3 Jan 19, 05:35 PM
Michelle: @Siedjan - Both those links have now been fixed. Happy new year to you too hun!
3 Jan 19, 08:48 AM
Siedjan: Download link for http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2011/04/sims-2-boris-storage-set-with-tons-of.html is also broken.
3 Jan 19, 08:47 AM
Siedjan: Happy new year! The download link for http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2011/04/sims-2-natasha-storage-set-with-tons-of.html is dead.
24 Dec 18, 11:22 AM
Kim: Sorry Michelle, only just seen this, thank you!
5 Dec 18, 05:37 AM
Michelle: @Kim - Doesn't matter I finally found it and fixed the file, sorry for the mix up.
3 Dec 18, 12:24 AM
Michelle: @Kim - Sorry hun, can you please post a link to the Sims 2 Antique Wall Clock, I did find the file but I can not find the upload page.
1 Dec 18, 06:54 PM
Kim: Sorry Michelle, I wanted the S2 version lol
1 Dec 18, 06:27 PM
Kim: @Michelle. Thank you!
16 Nov 18, 06:20 PM
Michelle: @Kim - Thanks for letting me know, that link is now fixed.
15 Nov 18, 05:00 PM
Kim: Link is broken for the antique wall clock
24 Sep 18, 07:12 AM
Sketch: @Michelle No worries. :) At least there's a note for anyone who comes looking for it too. Thank you for looking into it!
23 Sep 18, 03:35 AM
Michelle: @Sketch Sorry hun, I searched but was unable to find those recolours anywhere.
23 Sep 18, 03:33 AM
Michelle: @Laura, thank you, that link has now been fixed.
20 Sep 18, 01:00 PM
Sketch: Hi - I'd like to report a broken link for the grungy BB kitchen set: http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2012/12/the-sims-2-kitchen-broken-grunge.html
20 Sep 18, 09:24 AM
Laura: I found a broken link, I don't know if you're aware of it? http://www.theninthwavesims.com/2011/05/sims-2-medieval-meal-bread.html
11 Sep 18, 11:45 AM
Marcella: @Michelle That's what I thought. Thank you. <3
11 Sep 18, 07:34 AM
Michelle: @Marcella - I just downloaded the radio, put it in my game and had no problems with it. It may be conflicting with other CC or mods in your game.
10 Sep 18, 11:36 AM
Marcella: The OLS Rock Radio for TS2 makes my sims freeze. Does anyone else have this issue?
2 Sep 18, 08:06 PM
Michelle: @gazania - Please continue to report broken links. I have now fixed the link to the alarm clock. Thank you.
24 Aug 18, 04:42 PM
gazania: NM. It's at. TSR. I should have read the comments. Sorry
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