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20 Apr 18, 04:36 PM
JHARNA BANERJEE: Repeated phone and mail to DAV have failed to evoke any response. Previously due to wrong fixation by pcda making my husband rank sergeant instead of flight sergeant is causing reduced pension payment from SEP 17 and recovery of 6k pm from Oct 17. But in the new ppo stated above they have corrected the rank to JWO last held pensioned sergeant. Pl assist as pnb CPPC Kolkata will not correct the record and disburse right amount till the correct PPO arrive
20 Apr 18, 04:49 PM
Pj: Dear A R Naidu G,Thanks for confirmation.kindly update when rec'd the same.
20 Apr 18, 05:04 PM
GOPALA: Naidu sir good evng. For one hour heavy rain here
20 Apr 18, 05:12 PM
Vinoth: AR Naidu sir, Thanks for the update.
20 Apr 18, 05:12 PM
A.R.Naidu: Gopal sir at Hyd; we are having close to 41* , Pl. go through Aerial view blog w.r.t our Tables , mean while One hour break
20 Apr 18, 05:30 PM
HFL M. R. Sarkar: RC Dada I am also like you. I am 75 having one son staying abroad with family, one daughter married and busy with their life. You should have trust on your soul. It is filled with tremendous energy and strength
20 Apr 18, 05:36 PM
HFL M. R. Sarkar: and will not let you down at any circumstances try to feel it and see the msgic.Can u pl tell me where do you stay My mob No 9350101418 I am staying in Delhi
20 Apr 18, 05:38 PM
20 Apr 18, 05:45 PM
RAJA CBE: , Any ex servicemen received Disability pension arrears from CPPC, Amaravathi. Kindly intimat
20 Apr 18, 05:49 PM
RAJA CBE: SASI 1 sir Sir, Any ex servicemen received Disability pension arrears from CPPC, CHENNAI Kindly intimate thanks in advance
20 Apr 18, 06:11 PM
GOPALA: MOD or govt not in mood to release concride table or any such table in near future. Data so asked vide 585 is to time pass only. Those sent their data to their respective records is a good sign. Their date may be added with service documents. For eppos , not worry about it. When it released, PDAs will start to pay in accordance with eppos if any increase, probably nil
20 Apr 18, 06:14 PM
GOPALA: Sirs .Any info in regard to 585 by anyone may be assume as imagination only. In aerial blog, there is a response to a RTI enquiry. If it is true, no one , desw, pcda, cgda or respective receive records risk to make a table or bench whatsoever.
20 Apr 18, 06:18 PM
H/Capt.Subramaniyan: ExSgt K K Julka sir, I have seen here, people don't like advice of seniors but critisize in unparliamentary language. Therefore, once I pointed out that if any one want to comment in this chat box, they should mention their rank and age so that others know about senior veterans and respect them as expected. But a number of ExSM criticized about my idea. Mr CE sir maintaining this chat box by expending a considerable amount within his resources. Why not we all contribute for the maint of CB ?
20 Apr 18, 06:22 PM
GOPALA: Julka Sir good evng. Today at CSD canteen. One esm who attended wars from 62 to 71. Still a sep as belongs to pnr corps. And aged 79 years. There was a another one from eme, who promoted as sub at 16 yes and be hon KT at 23 years. After that a hon capt. I managed to speak with mgr of canteen, a major from madras regiment. And succeed to help him to enter the canteen out of turn
20 Apr 18, 06:24 PM
GOPALA: Sir .in a civil life, elders r treated as seniors .
20 Apr 18, 06:30 PM
GOPALA: Julka sir .am properly regd as a member with email ID .this chat box is to help others in regard to pension, Echs, canteen and other connected . here CS, karla, both hfos and him Lt sirs and lot of others who knows about the orders and instructions in regard to esm matters and try to help all .they never preach about discipline and sought the rank and janmakubdali of a chatter.
20 Apr 18, 06:43 PM
GOPALA: Sir . and about in parliamentary words. There r some four letter English words which r not acceptable by society or any device rejected it , if anyone try to impose it. Yes sir. Difference in opinion may be there, it is a nature one. When one explain it , as wrong or right, then nothing
20 Apr 18, 06:54 PM
PR: Sir if all the CDAs are manned by Babujid then our table will not be made with in 2018
20 Apr 18, 06:54 PM
PR: read as Babuji
20 Apr 18, 07:01 PM
GOPALA: Pr sir good evng. When we were on service, just obet the orders .we were not empower to anything on our own. So the babu's
20 Apr 18, 07:07 PM
A.R.Naidu: PR sir they have to prepare Pressure is mounting on them, unless CGDA Finalises the tables, then Vetting by Paycells is the Final Hurdle, so sooner or Latter tables must be out, because the tentataive date of 31/3/18 is alredy lapsed
20 Apr 18, 07:08 PM
KK: Any cie
20 Apr 18, 07:08 PM
KK: Any circular upated regarding trade up grafation in airforce
20 Apr 18, 07:17 PM
SK Shrivastava: The trade is not mentioned in ppo so all three trades of Air Force personnel are to be sent application to Record Office New Delhi for issue of corrg PPO than only PDA can make the payment.
