13 Nov 17, 09:59 PM
Native New Life: Will do Valda.
13 Nov 17, 09:53 PM
Valda: Please pray for my sister Vanessa; she's been in surgery since 4:00 pm and they said they are expecting to get done by midnight
13 Nov 17, 08:57 PM
Native New Life: Hi Jana and "mom". Glad you could join us.
13 Nov 17, 08:56 PM
Janna Osterhaus and Mom: Aloha from Kona :)
13 Nov 17, 08:32 PM
Native New Life: We are so thankful for the technology that makes this possible.
13 Nov 17, 08:30 PM
Tammany George: Surprised it was warmer than Anchorage blessing for this cold country up here enjoying the music and worship I'm grateful for NNL god bless you all
13 Nov 17, 08:28 PM
Tammany George: Not today was just cloudy thank you for asking
13 Nov 17, 08:26 PM
Native New Life: Hi Tammany! Welcome. Good to have you with us again. Snowing up there?
13 Nov 17, 08:22 PM
Tammany George: Hi from Cantwell
13 Nov 17, 08:04 PM
Native New Life: Hi Dan and Mary! Welcome. Glad you are with us tonight.
13 Nov 17, 08:02 PM
this is Dan and Mary Thom: hello i am happy with you guys amen im with you yo night