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16 Aug 19, 10:49 AM
PSRao: I like to know about DE is it applicable to ofp and dependents
16 Aug 19, 10:51 AM
RCSarkar: Naidu Sir, thanks for the information and clearance of my doubts.
16 Aug 19, 10:52 AM
Paras N Chaurasia MCPO I: Naidu sir, good morning.Now 15 Aug also over. Is there any reliable info on OROP revision and Min pay and MF for cgempl. Issues?
16 Aug 19, 10:54 AM
PSRao: PNC sir hopes are there but unceratinity about date of implementation
16 Aug 19, 11:11 AM
Paras N Chaurasia MCPO I: Thanks PSRao sir.
16 Aug 19, 11:18 AM
k singh: James Sir Thanks
16 Aug 19, 11:40 AM
Chandmal Bansal: Good morning all veteran brothers and veer nari have a nice day
16 Aug 19, 12:01 PM
SRL KUREEL: Good morning
16 Aug 19, 12:03 PM
16 Aug 19, 12:06 PM
16 Aug 19, 12:11 PM
A.R.Naidu: Yes we are eligible
16 Aug 19, 12:29 PM
A.R.Naidu: SK.Kureel Sir Visit Site Centralised Circuilar Information System,Under M/o Personnel, PG & Pension, D/o Pension and Pensioners Welfare
16 Aug 19, 12:30 PM
A.R.Naidu: Feed the Required Particulars
16 Aug 19, 12:45 PM
kalyanam: dual family pension is there SRL KUreel
16 Aug 19, 12:50 PM
H/Capt NN Kutty: Naidu sir, good morning. Any progress in orop case at HSC? Any chance is there the commission formed by hon defence minister submits their report today? What is the progress in cg employees meet with govt rep.
16 Aug 19, 12:52 PM
H/Capt NN Kutty: Any chance for the meeting today on min pay and mf.
16 Aug 19, 01:01 PM
A.R.Naidu: Sir good morning Sir practically no body is Lifting the Phone
16 Aug 19, 01:05 PM
prodipmondal: Good Afternoon, MF on the way, OROP2 will take time. regards , Jai Maa Durga
16 Aug 19, 01:25 PM
16 Aug 19, 01:39 PM
mariapan narayanan: 15 Aug 19, 04:05 PM G.N. Rao:Yes sir,ever state hsa it its own CPPC of any individual bank
16 Aug 19, 01:42 PM
mariapan narayanan: 15 Aug 19, 04:05 PM G.N. Rao:Yes sir,every state has it its own CPPC of any individual bank
16 Aug 19, 03:50 PM
SRL KUREEL: Thanks Naidu ji
16 Aug 19, 04:27 PM
baskar: pcda circular 625 link http://pcdapension.nic.in/pcdapension/7cpc/Circular-625.pdf
16 Aug 19, 04:41 PM
R.John Rose: Respected veterans, Good evening. I am EX Sgt John rose from tamil nadu.Kindly clarify any Exsm from tamilnadu is getting house tax exemption.If yes pl watsap the authority letter to my mobile no 9444294660.Regards
16 Aug 19, 05:08 PM
moxavier: Ref. SRL Kureel sir's post at 12.06 p m. As per CCS Pension Rules 1972 (Rule 18 GOI Decision 7 there is no limitation in Civil Pension for reemployed ESM.You can also refer to P&PW OM No.28/7/99 P&PW(B),(Vol.II) dated 11th April 2001.
16 Aug 19, 06:14 PM
Makhan singh: Naidu sir,gopala sir sat shri akal.main disabilty pen+service pension ley haha hu.sir mery death hon ton bad meri wife ko des pen milte rahe gi ja nahi .
16 Aug 19, 07:12 PM
Nar Singh Ex- Navy: No, disability pension is not applicable to family pensioners.
16 Aug 19, 07:26 PM
PandeyRB: Disability Element is not available under F/pension. Service Element is granted as FP not less than minimum pension.
16 Aug 19, 07:31 PM
An Exserviceman: Is it really difficult to calculate OROP on yearly basis? When Banks are calculating daily interests as a floating base then what is the difficulty to calculate even yearly pension? Even it is heard that every departments including the Defence civilians are getting yearly revision then why we, the ex servicemen are denied it by the government? It is really a demoralising factor.
