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21 Sep 17, 07:02 PM
Mohammed: Srinivasan sir your number is not in whatsup. Please forward the message in 00971508050683
21 Sep 17, 07:03 PM
pandey Sep: CE Sir,any one having the same facts can claim relief for self similar to those cases having been decided by same AFT/Hon HC.
21 Sep 17, 07:05 PM
Narla: Srinivas and Sir, Please post me the message to what's App 8008812978
21 Sep 17, 07:07 PM
pandey Sep: Decisions by quasi - judicial authority such as AFT / CAT are in personem and applicable to those are party. Any one claiming similar relief can file application in AFT.
21 Sep 17, 07:10 PM
AR.Naidu: Mohamad sir if thry give fm; 1/1/2016 then it is good
21 Sep 17, 07:19 PM
PSR: Vivek ji both are one due to different browsers it appears like that
21 Sep 17, 07:21 PM
Chief Editor: Dear Pandey Sir,CAT has specific provision for that, But I like to now about such provision in AFT rules.The Junior Advt has not understood my question & replied in a casual way
21 Sep 17, 07:21 PM
PSR: Naidu Garu for us also starting two Tobe abolished direct Cpl/Naik
21 Sep 17, 07:23 PM
AR.Naidu: PSR garu iam hoping for the same
21 Sep 17, 07:24 PM
PSR: For officers Po&Fo abolished now for civilians going to do same by abolishing level 1&2
21 Sep 17, 07:25 PM
PSR: When civil starts from 3 ours should start from 5
21 Sep 17, 07:28 PM
PSR: CE sir good evening CAT have more powers than AFT
21 Sep 17, 07:30 PM
PSR: While giving judgement on policy matters CAT gives universal judgement but AFT limits to applicants
21 Sep 17, 07:31 PM
james: Good Evening to all Veterans
21 Sep 17, 07:36 PM
SK Shrivastava: Good evening to all veterans CDA circular 585 for pre 2016 issued
21 Sep 17, 07:39 PM
PSR: No cir in pcda site
21 Sep 17, 07:40 PM
PSR: Can you please give us the link
21 Sep 17, 07:42 PM
james: PSR garu, link - http://pcdapension.nic.in/pcdapension/7cpc/Circular-585.pdf
21 Sep 17, 07:55 PM
Nar Singh Ex- Navy: Cir No. 585 for Option-1 is out addressed to Record office for E-PPO & Data sheet.
21 Sep 17, 08:02 PM
james: Dear all Veterans, no benefit in Cir 585, wait for E-PPO from PSA thru DAV/NPO/ROs of Army
21 Sep 17, 08:12 PM
PSR: As per cir para 9 your RO will do the calculations and intimate to PDA till than take rest no benefit to orop pensioners only post orop get something
21 Sep 17, 08:16 PM
srinivasans: http://www.businesstoday.in/current/economy-politics/7th-pay-commission-50-lakh-central-government-employees-may-get-minimum-pay-hike-from-january-onward/story/260758.html
21 Sep 17, 08:18 PM
Gopala: Now take rest and discuss mf till Jan 18. After that , revision of orop during 19. But nothing will be materiliased
21 Sep 17, 08:19 PM
Gopala: For DP pensioners. Unite urself and file a suit as applicable auth. Otherwise ?
21 Sep 17, 08:21 PM
PSR: This is well expected move by MoD
21 Sep 17, 08:22 PM
Gopala: Psr sir. A well knitted move by mod the same we were posted time and again
21 Sep 17, 08:22 PM
PSR: Yes sir
21 Sep 17, 08:24 PM
PSR: The benifit given by way of OROP neturlised in NP to satisfy civilians
21 Sep 17, 08:24 PM
Gopala: Srinivasan sir. Nothing new in the link. Same is flooded for days. Now u know what happened to the wup msg being discussed for days.
21 Sep 17, 08:25 PM
james: PSR garu, for BB, read Para 5 (e) fm Jan 2016
21 Sep 17, 08:25 PM
Gopala: Better we discuss about business and world affairs,
21 Sep 17, 08:26 PM
PSR: Our main problem not having a central org to fight and we never trust each other
21 Sep 17, 08:27 PM
NARAYANAN: 21 Sep 17, 04:04 PM Gopala:very good comment Sir,I welcome it
21 Sep 17, 08:31 PM
PSR: Gopala sir now no need of any organization and CB discussion this cheating will continue forever
21 Sep 17, 08:32 PM
Gopala: Psr sir. No one want to fight physically or manually which is well known to goi.
