15 Oct 18, 09:10 PM
Native New Life: Have a great night everyone. Thanks for joining us!
15 Oct 18, 09:00 PM
Native New Life: Yes, he has a soft voice. It's always a challenge getting him good. Especially when he plays guitar - the mic wants to pick up his guitar more than his voice.
15 Oct 18, 08:57 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: That's okay Dave. You have challenges we don't know about out here. Maybe you could let Don know he needs to sing right into the mic:):)
15 Oct 18, 08:43 PM
Native New Life: It's been a special evening. Wish I would have been able to focus more on the music of the broadcast feed. Just lots going on with this many mics
15 Oct 18, 08:34 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Vertical Rise did a great job
15 Oct 18, 08:31 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Nice move Don!!!
15 Oct 18, 08:28 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Dave, the volume needs to be turned up. Thanks
15 Oct 18, 08:08 PM
Native New Life: Thanks for your messages! Just saw them. With the complexity of this set I forget to check this feed.
15 Oct 18, 07:50 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Are you guys getting these messages?
15 Oct 18, 07:48 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Don is pretty quiet when he speaks.
15 Oct 18, 07:34 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Can't hear the bass to good
15 Oct 18, 07:19 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Steaming good. Volume could be adjusted up:)
15 Oct 18, 07:18 PM
Alan & Linda Ross: Sounds good. Looks like lots of fun!
15 Oct 18, 06:58 PM
Virginia: No sound either?
24 Sep 18, 07:03 PM
Native New Life: We are having issues with our internet stream tonight. We apologize for the not being able to stream.