20 Apr 18, 07:21 PM
H/Capt.Subramaniyan: May I know what is janmkubdali sir ?
20 Apr 18, 07:23 PM
SK Shrivastava: In Air Force three trades i.e Ach/GD,MTD, and one more trade have been upgraded from Gp V to Gp Y
20 Apr 18, 07:24 PM
SK Shrivastava: Read Gp IV
20 Apr 18, 07:50 PM
GOPALA: Spelling mistake. Janmakundali. May be it is called as horoscope. Sir am not here to confront with u. Being a sep in inf, try to express my feelings , the lauaƱge knows. Through AEC havs who qualified me to Hindi and English cl two
20 Apr 18, 07:55 PM
GOPALA: Capt Sab. In roman English, think am right. Just search in google
20 Apr 18, 07:58 PM
GOPALA: Sirs. Common to all. Laungage is not a proficiency but able to communicate each other. Even dump and animals communicated each other in a better way of us.
20 Apr 18, 08:05 PM
GOPALA: Naidu sir. 31.3.18 lapsed. New date is 16.5.18. Then shifted to some other dates .
20 Apr 18, 08:06 PM
HFO C Sukumaran: @JHARNA BANERJEE Madam,your 04:28 PM post -please forward your query to jovwaipensioncell@gmail.com and contact 9962100315
20 Apr 18, 08:06 PM
GOPALA: Naidu sir. Frankly am need to know , that anything due from govt? I think nothing.
20 Apr 18, 08:07 PM
GOPALA: Madam . the tele no is of Sgt mohana Rangan, the right person to contact
20 Apr 18, 08:07 PM
H/Capt.Subramaniyan: My dear Veterans, On completion of 28 years in AOC retired as Hony Capt and then worked in the Department of Sainik Welfare in Government of Puducherry till superannuation. During these period, I have read very well all these so called Orders and Instructions and By-laws of the Govt and responsibility of Kendriya Sainik Board with regard to matters related to exservivicemen and had served as Welfare Organiser to the entire satisfaction of our exservicemen community. Still we have to develop.
20 Apr 18, 08:11 PM
GOPALA: For ESm, union territories is a haven. Uoto superannuation as a capt not a hon coat. When lifted as hon Lt, no entry to offers mess and had to obey the orders of sub man, stay with jcos mess
20 Apr 18, 08:12 PM
GOPALA: Sub man
20 Apr 18, 08:12 PM
GOPALA: Sub maj
20 Apr 18, 08:12 PM
GOPALA: Error of mobile
20 Apr 18, 08:13 PM
RC sarkar: Gopala Sir, Good evening. Your assurance regarding spelling and mistake it gives me courage to write in this site.Upto this time I was afraid of writings was silence watcher of this site. Keep it upSir. Give us energy .
20 Apr 18, 08:14 PM
GOPALA: Am still to wait reply from AOC captain in regard to janmakubali
20 Apr 18, 08:16 PM
GOPALA: Sarkar sir. Here all r our bros. They will pick up the meanings , about what one intend to post.
20 Apr 18, 08:20 PM
GOPALA: Sarkar sir. Here all r bris who r ready to help . somes appears and pose as bigger one , need not be responded. Indeed there r who holds same rank, extend their knowledge of orders and instructions and try to convince to all of us. Such person be treated as our Malagas
20 Apr 18, 08:21 PM
GOPALA: Sorry . couldnt find a suitable word that time. Angels
20 Apr 18, 08:30 PM
H/Capt.Subramaniyan: Thank very much Sepoy sahab for your commendable comments about my service in the Army. I expected your praising like this way only. Once again thank you for describing the way of my working to all of our veterans. Keep on doing so and well done sir.
