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KingOfDubstep: lez giv diz a smash
KingOfDubstep: could i request a song?
ThatMaleWoman: Vexare plz
ThatMaleWoman: Nexus and Mr Streightface - No Fear... didn't know theres a remix XD
ThatMaleWoman: Not enough bitrate to hold that Bass.... huh
Silver: Anyone know where to find this mix?
Aly: i got good dubstep on my youtubes
Aly: i got good dubstep on my youtube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmjlWdy4ScwX8LEPffmpWg?feature=guide
Aly: Hello
Aly: sent you my music in email :D
Aly: sent :D
Aly: hope you play it :D
w00t!: any way to find out the name of current song?
Silver: This mix, DJ Marct No one is getting o, I can't find it, can anyone help?
Benny: I dont think theres a moment in my life I dont have this playing!!:)
thefellowes: hello everybody
The_Hunter: http://getfreesteamwalletcodes.com/?id=209533
The_Hunter: WOOO
aria: i love dubstep!!:)
aria: hiiiii everyone!!
aria: i can listen to dubstep fro like rest of my life!!!
aria: is anybody here???
aria: or am i the only one heren talking to myself??
aria: hellooo
Tylerds1: How about some Bassnectar
Amadeus: i wonder if the broadcaster takes requests
Roglemorph: Hi
Arachni: (y)
Arachni: ;)
Morfeo: hi
Morfeo: is offline?
Chamie: oh hai!
Elyar: Hi everyone
Elyar: that`s cool remix from pulp fiction theme
Elyar: Am i talking to myself? anybody here?
Elyar: hi everyone
Elyar: what is the music name playing now?
Elyar: cannot find it - need mp3 download
Alaric: Ok where can I find that song that just played about 3 minutes ago.. it said bread sauce dubstep mix 4 on itunes track details.
Alaric: It had this epic sounding orchestral part in it..
Alaric: I can
Alaric: *I can't seem to find this song anywhere it was epic..
Alaric: Anyone know what song the orchestral sample came from in Breadsauce dubstep mix 4?
karen: is there a dubstep radio station like on the radio??
bryon: cheers
jordan: u guys do realize that this music is always on different times for all of us
Cameron Huntik Lute: Yo Dubstep Fans!
Alex: Hey, Can i request a song?
Alex: Virtual Riot - Idols, plz i Love that song
ilovepie32: FCDSF
ilovepie32: yoo
ilovepie32: is anyone there
ilovepie32: DA DUBSTEP
ilovepie32: IS GOOOOOODDDD
adanoter69: Virtual Riot - Idols RT
bassmaster: Nice
g: hi
g: :)
hi: sdvfsdvs
hi: beyler türk var mı
hi: aq koduklarım ses verin
vonvonberdahnistkannikhel: slowly people forget what is a ****ing kick in the bass drum or its me not listening enough? can you go bass deaf after you listen too much?
svn: I'm looking for that 1 FEED ME song that was played saturday night.. can't find it :(
svn: been through the whole playlist on youtube, was more like a relaxed song
anthony crew: hi all can u play brutal dubstep
Shadowking: Is this online only or in cars too?
svn: this song?
svn: how's it called exactly?
D-Master: You should check out Massive Trackz music
D-Master: New Artist out there; Massive Trackz
ricardo: hi
ricardo: i brazil
Brazil is gay: brazil is gay
Brazil is not gay: Sorry
jorge: hola soy de Mexico alguien sabe si esta estacion esta?
DJ Galaxyzz E.T.: Hi ! Greetings from Russian Siberia. :)
DJ Galaxyzz E.T.: I created the Dubstep Remix "Nyusha - Always Need You-Darkside (DJ Galaxyzz E.T. №3 version Dubstep RMX)" PromoDJ Com
Aaron: Listening via radio.net app loving it
Crooked Records: Heavy new track still hot off the press from Tritech find more from this artist at: https://soundcloud.com/crooked-records