24 Feb 18, 12:27 PM
Remnant Mission: How is the picture quality?
24 Feb 18, 12:27 PM
Remnant Mission: Happy Sabbath how are the sound levels now?
24 Feb 18, 11:53 AM
Emmanuel, Walter & JoyAnn: Happy Sabbath!
24 Feb 18, 11:44 AM
sonia: volume is very low, can hardly hear
24 Feb 18, 11:23 AM
Deborah Ovesen: Happy Sabbath- Great Sabbath School, Sister Maggie
17 Feb 18, 01:22 PM
Deborah Ovesen: Amen
17 Feb 18, 11:48 AM
Deborah Ovesen: I can't hear you guy?
17 Feb 18, 11:42 AM
JoyAnn: Would it be possible to have q copy of the Open and shut door' message? Beautiful playing on piano!
17 Feb 18, 11:16 AM
Deborah Ovesen: Can I have a copy of last Sabbath Service?
17 Feb 18, 11:12 AM
Deborah Ovesen: Happy Sabbath :heart: Everyone!
17 Feb 18, 10:24 AM
Remnant Mission: Good Morning Happy Sabbath! Praise The Lord our system is working!
10 Feb 18, 01:01 PM
Remnant Mission: To all of our viewers we will be sending out free dvds upon your request of choice!!
10 Feb 18, 12:44 PM
Remnant Mission: @JoyAnn and Walter Blessed Sabbath
10 Feb 18, 11:26 AM
Remnant Mission MediaTeam: normal. Thank You all and have a wonderful Sabbath, God Bless.
10 Feb 18, 11:24 AM
Remnant Mission MediaTeam: provider but we will have last sabbath services posted and hopefully next week everything is back to
10 Feb 18, 11:22 AM
Remnant Mission MediaTeam: For all of our online viewers we do apologize for our technical difficulties due to our internet
10 Feb 18, 10:22 AM
JoyAnn and Walter: Happy Sabbath!
3 Feb 18, 12:37 PM
Remnant Mission: We do apologize for the delay but we are experiencing technical issues
3 Feb 18, 12:26 PM
JoyAnn Andrews: Programme is offline
3 Feb 18, 12:20 PM
Sister Hart: Broadcast went out
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