26 Feb 21, 04:42 AM
TheNinthWave: The link to this - http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2012/04/sims-2-showtime-living-chairs-for-sims.html has been restored just now.
23 Feb 21, 07:54 PM
BabyLuna: My computer is not too old. I just like to see the polycount. It's makes me feel better ^-^* Thank you anyway. Love your site!
23 Feb 21, 01:09 AM
FrauHupfner: A lot of creator, esp. for hair, are listing the polycount because there are people who are using an older computer. It's important to a lot of people.
22 Feb 21, 05:56 PM
TheNinthWave: BabyLuna, poly counts are irrelevant unless you are on a very old system.
20 Feb 21, 08:56 PM
BabyLuna: Hi TNW! Sorry I have a request. Is it possible to list the polygon count of your objects like Michelle does? Huge thank you to you guys for all these conversion!
17 Feb 21, 03:35 AM
Shiba: I love your conversions so much!!!
14 Feb 21, 05:13 AM
Hi: Omg, best cc <3 I download cc for SIms 2, and I am really happy! This site is amazing!!!
14 Feb 21, 01:21 AM
anno: Love your conversions, thank you.
14 Feb 21, 01:20 AM
anno: TS3 Shop - Through The Spy Glass Bathroomset
13 Feb 21, 09:17 PM
TheNinthWave: What is Water Wonderland from?
13 Feb 21, 12:19 PM
Len: Hello :) I really love your work! I have a huge request :) Is it possible to convert Water Wonderland Bathtub for The Sims 2? I really enjoy this set, although I can't find the bathtub anywhere
11 Feb 21, 08:54 AM
Sims2Idea: @SSW88: I am working on it. I'll upload it asap. I will probably post it first on my facebookpage.
9 Feb 21, 11:08 PM
SSW88: Thank you for all your amazing creations! :D
9 Feb 21, 11:05 PM
SSW88: Could you make the state of Iowa as a neighborhood?
9 Feb 21, 08:12 AM
Becky: Could you add the seance table colours to the table of rage mesh? Thanks
8 Feb 21, 11:50 PM
TheNinthWave: No, I never converted that because I don't know which joints to assign to make it work. The joints are different in Sims 3.
6 Feb 21, 11:28 PM
Sarah: I was wondering if you could convert your Angel Wings for TS3 for Ts2? Both the adult & kids
28 Jan 21, 07:50 PM
TheNinthWave: Thank you Andres
28 Jan 21, 04:59 AM
Andres: Good that this page is still valid. keep contributing good content. congratulations. Greetings from Colombia
27 Jan 21, 06:14 PM
TheNinthWave: Michelle, if you see this please message me when you can
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