12:04 PM
HFO BL Kalra: Read
28 Feb 21, 12:05 PM
HFO BL Kalra: Read. Air Force for Sir Force.
28 Feb 21, 01:05 PM
CHIEF EDITOR: Download NAVAL SPECIAL Pensioner's PPO from below chat box & below IAF
28 Feb 21, 02:54 PM
CHIEF EDITOR: OROP case will definitly come up for hearing on 24/03/3021
28 Feb 21, 02:56 PM
CHIEF EDITOR: Since there is a court order to that effect.But there is no guarantee that it will be heard on that date that depends upon the will & pleasure of the bench on that day.
28 Feb 21, 04:09 PM
JWO RAVINDRAN.P: Down loaded my ePPO couple of days back with 20 mistakes inspite of sending my Datasheet twice ie once in October 2017and again 29 th Of last month. Last week I have contacted ePpo section and intimated the same. I was advised to complete the informations which was already fwd twice to DAV. How ever I have filled up the google form which was sent me on my email address and they have acknowledged the receipt of the same and asked me to wait for a monthe eppo to be uploaded by JCDA.
28 Feb 21, 04:15 PM
Venkatesan: Is eppo issued for family pensioners
28 Feb 21, 04:17 PM
JWO RAVINDRAN.P: Just a couple of days back received my blunder Ppo with full of mistskes. Now the problem is correction form below this site can not all the errors in the PPO. Therefore I am planning to fwd typed copy of correction form incorporsting all the mistakes. Is it the correct way to get the midtskes rectfied and get the ePPO re-issued.?
28 Feb 21, 04:18 PM
JWO RAVINDRAN.P: Read can not accomodate all the mistakes
28 Feb 21, 04:18 PM
Ex Cpl Laxman Ambulkar: sir, how to apply for ECHS card, retired in 2000 but till date not made ECHS card, how i can apply on line, presently i cant move to any polyclinic due to heart problem how i can apply
28 Feb 21, 05:28 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @ Ex Cpl Laxman Ambulkar : visit ECHS online site and register your particulars with mobile number and password. Keep record of mobile number and password. subsequently log in and apply for echs card. You need to deposit one time contribution with MRO. Deposit only old rate (R) old rate.
28 Feb 21, 05:30 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @ JWO Ravindran P : No problem if you forward hard copy. subject should be EPPO. Also you can copy the n
28 Feb 21, 05:31 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: matter in e'mal text and forward.
28 Feb 21, 05:37 PM
Sheriff: Can any one give the contact number if JCDA (AF)
28 Feb 21, 05:38 PM
Sheriff: Of JCDA(AF)
28 Feb 21, 08:14 PM
JWO RAVINDRAN.P: Thank you HFO Sukumaran sir for your guidence.
28 Feb 21, 09:48 PM
Ex Cpl Laxman Ambulkar: Thanku HFO sukumaran sir
1 Mar 21, 02:36 AM
Dharampal singh: VGm to old boots and beer naris
1 Mar 21, 06:07 AM
Hony Flt Lt M. R. Sarkar: Good morning to all veteran brothers and vir narees
1 Mar 21, 06:07 AM
Hony Flt Lt M. R. Sarkar: Have a nice day.
1 Mar 21, 07:18 AM
Sc yadav: Very Good morning to all veterans and veer naries could any one of you tell me the basic pension of 21 years service as JWO of Xgroup pre 2006 Any body from course no. 46 of Edn Instr IAF or 7/78 abnitio simen because I belong to the said corses
1 Mar 21, 07:29 AM
Sc yadav: Somebody delets maiif notknown to him I mean the admin i/c it not fair
1 Mar 21, 07:49 AM
Hony Capt NS Thapa: Good morning dear veterans. Have a nice and safe day.
1 Mar 21, 11:13 AM
Sgt. Narayanan: Kindly give me sir, the email address of JCDA(AF)
1 Mar 21, 11:46 AM
SGT GANESAN S: Sir, Please inform how many copies should be given for reimbursement of medical bill after discharge from a non empanelled hospital as claim for the amount spent
1 Mar 21, 12:53 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @ Sgt Ganesan S : Please check with your parent ECHS PC
1 Mar 21, 01:50 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @ Sgt Narayanan dcdaaf_delh.cgda@nic.in
1 Mar 21, 02:02 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @Sc yadav As per PCDFA Cir.555 Rs.10480x2.57=26933.6
1 Mar 21, 05:15 PM
Hony sub majSP Sharma EME: Only one copy of original bill. Pl keep photo copy of each bill for your record also read photo copy of prescripan by hospital and photo copy of refrall.
