9 Jul 20, 07:00 PM
TheNinthWave: Here you go Shy - http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2020/07/the-sims-2-simlish-dr-simfast-slim-fast.html
9 Jul 20, 05:59 PM
TheNinthWave: The link to this - http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2011/04/sims-3-no-bills.html has (finally) been fixed.
9 Jul 20, 05:56 PM
TheNinthWave: Sure can
9 Jul 20, 03:34 PM
Shy: Would you be willing to do a SimFast instant meal replacement in Simlish? I know you did one on MTS, but I really love Simlish in game. Pretty please.
8 Jul 20, 04:11 PM
TheNinthWave: Yes, I think I can,
8 Jul 20, 09:31 AM
Jess: Thank you for all the goodies!! An chance you will do the other beds that came with ECO? (The two singles and one double?) <3
6 Jul 20, 02:55 PM
TheNinthWave: The link to this - http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2011/05/sims-2-bridge-over-troubled-water.html has been fixed just now,
6 Jul 20, 07:37 AM
Dorimega: :) :glad:
5 Jul 20, 07:33 PM
TheNinthWave: Thank you very much. I realy appreciate thanks.
5 Jul 20, 07:19 PM
Dorimega: I always click Thanks before the download. You provide us an easy way to show our appreciation. Thanks for your wonderful work!
5 Jul 20, 07:19 PM
TheNinthWave: Thank you Dorimega!
5 Jul 20, 07:01 PM
Dorimega: Welcome back TNW! So glad to see you around again!
4 Jul 20, 12:50 PM
TheNinthWave: Eceryone please hit thanks on the site before you download. It would really mean a lot to me.
3 Jul 20, 11:25 AM
TheNinthWave: I don't have those EPs anymore. I only know how to make communal showers though. I can't make one sims open at this time.
3 Jul 20, 08:14 AM
Jess: Just wondering if you would still be able to convert Fitness Stuff shower "At One With Shower" & Seasons shower "Vintage Subway Tile Shower"? <3
2 Jul 20, 05:46 PM
TheNinthWave: The Link to This: http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2011/04/sims-2-chocolate-cupcakes.html has been fixed just now
2 Jul 20, 05:37 PM
TheNinthWave: I am and thank you Jess
2 Jul 20, 04:45 PM
Jess: I am so happy you are back! :) I hope you are well!
30 Jun 20, 09:37 PM
TheNinthWave: Thank You guest
30 Jun 20, 06:38 PM
guest: welcome back theninthwave!
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