16 Aug 19, 07:36 PM
mariappan narayanan: 16 Aug 19, 04:41 PM R.John Rose: Sir you can findout from TNREGINET website
16 Aug 19, 07:59 PM
moxavier: An ESM sir, No civilian pension is increased on yearly basis. Of course, the DA increases every 6 months. We also get this benefit six monthly.
16 Aug 19, 08:52 PM
TheDemocracyNews: https://youtu.be/RoXCACrElwo
16 Aug 19, 08:53 PM
moxavier: Ref. my post at 5.08 pm. Pl amend to read as CCS Pension Rule 19 GOI Decision 7 instead of Rule 18.
16 Aug 19, 10:22 PM
Bhusnan Sigh: Here is the advertisement in the daily news in West Bengal named Bartoman Patrica dated 9.8.
16 Aug 19, 10:25 PM
Bhusnan Sigh: 2019 that Akhil Bharati Pension Adalat will be commence through out India for Central Govt Pensioners on 23rd August,2019 from 10 am to 5 pm. Please clarify the datailing if possible what is that and how to apply
17 Aug 19, 04:21 AM
TD Kalidas: Dear Veterans, GOOD MORNING. Have a GOOD DAY.
17 Aug 19, 05:15 AM
James.c x sgt: Very good morning to all veterans and veer nari and CE sir have a good day.
17 Aug 19, 07:10 AM
H/Capt NS Thapa: good morning dear veterans. have a nice day.
17 Aug 19, 08:40 AM
mariappan narayanan: 16 Aug 19, 07:31 PM An Exserviceman:Sir ,it is true it involes mathes only, but inputs are required
17 Aug 19, 09:13 AM
Lakshmanan k: Good Morning to all respected veterans. Wish all a nice weekend.
17 Aug 19, 09:40 AM
JAMES: Good Morning to all Veterans & have a COOL Weekend
17 Aug 19, 09:46 AM
AAPADMANABH: Good morning veteran friends.
17 Aug 19, 09:47 AM
A.R.Naidu: Bhushan Singhji this Adalat not for ESM, ours is PCDA adalats , any Quiry no need to wait for , You can visit Pcda Site & lodge your quiry
17 Aug 19, 09:51 AM
A.R.Naidu: Makhan Singhji good morning Dont think about Future, we must always hope for good,She will not get DE, but see that Joint Acct; Presiste & PPO must contain all Required Details
17 Aug 19, 09:51 AM
17 Aug 19, 09:51 AM
A.R.Naidu: AAP Sir good morning
17 Aug 19, 09:52 AM
AAPADMANABH: Shall we hope some good news in the coming days.
17 Aug 19, 09:58 AM
A.R.Naidu: Sir every thing is Ready & Hav; & below will get Good benifit , Yesterday Hon.Fm. met Hon. PM. sir let us Hope in Coming days which is certain
17 Aug 19, 10:01 AM
AAPADMANABH: OK sir thats really a happy news for us.Let us wait for the circular.
17 Aug 19, 10:03 AM
Jassal61: Good morning all veterans bro & veer naries.
17 Aug 19, 10:10 AM
A.R.Naidu: First OM Sir, then matter of time Next Week we may expect DA Announcement
17 Aug 19, 10:14 AM
Sgt Walawalkar: Good morning☀
17 Aug 19, 10:18 AM
JAMES: PSR garu, DE is not applicable to OFP & dependents, OFP not consisting of DE+SE, only SE not less than Minimum Pension of 9000
17 Aug 19, 10:38 AM
BCS: Good Morning to all & wish for a happier week end.
17 Aug 19, 10:53 AM
RCSarkar: Good morning to CE Sir and all other respected Veterans brothers, & Veer Naries. Have a blessed Saturday.
17 Aug 19, 10:54 AM
An Exserviceman: @ mariappan narayanan Thank you for understanding my views. Actually I wanted to point towards the methodology of providing revision of equal yearly pension to all Gp A officers of all department. Once that can be done, it can be done for the Ex Servicemen yearly OROP revision also.