21 Sep 17, 08:33 PM
PSR: James sir they mentioned a letter no in that refer and see BB position
21 Sep 17, 08:33 PM
Gopala: Read legally in place of manually
21 Sep 17, 08:34 PM
PSR: When we asked to fight for 568 no one come forward all wants only benefits with others efforts
21 Sep 17, 08:40 PM
vivek: psr sir any hope on BB for disability pensioners as per circular 585
21 Sep 17, 08:41 PM
PSR: Vivek ji I don't think any benifit
21 Sep 17, 08:44 PM
vivek: sir please check for post 2016 circular repeated same text for pre 2016 also for disability pension. if i am not wrong
21 Sep 17, 08:46 PM
PSR: Vivek ji text my be same once your BP reduced by NP the total fig will comes to present
21 Sep 17, 08:50 PM
PSR: Applying BB on NP and without BB of MF based pensions almost equal
21 Sep 17, 08:52 PM
srinivasans: Gopala sir your forca
21 Sep 17, 08:53 PM
srinivasans: Your forecast true.its just happening that way
21 Sep 17, 08:54 PM
srinivasans: That's why defence personal dont have union
21 Sep 17, 08:54 PM
srinivasans: Unlike rlys banks others
21 Sep 17, 08:55 PM
AR.Naidu: PSR garu as of now 2.57 is best available Option
21 Sep 17, 08:56 PM
vivek: psr sir i agree with your comments. so there will be no loss and no gain. only paper work
21 Sep 17, 08:58 PM
srinivasans: Gopala sir manually is more appropriate :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
21 Sep 17, 08:58 PM
AR.Naidu: if Record can work out with in a year Veterans with more Increaments can expect some thing
21 Sep 17, 09:02 PM
srinivasans: Gopala sir goi understand that buying time will help election. So now ball in pcda to calculate it'll take 3_4mnth.verification another 2mnth by that time itsfy budget time.nxt election.
21 Sep 17, 09:04 PM
srinivasans: Aj delay tactics.nothing but to keep selective people happy
21 Sep 17, 09:05 PM
srinivasans: Jai mata di.
21 Sep 17, 09:21 PM
PSR: Where are the so-called welfare officers why they are mum
21 Sep 17, 09:25 PM
Ex SGT.C. Ranganathan: Did anyone received tax refund yet.Thanks.
21 Sep 17, 09:36 PM
Chief Editor: Any circular 586 issued today
21 Sep 17, 09:38 PM
Chief Editor: Just now I got information from one Brig that 586 issued
21 Sep 17, 09:39 PM
GOPALAN K M: srinivasan sir; ball is not in the court of PCDA but records.Now records have to prepare LPC cum Data sheet of every esm ,then submit ot PCDA which will take a lot of time.If the calculation ++
21 Sep 17, 09:41 PM
Gopala: CE sir. Clr 586 nowhere in pcda site
21 Sep 17, 09:42 PM
GOPALAN K M: ++ inrespect of any individual become wrong,wil take yrs to rectify it.That will be the end result.
21 Sep 17, 09:43 PM
Chief Editor: Gopala Sir, 585 is also not there in PCDA Site
21 Sep 17, 09:45 PM
Rk nair: RO is reqd Aadhar, PAN number of each ex's for preparation of DAta sheet. So, all exs may please intimate their details to the RO concerned for immediate action.
21 Sep 17, 09:48 PM
Rk nair: CE Sir. Gd veg. Cir 585 available in pada web site. But 586 not available
21 Sep 17, 09:48 PM
PN Chaurasia MCPO I: CE sir, I have a downloaded copy of Cir 585, if required, I may forward it to your mail.
21 Sep 17, 09:49 PM
HFO Sukumaran: CE Sir : In pcda site in Box New (view all) click the first link implementation
21 Sep 17, 09:50 PM
Gopala: Now. There are more than two lakh pensioners in Signals. How much time record office to trace out documents and prepare individual data. Say five years. Civ Clerks r in record office
21 Sep 17, 09:51 PM
Chief Editor: Dear Sir,Please give the link or by mail
21 Sep 17, 09:51 PM
HFO Sukumaran: http://pcdapension.nic.in/pcdapension/7cpc/Circular-585.pdf
21 Sep 17, 09:54 PM
PN Chaurasia MCPO I: CE sir, ref link by James at 07:42pm post.
21 Sep 17, 09:55 PM
HFO Sukumaran: CE Sir, Plse check your in box
21 Sep 17, 09:55 PM
Rajesh MCPO: hello bhai log kis kisko da ke arrears aaye hai aur kitna aaya
21 Sep 17, 10:04 PM
Chief Editor: Thank You Sukumaran Sir
21 Sep 17, 10:07 PM
NARAYANAN: 21 Sep 17, 06:50 PM Chief Editor:Need not to;It is already calrified in 5th CPC itsef.
21 Sep 17, 10:08 PM
NARAYANAN: 21 Sep 17, 09:55 PM Rajesh MCPO: Be with us as we are,why so different
21 Sep 17, 10:48 PM
R. K. Plaha: Yes I have received the tax refund under Dl 33/orop. Plaha ex CPO.
21 Sep 17, 11:14 PM
Ex SGT.C. Ranganathan: Thank you for clarification R.K Plaha sir.God bless.
21 Sep 17, 11:18 PM
srinivasans: In our golden day I remember memos stating pls expedite.now it says pls delay till further notice
21 Sep 17, 11:22 PM
srinivasans: Hope tomorrow morning sun bring good news for all .sweet dreams.good night all veterans
21 Sep 17, 11:33 PM
james: Good Night to all Veterans & Shubh Raatri