1 Mar 21, 05:16 PM
Hony sub majSP Sharma EME: For read read required.
1 Mar 21, 07:58 PM
K K Julka: all Medical bill have to sent through mail to your parent Polyclinic and you have record with you in yr mail.
1 Mar 21, 08:00 PM
Gabriel: When Airforce e-ppo expected
1 Mar 21, 08:54 PM
Anil Kumar: E-Mail address of JCDA New Delhi is dcdaaf-delh.cgda@nic.in
2 Mar 21, 06:38 AM
Hony Flt Lt M. R. Sarkar: Good morning to all veteran brothers and vir narees
2 Mar 21, 08:54 AM
Ex-Sgt.PK PAL: Mr. Anil kumar,and Mr.Raghavendran i want to talk to both of you please talk to me regarding erroneous eppo. my phone:9836068385.
2 Mar 21, 11:27 AM
Cpl Venkateswarlu: Good morning Veterans
2 Mar 21, 01:16 PM
Paras N Chaurasia: Good day to all veteran brothers.
2 Mar 21, 06:22 PM
SRL KUREEL: Good evening veterans
3 Mar 21, 05:44 AM
Hony Flt Lt M. R. Sarkar: Good morning to all veteran brothers and vir narees. Have a nice day.
3 Mar 21, 07:46 AM
Niranjan Lal AOC: CE sir when Army E PPO available to download on PCDA site any information please share with me
3 Mar 21, 09:04 AM
AAPADMANABH: Good morning veteran friends.
3 Mar 21, 09:21 AM
Sc yadav: Very Good morning to all veterans and veer naries Thank you very much HFO Sukumaran sir ji for information
3 Mar 21, 09:37 AM
CHIEF EDITOR: When Army EPPO is ready for upload, it will be given below chat box like Airforce & Navy.
3 Mar 21, 12:25 PM
Cpl Venkateswarlu: Good morning veterans and veer naris
3 Mar 21, 01:00 PM
Paras N Chaurasia: Good day all veteran brothers. Have a fruitful day.
3 Mar 21, 03:28 PM
SRL KUREEL: Good afternoon veterans
3 Mar 21, 05:14 PM
RCSarkar: Respected HFO Sukumaran Sir, Good afternoon.Sir, one ex NYK of y gp. Having 22 yrs service retired on 31.12.01there after he joined DSC and retired after 13 yrs 14 days service on 01 .04..17 without any pensionery benefit. Is he entitled for any pension for his second service? Now the individual expired on Nov 2020 His family pension not yet started. The family came to me for filling up the application for family pension. Family pension is authorised in original ppo but date of birth ######
3 Mar 21, 05:26 PM
RCSarkar: ####of family is not there only age is mentioned. The name spelling mistake was there . Name of family is Saraswati in PPO written as Sarswati. Though her date of birth in PAN card is agreed with the age. Adhar card date is wrong. However I have mentioned the date of birth asper PAN and copy of ppo PAN and death certificate with application today only she deposited in the bank.
3 Mar 21, 05:31 PM
RCSarkar: HFO Sir , Kindly instruct further course of action.
3 Mar 21, 05:59 PM
VTN HFO SUKUMARAN: @RCSarkar sir, he is not eligible for 2nd service pension. Min QS for second service in DSC is 15 years to earn the pension. Please get the aadhaar card also amended with DOB which should correlate with all other service documents and civil documents. Hope, you have initiated action as per PCDA Circular 535 for change in DOB/age of the family pensioner.
3 Mar 21, 06:35 PM
Hony sub majSP Sharma EME: @R sarkar : if he has served for 13 yrs and 9 months in DSC, then he is entitled for 2nd service pension as per honble SC orders. He has to approach his AFT for the same govt does not agrees but court deliver in favour of service pensioner and second pension gtd.
3 Mar 21, 07:55 PM
EX SGT BK Mukherjee: All vet sirs, ECHS Kolkata is not equiped with men materials to cater for vaccine. O ic advsised me to liaise with civil hosp for needful.
3 Mar 21, 07:55 PM
EX SGT BK Mukherjee: Thanks.
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