20 Apr 18, 08:35 PM
20 Apr 18, 08:37 PM
DP SINGH: H/Capt Subramaniayam sir v r delighted to see such face on cb and as per your carriculiam you hv rendred most of life after retirement in DSSSW ,will u pse tell for how many of ex soldiers u hv filled the dlra certificate ,how may of esm cards vr prepared outside photostudies which were unknown to u and how many of them were cleared
20 Apr 18, 08:39 PM
DP SINGH: veterns were not looted by civilians but molested by knowing some thing persons from retd army officers/or settled by any means esms any comments about it if wrong I m ready to explain
20 Apr 18, 08:44 PM
GOPALA: No sir. The words u used is to Dow ngrade. Don't know the exact word used by me.
20 Apr 18, 08:46 PM
DP SINGH: Jitna nuksan civ offrs ne nahi kiya us se jiada retd esms ,who r settled some where ,promoted in civ ests,or enganged in politics ne nahi kiya hai aur sab se jiada nuksan so called associations ne kiya hai apne GHAR BANAO aur TV par photo KHICHAO aur naam rakho AFVA
20 Apr 18, 08:50 PM
GOPALA: Sir .pension as per 7 CPC already drawn by us. Rest depend upon cg employees
20 Apr 18, 08:54 PM
GOPALA: There is a RK Nair who was discharged from service on DE . he is on Vop, to know about his DE PR nsion. Nair sir . just contact capt of aoc. He was one and all for esm at your state
20 Apr 18, 08:56 PM
GOPALA: CE sir good evng. If I goes beyond, pardon me
20 Apr 18, 09:14 PM
kavitha: Hello I am ex airmen raja sgt wife
20 Apr 18, 09:15 PM
kavitha: can i have url for ex airmen sons quotas url
20 Apr 18, 09:24 PM
GOPALA: Madam. Wait for tomoro mrng. U will get response
20 Apr 18, 09:25 PM
GOPALA: Psr sir good evng. U r watching cb. Pls reply to kavitha madam
20 Apr 18, 09:25 PM
HFO C Sukumaran: http://ksb.gov.in/
20 Apr 18, 09:36 PM
DNPatnaik: Good evening all, 510 signs have been done as of now
20 Apr 18, 09:38 PM
GOPALA: Dnp sir. U take more than two hours to count from 500 to 510
20 Apr 18, 09:40 PM
GOPALA: Good night sirs. Let me dream the amdt to 568
20 Apr 18, 10:05 PM
baldev raj ex spo: hello, all my friends on this very informative CB as i"m back after a very prolong period
20 Apr 18, 10:15 PM
baldev raj ex spo: Any naval veteran of 1/81 batch, please response
20 Apr 18, 10:23 PM
Dr.SKS(IN): Baldev Raj sir I am from 1/88 POWTR No.169366-A
20 Apr 18, 10:58 PM
baldev raj ex spo: hello, POWTR sks WONDER TO FIND YOU ON THIS cb
20 Apr 18, 11:09 PM
baldev raj ex spo: wish all on this CB a very good night & desire to be again on this a very responsive CB.
21 Apr 18, 04:16 AM
A.R.Naidu: good morning to all veterans
21 Apr 18, 04:46 AM
TD Kalidas: Dear Veterans, GOOD MORNING. Have a Nice Day.
21 Apr 18, 05:12 AM
KAMESWARARAO: Good morning Naidu garu.
21 Apr 18, 05:53 AM
GOPALA: Good mrng bros
21 Apr 18, 06:02 AM
Nar Singh Ex- Navy: Good Morning to all AFV's have a nice day.
21 Apr 18, 06:19 AM
J.Shanmugam. Ex.PO.: Good Morning to all silent watchers.
21 Apr 18, 06:53 AM
Ex Hav S C Sethi: Good morning to all veteran brother
21 Apr 18, 07:28 AM
jamax: Good Morning to all Veterans & have a COOL Day
21 Apr 18, 07:28 AM
PR: Good morning to all my dear veterans of ONE INDIA
21 Apr 18, 07:52 AM
JHARNA BANERJEE: Gopala sir, thanks for your response. I am sending my details to jovwai mail with all correspondence till date for your doing the needful
21 Apr 18, 08:01 AM
AAPadmanabh: Good Morning veteran friends.
21 Apr 18, 08:12 AM
Dr.SKS(IN): Sabhi Bhaiyo ko subhay ka Namaskar,may god bless all of us.
21 Apr 18, 08:18 AM
RPSharma: G/M all brothers, I am trying to log on the petition on IT Exemption since last 3-4 days but every time it is failing. Pl. suggest way out
21 Apr 18, 09:07 AM
HFO C Sukumaran: Good morning to all AFVs. RP Sharma Sir, plse open https://www.change.org/ and sign up either with face book account or email account with password. After registration again log in with the registered account with password and sign the petition.
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