17 Aug 19, 11:14 AM
A.R.Naidu: An ESM Sir good morning there is no such equality of Pension on Yearly basis to GP A officers all are covered by CG Pension Rules
17 Aug 19, 11:26 AM
A.R.Naidu: PSR garu go through Aerial View blog an RTI reply recieved by Air. Marshal about certain CPIOs dt; 16/8
17 Aug 19, 11:46 AM
EVC Nair: Nadiu sir, good morning what is the content of cir 625.
17 Aug 19, 12:12 PM
HFO Sukumaran: PCDA circular 625 is in respect of HFOs who retired on or after 30.05.1998 but before 01.07.2014. Their pension was fixed @Rs.16090 pm from 01.7.14 to 31.12.15 and Rs 41352 from 1.1.16 onwards . Now the same is to be revised as Rs.16160 and Rs.41532 respectively. Over all arrears likely to be around 8500 Rs. For the period from 1.7.14 to 31.8.19. Monthly increase under 7th cpc is Rs.180 pm+dr.
17 Aug 19, 12:59 PM
EVC Nair: Thank you sir.
17 Aug 19, 01:31 PM
PandeyRB: An Exserviceman sir, you are incorrect. I am a retired Gr.A civil pensioner and there is no annual equalization for a y cg pensioner.
17 Aug 19, 01:34 PM
PandeyRB: Pl read any.
17 Aug 19, 01:38 PM
PandeyRB: Good Afternoon to all Veterans. ⁸
17 Aug 19, 02:08 PM
Chandmal Bansal: Good noon all veteran brothers and veer nari have a nice day. Thank you
17 Aug 19, 02:46 PM
Makhan singh: Naidu sir sat shri akal. Ok thanbad sir
17 Aug 19, 03:44 PM
MP Sharma: HFO C Sukumaran Sir, The arrears in your case will work out to INR 11912 till 31/12/19. I have already drawn 16160 & 41532 based on the orders issued by Late & Honble Ex RM Manohar Parrikar Ji.
17 Aug 19, 06:43 PM
mariappan narayanan: 17 Aug 19, 10:54 AM An Exserviceman: @ Sir ,OROP and equalisation of pension on yearly basis-The main issue here we discuss is about OROP.What ever the case may be,it can be done yearly basis or biannually or once in five years.But thepout reaquired-number f personnel retired in paricular rank and pay level is reqired from all the 3 forces of equla ranks.To do this manualy it is cimbersome.If it is computersied, then what you say is possible.
17 Aug 19, 06:45 PM
HFO Sukumaran: Thank you MP Sharma Sir.
17 Aug 19, 06:57 PM
A.R.Naidu: Sir good evening & you are Correct, but with Advancement in Programmable Computers it is not big issue the main problem will power & Dollars in the Kitty
17 Aug 19, 08:38 PM
Chief Editor: Respected MP Sharma Sir, We are all happy to see you all in the chat box. May almighty bless us to get your guidence for a long time.
17 Aug 19, 11:17 PM
DNPatnaik: Respected HFO MP Sharma sir, please welcome back to the CB with the flying colours. I hope you have improved a lot. May God continue to do so. Good night
18 Aug 19, 03:38 AM
TD Kalidas: Dear Veterans, GOOD MORNING. Have a GOOD DAY.
18 Aug 19, 06:53 AM
RCSarkar: Good morning to dear Veterans friends, respected CE Sir, AR Naidu Sir,,James Sir,Honourable HFO Sukumaran Sir, AA Padmanabh Sir. We are observing today DEVI MANOSA 'The God of Snake' some places in Bengal..
18 Aug 19, 07:06 AM
Daljeet: Good morning to all veterans.
18 Aug 19, 07:09 AM
H/Capt NS Thapa: good morning dear veterans. have a nice day and nice week end.
18 Aug 19, 07:13 AM
SCYadav: Good morning to all veterans .To my mind Modi ji is kind enough to revise OROP after 5 years at least. Others do not think about us.It will be revised and every ex serviceman will get 10 percent to 20 percent not less than this but below Sundar only Sub and will get less than 5 percent.
18 Aug 19, 07:22 AM
A.R.Naidu: Daljeet Sir & Rest good morning
18 Aug 19, 07:42 AM
Rmn: All veterans good morning
18 Aug 19, 08:08 AM
James.c x sgt: Very good morning to all veterans and veer nari and CE sir have a good day .
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